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Caregiving: A Quickie

Not that kind of quickie, dearest Persephoneers.Oh my, things have somewhat run away with me this week, and in light of that, I’m going to take things gently and do something a little different. Which is to say, I’d like to ask you lovely Persephoneers: what would you like to see covered in future Caregiving articles? I ask this since the Stigma article came about in no small part because of comments on The Diagnosis article. Suggestions in a private message will be quite as welcome as suggestions left in the comments, I should add. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make some peppermint tea. Nom nom nom.

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I dunno if you’ve covered this already because I haven’t had a chance to read all the articles yet, but I’d be interested in a ‘how to break it to your SO/family/friends’ article, or maybe ‘how to handle it when your so/family member/friend tells you they’re mentally ill’. One of the biggest problems I’ve run into so far is with people not knowing how to handle me after finding out. And I never really know how to bring it up except to basically go ‘Hey, so I’m crazy’ which just makes matters worse, and I can’t really empathize with the person I’m telling because, y’know. I’m not and will never be in their position of being told that someone I love is mentally ill while I’m not.

I’d love to hear more about how having a child has affected your caregiving, and vice versa, if you feel comfortable – it was just something you mentioned before, for example, that Junior never slept between you because of Mr. Juniper’s medication.

I’d love to hear about your experiences as a couple building friendships outside your relationship, in light of the particular challenges that your husband’s situation can provide in terms of relationship building. (Does that make sense? Said entirely without whatever negative/judgmental nuance might be afforded those words. I just mean – because of stigmas, because of ups and downs, because of the extra work you both have to put into his care; how does that affect and color your friendships with other people, both individually and as a couple?)

Oh my, am I late doing my replies here!

That makes a lot of sense! A very interesting proposition and one that I hadn’t considered before, but oh my, really is a massive part of our lives. Look out for an article on this before long! And thank you for the suggestion!

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