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We Try It: Kitchen Aid’s Hand Mixer

One sure sign that you’re a grown up is when you start to get excited about kitchen appliances. When you choose to buy a small appliance instead of a pair of shoes, consider yourself fully domesticated. I made this transition some time ago, when I purchased my KitchenAid Blender instead of going to get a mani/pedi for my birthday.

A few weeks ago, my hand mixer died in the middle of a batch of gluten free cookies. I’d heard of hand mixers biting the dust, but it had never happened to me. Of course it’s going to happen to nearly every hand mixer owner at some point, and it’s going to happen when you need the mixer most. It’s just the way the world works.

This time around, I splurged on the KitchenAid hand mixer, because I’ve had nothing but love for the blender I bought a few years ago. The five speed mixer comes with beaters, dough hooks and a liquid blender attachment. After about three weeks of regular use, I am happy to say this mixer is a keeper.

All appliances should be Empire Red (screen cap from

The Beaters: My old mixer came with only beaters, and they were more flat instead of round. This made for good beater-licking (everyone does that, right?), but pulled a lot of batter out of whatever I made. These beaters are more round, with less surface area.

The Dough Hooks: Last night I made gluten free pita bread (so, so good), and was probably more geeked than I should have been to try out the dough hooks. Guess what? They worked like a charm. They mixed the thick dough with no problem, and they definitely handled the dough better than beaters would have.

The Liquid Blender: I admit it, I had to look up what this attachment was for, it’s true. But now that I know, I will have the smoothest smoothies around. Basically, this attachment will blend liquids- think chocolate milk. blending salad dressings, and mixing the oil into the peanut butter (right in the jar). It doesn’t quite replace an immersion blender, but it’s good for some things (where only blending, not chopping, is needed).

All in all, I’m very happy with my Kitchen Aid hand mixer. I don’t have enough space for a stand mixer, nor do I really bake enough to warrant one. The attachments with this mixer though, add some flexibility without taking up additional counter space.

What was your first exciting kitchen appliance? You can tell me. I totally understand.

Disclosure: I did not receive any product or compensation for this review. I just got this new toy and wanted to share with you how much fun it is to play with! 

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I had to say no to the juicer my parents offered me, I couldn’t get it home, and I was THIS close to buying an immersion blender (Mr Cesy wants one of those huge 4 foot long ones they use in commercial kitchens) but alas, it wasn’t to be.

Apparently we’re getting a kitchen scale as a late Christmas present, but we’ve not had the best luck with my sister’s presents in the past….

My father has randomly ended up with a toaster oven in his man shed. He was annoyed at first, but then he realised he could heat up pies (meat pies that is) in his man cave, he was very excited. He now loves that oven.

Still no idea where it came from though.

I need a Candy Apple Red Kitchen Aid stand mixer in my life. I used one in my past life as a bakery assistant (it wasn’t so much a bakery as a retail shop selling baked good) for whipping cream and oh how I loved that giant red beast.

Mr Cesy has been turned onto the cult of Kitchen Aid, mostly by Alton Brown’s flame painted one in Good Eats, so we’ve decided if we ever get engaged, we’d buy ourselves an engagement stand mixer instead of rings. That seems like a productive use of $1000.(WHY MUST THE PRETTIES BE SO EXPENSIVE. NEW ZEALAND, YOU HAVE A LOT TO ANSWER FOR).

I also wouldn’t mind a decent hand mixer. Mine came from a supermarket and it gets very hot and makes funny smells during use.

A KitchenAid stand mixer is the traditional present from my grandmother whenever one of us gets married, and I legit didn’t even know they made a hand mixer (although, in retrospect, duh)! Now I’m thinking about the one I got for four dollars when I was eighteen, and wondering how long it’s going to keep running… :)

What an awesome gift.

My mom’s a hand mixer person, so I didn’t know that stand mixers existed anywhere but cafeterias until I was a grown up and saw them in people’s kitchens. Unless I was making bread every day, it would kind of be overkill.

My first,  cheaper/not Kitchen Aid hand mixer lasted a good 15 years, but I’m sure there were years that I didn’t use it at all. At this point in my life, I’m using it several days a week. Rumor has it that the “new” Kitchen Aids don’t last as long as the old ones did. Figures.


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