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Winter is Coming: OT for 1/5

Screw it; winter is here. We’ve had an absurdly mild winter so far here in the Northeast U.S., but the last few days have taken a turn toward the unbearably freezing. So come on in, wam your bones, have something hot to drink, and tell me about your January so far.

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I’m happy to report that I’ve had a pretty productive January so far – I can’t believe we’re only six days into the month! I’ve finally submitted an application I had been procrastinating on, which, if successful, will get me on track to the tenure track (on the tenure-track track?) I’ve also been unfuckingTM? different parts of my habitat, life and habits, which makes me feel really accomplished and grown up (in spite of the dust bunnies I still haven’t tackled). AND tomorrow I’m going on my first real hike with a real hiking group and I can’t wait!




I’m just tired of the temperature fluctuations. Tuesday of tis week, the high was 30 degrees (F) and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the sixties. IN FACT, January seems to be flip-flopping just as mch as the weather. Things are either great, like the hour and a half massage I am getting tomorrow and the Legend of Zelda; or really crappy, like my good friend who is in the hospital.

I stayed up too late again. I need to go to bed before I stop making sense entirely.


Winter? Not here! I got sunburned yesterday. I just went to my cousin’s house because it faces the opposite way from mine, so it is a lot cooler. Also, I get to hug gorgeous babies there.

Any one want to come visit and go to the beach with me?


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