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Another week and more anime episode to watch. So like I said last week, I tried two winter shows: Brave 10 and Aquarion Evol. I won’t be watching Aquarion past episode one, and I will give a few more episode to Brave 10. This mean I might check another winter show this week again. Besides that, Last Exile and Chihayafuru continue with awesome episodes.

Last Exile: Episode 12

After two weeks, we still don’t know what happened to the Silvius, but Dio and his vanship made it out intact. Also, the Urbanus is now down for the count. The Federation assassin blew up some section of it and tried to catch Alvis, but Dio saved her with a “key-chain” lightsaber. The rest of the episode happens in the Glacies territory with a bit of Ades Federation making war plans. Also, Fam found a new harem member pet.

First, the war plan. Luscina gave the “provincial” fleet the role of leading the war effort against Glacies. From the look of the some of the general faces, two of them know what it mean: they are being used as meatshields. Poor Sara; all the atrocities committed in her name, although this episode hinted that Luscinia isn’t exactly planning world peace.

Now Glacies: I have a lot of questions about Glacies, and we got a few answers this episode.

  • It’s apparently the original homeland of Ades.
  • They are all females. All of them, no males are seen in this episode.
  • They closed their borders after the Grand Race events and decided not to trust outsiders.
  • They live in the equivalent of Siberia in winter all year long and speak Russian.
  • They have natural thermal sources.
  • They have rusty ships and buildings and while their vehicles look high-tech compared to the other nations, most people seems to have low-tech houses, but we only see where Fam and friends are hidden, so it might not be representative.
  • Dian is called a Wing Priestess. It’s the name given to the vanship pilots that protect Glacies.

This was a rather good episode, especially with Dian speaking only Russian and Millia having to translate everything. We get to learn more about Glacies and get a few hints as to what is too come. Mostly more awesome air battles. Also, the book Tatiana gave Millia before she left was the Silvius operational manual. Millia decided to learn how the ship works, which means the Silvius is all right and coming back. Yes!

The only downside of this episode is that it felt a bit out of place. We didn’t really need more naive Fam being disconnected from reality. It would have been better to focus more on the war build up.

Chihayafuru: Episode 14

Four hundred participants for the individual matches! Well, okay, they are split into different classes, but really, 400!

This episode focus mostly on the youngest Queen in history, a.k.a. the best female karuta player. She’s only 16 and loves to wear a snowman t-shirt. Really she has no fashion sense and a really crappy personality! And I don’t like her voice. She also knows Sudo, a guy from another school we meet in the regional tournament. I guess they are made for each other. The Queen also looks like Arata, black hair with blue eyes and she spends most of her time playing karuta all alone.

So the Queen is really scary, she took down an A-Class player with a difference of 24 cards. This mean he only took one. Poor guy. Now nobody wants to play against her, except Chihaya. I’m starting to think that all three of the main characters are masochists.

We get more of Chihaya’s super hearing in this episode, too, but the Queen also has super arm movement–over 9000, I would say. Both love super cute teddy bears and snowmen, though. The episode ended with Chihaya taking two cards from the Queen; we have to wait one more week to know the winner. I’m betting on the Queen, personally, otherwise there won’t be much of a show for the rest of the season.

Brave 10: Episodes 1 & 2

My reaction after watching the first episode was: I want to watch Samurai 7 again!

The first episode was pretty standard, if not a total cliché. I’m sure I have seen all of this in another show a few years back, in fact. It did have good animations and a really annoying female lead (can she be killed already?). Now, I’m a bit scared about this show’s plot; apparently, the manga is a reverse harem made by a boy-love manga writer. But the show has an awesome male cast when it comes to voice actors. The character themselves are another layer of cliché. So far, it consists of the broody ninja (main male lead), the monkey ninja, the old man ninja, the silent ninja and the annoying shrine maiden (main female lead).

The second episode has more annoying female leads, but Hana, the other woman, is cool (she has freezing powers). Hana is the childhood friend of the male lead (Saizou) and has been hired as one of the 10 heroes required for “something” after she tried to kill the lord that then hired her. She also seems quite, err, free-spirited. Isanami (annoying female lead) is already jealous. *sigh*. I’m also starting to think that it’s not really a reverse harem. The female lead is already in love with the male lead, or at least close to it. Anyway, this episode bring us big boa and we get to see more of the bad guys. I’ll give this another episode.

Aquarion Evol: Episode 1

One episode was enough: besides the nice mecha fights, the rest of the ship is bad, bad, bad…bad. Now I remember why I never finished the first Aquarion.

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