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It looks like I’m left with only two shows to follow: Chihayafuru and Last Exile. Fate/Zero is on a break and the second half won’t be broadcast until this summer, which I totally forgot. In this case, I decided to try new shows that start in the winter season. I will have to look at the possibilities, because my quick look at the winter line-up didn’t seem to make me interested in anything. I might pick the new Aquarion and maybe Brave 10; the rest look too “light” for me.

Chihayafuru, Episode 13

Omi Jungu and the karuta tournament!

It seems like beating up the other school in the regional tournament made our heroes quite “popular” at the Nationals. Of course, this means that Chihaya gets to faint under pressure and we do not see much of the team tournament. The episode also has an Arata-centric part where we relive a few moments that he had with his Grandpa–moments that show us he still loves karuta. This episode also had really good music! Really, this show has got amazing music, kind of strange considering the genre.

Lots of Chihaya and Arata being emotional in this one, but the next episode should have the individual tournament, and I expect Chihaya to make a “comeback.”

Last Exile, Episode 12

10 years ago

Cute kids
There were a lot of cute little kids on Earth.

This episode is mostly a flashback to the Grand Race that happened ten years ago and it explains quite a few things. We get to see all the characters who appear so far in the show, minus the Anatoray ones, from the Ades Empress to Roshanak (seen in episode six). We learn quite a bit about the political structure at the time and how the Empress of Ades succeeded in reaching peace agreements with all the countries on Earth, which means that everybody will live happily ever after…or not. Some people just have to kill parties.

I don’t think this part was the most interesting of the episode. However, meeting the younger characters, like Luscinia and Alaunda acting as bodyguards, certainly was. Seems like Lukia doesn’t know how to smile. We also get to see Sourush and Orlan looking at girls and Vasant getting bullied. There was also quite a few hints that not everything is what we think it is. One of them is the Empress of Ades counting beads on a bracelet and saying that she’s counting the sins she committed. A bit strange considering everybody paints her as a saint, minus the terrorist who calls her the Dictator. The episode ends with a look at Glacie’s snowmobiles, which captured present time Fam, Giselle and Millia. This means we have no idea what happened with last week cliffhanger.

This was a really good episode, but now I am wondering how it’s going to end. There’s is no way to end hatred and the show clearly lacks “common” enemies: everybody want peace, they just don’t agree on how to do it.

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