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I haven’t had the time to check out a new show for this week, but I’m keeping Brave 10 for at least another episode. The plot seems interesting enough for now. We get more karuta with a lot of tears, too. But Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing is the best show this week with glorious sky battles and destruction.

Chihayafuru, Episode 15

Five cards only, that’s how many cards Chihaya took from the queen. Chihaya needs to work on her speed and multi-syllable cards now if she wishes to become better. Also, the queen didn’t like Chihaya taking five cards, and she can look so totally evil with that smile. But Chihaya knows Snowmaru, which means that she can do “cuteness attacks” on the Queen (kind of funny). Chihaya also dreams of the Queen every night. Sounds worse than it is.

This episode also had Taichi making it to the final, but lost by three cards. Everybody on the team was crying! And the new resolution is that they need to work on their stamina, so they are going to do jogging everyday + ten hours of training per day in their summer vacation. Crazy!

Also, somehow, I feel like Taichi is the one who will encounter Arata in a match and that is going to be like fighting for Chihaya’s heart… Or at least that’s how he’ll see it.

Last Exile, Episode 13

War, war never changes. Glorious battles, how I missed you. Welcome back!

Glacies Old Mens
Glacies old men that rule the country, creepy.

I guess I was wrong last week, Glacies do have males, quiet a few of them fact, but they have female pilots for religious reasons. Going by what happened in this episode, Glacies literally worship their Exile – The Winged Goddess and probably the maiden that controls it, and I’m starting to think that all the Winged Priestesses are possible Exile keys or descendants of the original one, too, considering the religion involved. It was a bit strange that all the “military” rulers were men, though.

Besides learning about the inner workings of Glacies and their beliefs, this episode focused more on the Ades vs. Glacies war and not that much on the main characters: Fam, Giselle and Millia. This meant we got  lots of new Glacies’ faces, fat old men, and there was a lot of “Russian” in the episode. And what an episode! Lots of people died here, on both sides, and we got a cliffhanger. Exiles cliffhanger actually, because the Glacies base being attacked in this episode is actually under an Exile or it might actually be an Exile and looks like next episode will be Exile vs. Exile. Although, I hope the Silvius shows up too. I miss her and the crew.

We also got another “White Legacy” comment, and this time from Luscinia. I’m starting to think that there is a guild war here as well, or that whatever “guild” Luscinia and Alauda were members of really don’t remember what their duties were…

Fam, Millia and Giselle found out what happened to the Sky Pirate and they want to go see if Kartoffel is safe, but they spot a gigantic Exile going toward Glacies and I suspect that’s not what they are going to do next episode. Also, that gigantic Exile is Turan’s Exile and Liliana seems to be helping Luscinia. At this point I don’t see either of them surviving the show. They are the perfect people to paint as the big EvOl that tried to destroy the world and cause all the nations to unite against them, but I could be totally wrong.

This episode had constant 2D art, not too much of models and gorgeous 3D animations.

Brave 10, Episode 3
Hana clothing
Hana wears this suit because she's a ninja...

New samurai Kakei is introduced, and he doesn’t like when people don’t know how to talk to their elders… in this case, the main character Saizou. He seems like a really annoying character, but not as annoying as the main female one, Isanami (please, please, please somebody kill her!). Although, I don’t remember samurai using rifles and being scared of heights before. We also have another guy (girl?) introduced and he’s super crazy, but has cool win powers and uses a kama. He was the “bad” guy in this episode, but from the opening sequence I suspect he will become a good guy soon.

Beside the annoying Isanami, this show is actually fun to watch for now, mostly because of the “mystery” and nice combat animations.

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