100-Day Burpee Challenge: Week Eight!

Can you believe we’re eight weeks in already? Where is the time going? Let’s get down to business. Over the past couple of weeks, our little challenge has grown quite a bit. I’d like to take this opportunity to do a little poll and see where everyone is at in their challenges. So many of you have started at different points that it’s hard to keep track of! Since we’re all such big fans of surveys here at Persephone, here’s another one for you!

Let’s dish in the comments about how this week has gone, burpee-wise.

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So… earlier this year my hubby and I joined a gym to get healthy and to lose some extra weight we’d put on in getting comfortable in our marriage. I mentioned this challenge to my personal trainer, who loved it and has made me do them at each weekly session. He wouldn’t let me work into it :(. What we do is count up and then count down, starting with 1 burpee, then 1-2 burpees, 1-2-3… up to 1-10. I take a 30-second rest somewhere around the set of 6, and then again after the first set of 10. Then, we count down 10 burpees, 9, then 8 and then on down to 1, with a 15-second rest after 6. That’s actually 110 burpees (55 in each set of 1-10). I didn’t think I could do it, but there’s something psychologically easier about it (for me). I also count down instead of up, and that helps me too. In 8 weeks, I’ve lost 6 lbs and reduced my body fat by 3%. My arms look great and I’m really excited now about spring coming and getting to wear sleeveless dresses! I hate burpees, and I don’t think that’s going to change, but there’s something really gratifying seeing the amount of time it takes me to complete the ladder decrease each week as I get more conditioned…

Today is Day 14 for me! I had RAGING cramps this weekend, so I missed 3 days (yup, 3 days of horrible cramps. It was fun). So on Monday night I did reps of 8, 9, 10, and 11. I was SPENT! When I did yoga in the morning, I was shaking in downward dog by the end. Then last night I did reps of 12 & 13. Again, pure jello. However, I can’t believe how much these burpees are changing my body. I do yoga almost daily, but I can feel my alignment improving further, and I even have a little more hop in my step when I go up the stairs! I have to say, though, I’m glad that my multi-rep days are behind me/in the future. I think my body needs to catch up with all the work! My muscles are so fatigued! And it feels awesome.

I’m late on the burpee train, but today was day 10.  Doing the burpees hasn’t been a problem yet….but Tuesdays are league nights.  So, I did my ten burpees today, and then almost died bowling.  I don’t know what I’m going to do in a few weeks when I have to do 30+ and then bowl three games…

We’re only in the first week. But I walked around today feeling weird in my core and then I realized it was from the burpees. So, yay! (?)

Mini was down with the stomach flu again this week and when we sent her to bed last night, despite throwing up all day, she said, ‘but we haven’t done our burpees today!’

Day 47! Tell me what to expect 10 days in the future, PoM!

I do 10-rep sets most days, although sometimes I’ve been able to do sets of 12, which is great because then I’m done sooner. But some days I just. Can’t. Get up after that 10th one and I say “fuck it, it’s 10s today”. Anyone else have that super-variable energy going on?

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