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We Try It: Peppermint Marshmallows

Recently I was walking through my local grocery story and on a wintery themed end cap I saw something marvelous. I blinked. Did a double take. Gasped. Squealed out loud. Because YES, my eyes did see correctly: Peppermint Marshmallows!

Maybe this is old news, maybe they’ve been around a while, but these magnificent mallows were news to me.  Of course, I bought them.  Maybe it was the peppermint. Maybe it was the shock. Maybe it was the adorable penguins playing with them on the package.  I will preface by admitting I love marshmallows AND most things peppermint flavored so this has a strong likelihood of being something I will enjoy. On the back they have a fancy looking “tasty tips!” section which recommends the following:

  • Add PEPPERMINT MALLOWS to your favorite Holiday fudge recipe
  • Sprinkle a few PEPPERMINT MALLOWS over a warm mug of hot cocoa
  • Top frosted cupcakes or cookies with PEPPERMINT MALLOWS

Yes, PEPPERMINT MALLOWS was in all caps in all of these statements, indicating to me that these mallows mean serious business.  For this We Try It, I’ve tried these PEPPERMINT MALLOWS 3 ways: 1) Straight up by themselves 2) As a hot cocoa topping, as recommended and 3) As the topping over rich fudgy homemade brownies.

1)      Straight Up Now Tell Me:  Same texture with a swirl of pink food coloring to make them look very much like peppermints in marshmallow form. The peppermint flavor is subtle and enjoyable, but they leave my mouth feeling sugary like I need to brush my teeth and a bit thirsty.
No regrets: these are scrumptious.

2)      Over Hot Cocoa: I love how the bottoms of the marshmallows get warm and gooey. The best part is when you first put them in and they’re still mostly whole and you can eat them off the top of your cocoa. Warming them up seems to make the peppermint flavor more intense. As the marshmallows sit on the top of the cocoa, they begin to melt more and more and eventually turn into a big pink sticky peppermint -lavored mess. It still tastes good but towards the end of your toasty beverage, the whole thing turns a kind of weird pinkish brown that may not be appealing to many.

This was also extremely hard to wash off my mug–it left a thick pink ring of sugary marshmallowness that required serious soaking time to lift.

Overalltasty but I think I prefer regular marshmallows or chocolate marshmallows in my cocoa.

3)      Topping Homemade Brownies: Behold, the creation of my peppermint brownies experiment.  I baked the brownies, then added the marshmallows and some chocolate chips to the top and popped them back in the over for 2 minutes to get hot and toasty. They melted into a giant peppermint brownie ooze of goodness on the top of already yummy brownies. When they cooled, I will admit these were super hard to cut. Brownies and marshmallow topping stretched and flew everywhere. Very hard to cut them out of the pan in a way that makes for a nice presentation. They do, however, taste delicious. I believe my exact phrase was “these are like a sugar bomb going off in my mouth.” They’re sticky and the perfect amount of peppermint on top of brownies.

I give the peppermint marshmallow brownies an A+, sticky but delicious.


Overall review: I like them. I would not want to replace my normal marshmallows with them, but I think they’re a yummy treat now and then. In the future, I would like to try them in fudge as the package suggested, but I will probably just eat the rest of the bag by the handful now and then when I need a sugar rush.

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For some unfathomable reason my usual grocery store doesn’t carry Jet-Puffed marshmallows. I will definitely keep an eye out for these if I’m at a different store! I’m very curious how they’d work in smores, which in my opinion can and should be eaten year round, even if that means making them in the microwave.

That brand makes a whole host of flavored marshmallows. I have a weird fascination with marshmallows (I use tons of them in hot cocoa, I love to make rice crispy treats, and my toddler loves them plain). I usually try most of them when they come out with a new one. I didn’t see the peppermint ones this year, but I did see gingerbread and french vanilla. I’ve also seen pina colada flavor (yuck), toasted marshmallow, coconut coated marshmallows, banana flavored, mocha, and the most recent one I tried, double chocolate flavor. They smelled like tootsie rolls and once the bag was opened, the smell permeated my  house and I had to throw them away after a couple of days because it was so cloying and in your face. They tasted good, though.

The french vanilla ones are good, and the coconut ones were great on s’mores, but generally I just prefer plain.

I would love my house to smell like a tootsie roll. I will be on the hunt for these. I’ve seen a couple but I think I need to keep my eyes peeled. Perhaps marshmallow companies have caught on to us marshmallow fanatics.

I would like to find some pumpkin flavored ones for Chai Tea…mmmmm. I will be on the lookout.

My next pursuit is to attempt to make my own- which i suppose I could make in any flavor. The possibilities are endless.

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