$20K Grants for Digital Media Startups Run By Women

The International Women’s Media Foundation is offering a fantastic opportunity for female journalists and entrepeneurs! Are you a woman? Are you a writer? Have a groundbreaking idea that uses digital media to deliver the news? Then, this opportunity is for you! You could be one of the three women awarded $20,000 to have your life-changing Lois Lane journalist dreams become a reality! 

The International Women’s Media Foundation is dedicated to promoting and supporting female journalists in an effort to work toward global freedom of the press and gender equality in news media. It is an amazing organization that provides its members with a dynamic network of female journalists to collaborate with and learn from, in person and online training, and a wealth of resources to keep female journalists both informed and on top of their game.

Last year, the IMWF launched its Women Entrepreneurs in the Digital News Frontier grant program, which is designed to give female journalists the opportunity to expand their role and get their voices heard in the journalism field. If you are awarded one of the three available $20,000 grants for your digital journalism startup, you will also receive free coaching and phone conferences with leading digital news media experts. It is a chance to both get your startup off the ground and to receive mentoring and resources from people who will teach you how to run it efficiently.

Here are last year’s winners, if you’d like a little inspiration:

  • ClearHealthCosts founded by Jeanne Pinder: This site, currently in its beta stages, seeks to provide free transparent information about healthcare costs in the NYC area. Eventually, they would like to expand its available information on a national scale. Currently, the site includes a Price Map that provides data featuring actual rates paid by Medicare for hospital rates to give patients a better idea of price ranges for hospital procedures in their neighborhood. It also has a Price of Birth Control map that provides average cost of birth control at different pharmacies and relies on reported customer information. If you’re in the NY area, feel free to contribute to the Price of BC map for added accuracy!
  • Latitude News founded by Maria Balinska: This U.S. site takes a unique approach to international journalism by exploring connections between the United States and the rest of the world in an effort to promote interest and in-depth understanding of international news by exploring connections between the U.S. and global events. Latitude seeks to promote U.S. understanding of international news by relating it and describing its relevancy to the U.S. experience. How many times have we heard that most U.S.-ians don’t care about international news? Latitude News seeks to subvert that idea with its journalistic approach.
  • NewsShed, founded by Julia Reisschel and Lissa Harris: This program, a spin-off of their aggregate news program, Watershed, creates self supporting news websites in small rural towns in the Catskills. NewsShed aims to create a sustainable model of online-based journalism for these underserved and economically depressed communities that is not dependent on costly printing and covers important community news that would otherwise be overlooked. Reisschel and Harris provided innovative and life-saving coverage of Hurricane Irene with their Cover It Live blog that coordinated relief efforts, gave flood updates in real time, and was one of the only reliable sources of news for Catskills towns.

The deadline to apply is March 2nd, 2012 (midnight EST). You can find the application and more information about the grant program here. They will notify the winners in April 2012. You must be a U.S.-based woman journalist (freelance, full time, or part time) to enter.

Do you have an idea? Want to collaborate with some Persephoneers on an application? Do it here!

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