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This Open Thread Won’t Be Defeated

Y’all, 2011 sucked balls for me and already 2012 is looking up. I got some good news yesterday and it has me listening to all kinds of upbeat music. Sorry Bright Eyes, but you’re totes 2011. So here is my motivational song for today’s open thread!I rarely feel a sense of renewal or motivation at the New Year, but this year is different. Tell me, friends, what good is going on in your lives?

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I feel like Debbie Downer, but I got a day and a half into the new year before my depression went from manageable to down right crippling. Post-law school has been rough, with the not working depsite sending out literally almost 100 resumes for assistant positions. But, voila, my boyfriend, who is in the exact same situation I am, but with not such a shiny resume, called his lawyer uncle and got a job. Yay, nepotism. So, I live with my parents in Craptown, with no job, and no job prospects. Thanks for nothing, Law Review. Gr.


But you asked for good, so… I raked and cleaned up the front yard today, took down the naked Christmas tree all by myself and rearranged the living room, baked mini bundt cakes, did a kettlebell workout with dumbbells (it still counts), and now I’m watching 30 Rock and drinking apple cider with Jameson. Maybe tomorrow I’ll even leave the house.

Hope everyone else is doing better than I!



Hey, you did some stuff (cleaning, baking, exercise), so that’s a win in my book. I’m sorry about the depression. A lot of us have been there. You’re one step ahead by getting up and doing stuff, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it passes quickly and relatively easily for you.

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