100-Day Burpee Challenge: Week Seven

Greetings, Challengers! How has this week gone? Depending on when you started this challenge, this week marks the halfway point!

In honor of hitting 50 days, I give you this gem:

Enjoy!  And let’s discuss in the comments how you’re feeling halfway there!

By [E]queSarahSarah

Part-time artist, full-time crankypants who dabbles in knitting, running, and burpees.

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I’m only on day 7, so I’m just now getting up to where I can feel it. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, so my arms are pretty much in a constant state of jellyfish, but I’m really starting to feel badass! I have a question though, when you jump from plank back to your feet, do you turn your knees out, or do you try to keep them parallel? I’ve been trying to keep them parallel, and my lower inner abs have been screaming all week.

Thanks for the awesome challenge!

I think you would want to try and keep your knees from turning out. You want to bring yourself back to a good squatting position before that last jump, and turning your knees out puts a lot of strain on the joint. Keeping them parallel will work those pesky inner thigh and lower ab muscles that are tough to isolate.

Way to go on your first week, may there be many more to follow!

I’ve done warrior dash (which is a 5k) but I haven’t done a Mudder. Several people I work with and a group from my gym have, though. It’s really intense and grueling. Most people take 5 hours or so to complete it. The pa one is walking practically in my back yard, but it’s two weeks before I’m getting married and I don’t think bruise purple will match my dress.

Okay, so I tried one. I ended up flopping on the floor like a dying fish and I may have said some not very nice things about the person who invented this stupid exercise and his/her mother.  Then I recovered by watching three episodes of House Hunters on the couch.

I need one of those old people workouts where the instructor cheers if you lift your arms above your shoulders.

Screw you and the burpees you jumped in on, @queSarahSarah.

I mean, it’s going awesome, and I absolutely do not curse your name with each of my 50+ reps every single damn day. I do have to acknowledge that my arms are completely jacked and awesome and that I can do real push-ups and that my endurance is getting better every day.

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