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This Open Thread is the Bee’s Knees

Sometimes I get weird phrases stuck in my head, and they manage to make their way into my everyday lexicon. This week, everything’s been “the bee’s knees” or “the cat’s pajamas.” Apparently my brain thinks it’s 1922.

What weird thing has been stuck in your head lately? What’s that? You’re normal? Well, come on in and tell us about your week.

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Persephoneers, I am in such a weird state.  I have my first crush on a real human person for the first time in literally years.  I’ve struggled with social anxiety to the point where at age 25 (almost 26 now) I have never dated or had anything resembling a relationship and my kiss count to date is 1 and that was high school.

Since moving to a new city I’ve started therapy, an anti-depressant, and my first ever real job with benefits and actual money and my confidence has just skyrocketed, which is something that felt so impossibly far away, it’s just incredible, really.  So now, my next big life hurdle is getting into the relationship game, which for a long time was one of my ultimate biggest fears.

The downside is that he lives in California and I don’t get to see him in person until an anime convention in April, but at the same time that is also an upside because the potential relationship pace is slow by necessity, which feels much safer for me.  But then there’s still the daily ups and downs of feeling giddy about it and then bummed out about the distance and then uncertain about the whole thing and then giddy about future plans and it’s just a lot to take in!

I also have conflicting urges to tell EVERYONE but also no one, which is how I end up writing super long comments about it on the internet, I don’t even know.

Tonight I’m going on my first date in about 100 years (looks like I need to change my book title). I’m not nervous because the guy might not like me – I know he does, he’s pretty up front about that. It’s just the kind of nerves you get when you’re walking through an abandoned house and you’re pretty sure someone else is in the house with you and he just killed two of your friends and he’s coming for you next.

Just because a guy likes you doesn’t mean he’s not a psycho killer.

(this is why I should never see horror movies…)

I don’t know if I’ll continue with the OKC account if this doesn’t work out. Or at least, not until people start putting up references from friends saying they promise the dude is not a jerk, not a killer or won’t stalk you.

Too cute. I do have a friend who will know where I’ll be and when. I also decided to meet him at the restaurant instead of having him pick me up. I live alone and don’t want him to know exactly where I  live just yet.

I will call her before and after to check in.

And we’re going to a place I know and love so I’ll be comfortable in my surroundings. I will also get to eat all the panang curry in the world. :) So, happy belly.


So, I don’t know why I said “Tonight” up there – it should have said “Tomorrow” – which is today…

But yeah, just got back from the date. It’s 10pm. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Again, very new to this game and times change.

He didn’t try to kill me. So there’s that. We had a good bye hug where he patted me on the back. And then we had the side hug. There were no sparks. :(

But hey! He didn’t try to kill me!

This has been my update.

I know they do have an option to “give awards” to people and vouch for them, but not that many people use them? I think that a lot of people are hesitant to let their friends in the real world know that they’re Internet dating, which defeats the purpose of having that functionality. :(

Have a great time, trust your gut, and enjoy your curry!

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