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This Weekend Open Thread Sponsored By Painkillers

I’m writing this on Thursday since I’m spending Friday having a tooth pulled. So while you’re all here chatting each other up in the open thread, I’ll be doped out of my head and watching a Deep Space Nine marathon on my teevee. (I don’t care what you say about Picard, Sisko is the hottest Star Trek captain. Rawr.) 

Have an awesome weekend, and get in here and chitchat, why dontcha?

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Whooooo it was a pretty good weekend! Played a lot of Skyrim, did 66 pushups today, did a bunch of dishes, am going to make French Onion soup in a bit, got kale to make green smoothies….

To-do list remaining: Make breakfast smoothies for the next few days, do more dishes, start on a dress (for an event on the 22nd) (It will be a reproduction of a 1930’s velvet evening gown).

I’ve been having wisdom teeth shifting pain this week and was ready to pull them myself by Friday, so sympathies. I had some Vicoprofin on hand and fortunately, the weekend seems to have been pain free.

I’ve been doing my burpees and I broke the five mile mark on my walk/job yesterday, so it’s a pretty good weekend here.

I’m having a good weekend! I did Day Five of the Burpee challenge today, even though I’m so out of shape that it hurts, I gave blood for the first time ever the other day, I went to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy last night and it was SO GOOD, and I’m going out for an awesome lunch with friends tomorrow!

In the three hours since I dropped my boyfriend off at the airport, I’ve: eaten a whole thing of garlic bread; drunk tea, coke, and wine; complete all the courses on CodeAcademy; searched for new apartments; and am currently watching the Baskervilles episode of the new Sherlock.

God, long-distance SUCKS.

So very true facts. Let us take a moment to commiserate…

(the gratin was tasty, but I substituted the cream with yoghurt cos that’s what was in the fridge but I think it might have been worth the effort of going to the shop for it…)

Mmmmm I should make potatoes au gratin sometime soon… I might pick up a box of them for Tuesday (I host a “family” dinner on Tuesdays with some friends. Was thinking of roasting a chicken this week, even though it’ll mean going in to work early.)

Right! This is as good a place as any to say hello.

Brand new commenter/contributor, first time poster – I’m Dr. Song and I’ll be doing music reviews for Persephone. Hi there. Some things: 1) Before you get the mistaken impression that I’m a morning person – I’m in Britain, and it’s nearly 1.00 PM and I just got out of bed. 2) My painkillers of choice are codeine and paracetamol mixed together for that perfect “fuck-off” feeling. 3) My first column drops on Wednesday at 4, make sure you catch it cause it’ll be rad.

I’m so looking forward to being part of this!

Personally, I’m more of a fan of painkillers and Battlestar Gallactica. Then again, the time I did that, I was using rum medicinally instead of actual painkillers (Oh, shingles. I never want to have you again.) Good news is that the rum worked!

Am slightly concerned because I have a twinge in my back tonight where I know I have a disc protrusion (one of five. How did they get there? Good question. So far, they’ve been asymptomatic, and I only know about them because I needed an MRI of my spine for something else.). If that turns into anything, then it will be painkillers ahoy.

Ah, the joys of knowing just enough about medicine to make one worry constantly.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks painkillers and DS9 are the best combo ever! I’ll be spending the weekend weathering my latest round of chemo and… most likely watching series four of Merlin, season four of DS9, some Neon Genesis Evangelion and the can’t-air-soon-enough new episode of Sherlock! If I recall correctly season four is where hotty Sisko gets his bald-of-awesome (we will match!) and goatee-of-win on. Can’t. Wait. Take care of yourself on those painkillers I hope you heal quickly!

I’m being a huge nerd tonight and lurking in fitness forums to learn more about powerlifting. My sister says I’m just collecting more and more weird interests as I go along, and I agree- my two new things these past few months have been weight lifting for srs rather than for funsies and learning how to knit. Soft wool and mountains of iron go together… oddly. But I’m also really enjoying it.

Anyone else finding their geeky ways taking them down some funky roads?

Condolences love! Getting teeth pulled is the worst. I had my wisdom teeth removed at the end of March, I was unemployed at the time so got to spend a week just lying in bed demanding smoothies and reading  The Land of Painted Caves (Spoiler alert: It is a truly awful book). I got 3 out, the surgeon couldn’t get the 4th but he made an incredibly good effort! Hope all goes well for you!

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