Coming Soon: Omnomlet Month!

I’ve been getting a little bored with my food choices lately, readers, which, for me, is kind of a travesty; it typically means that I’m facing some kind of deeper creative block or depression in my life, because food is my daily form of creative expression. So I decided to give myself a little month-long challenge just to kick start the engines again, but I’m going to need your help. In the month of March, I’m going to make 31 different types of omelets. I’m calling it Omnomlet Month.

See, one of the things I struggle with sometimes is getting myself to remember to eat breakfast (or put forth the effort to do so). But I can make a passably tasty omelet in about 5-6 minutes, and that is a pretty good incentive. I am a pescetarian, so no non-fish meat allowed, but here’s where you come in, readers: what should I put inside these omelets? I want 31 variations on the theme of delicious, and I’m counting on you to help me put it together. Dairy products are fine, gluten is fine, I have no allergies but might reject some foods because of a strong distaste for them. However, I might be willing to get adventurous, too, so lay it on me. What wonderful food combinations should go inside an omelet?

Here are my opening thoughts:

  1. Caprese Omelet: sliced cherry tomatoes, shredded mozarella, whole basil leaves, and a splash of oil and vinegar, with cracked pepper.
  2. Taco Omelet: taco-seasoned tofu scramble, white onion, jalapeno, salsa, and cheddar.
  3. Lox, red onion, cream cheese, and caper omelet.
  4. Brie, sliced grapes, lavender, and thyme omelet.
  5. Spinach, kalamata tapenade, and feta omelet.
  6. ???

Readers, I need 31 extraordinary ideas for extraordinary omelets. I’ll promise to post weekly updates (with pictures!) throughout the month of March, and maybe you’ll get some good breakfast tips while I’m at it. So chime in in the comments and tell me: what are the best omelets you’ve ever had? What would you put in a dream omelet? What do you wish someone else would try for you to decide if it’s good or not? Let me know!

By Meghan Young Krogh

Meghan had a number of quality writing mentors over the course of her education, which just goes to show that you can't blame the teacher for the way the student turns out. Team Oxford Comma represent.

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Here’s a technique I like to use when I make omelets with tomatoes: I slice them like I would for a sandwich, then let them cook a bit in the pan before I pour the egg mixture over it. visually awesome!

I wonder if you can make a Margherita omelet? Sliced tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, maybe pesto dropped in when the omelet is nearly cooked through? top with a bit of marinara sauce?

I wonder if you could make an avocado and crab omelet with some wasabi on the side, kind of like a california roll.  would the pickled ginger/soy sauce work with this as well?

thickly sliced mushrooms cooking down flat on the pan, along with sliced onions, pour the egg mixture, add sage and a shitton of gruyere.  Ham or bacon for meat-eaters. it’s like a quiche lorraine

you could make a basic omelet, then wrap some cooked asparagus in it, and add some tangy hollandise sauce

meat eaters: pepperoni omelet!

for some reason i’ve been thinking of making an omelet version of my old babysitter’s empanadas: cook some diced potato in the pan until it’s about cooked through/browned, along with ground beef or vegetarian substitute, peas, maybe finely diced onions and green peppers, add the egg mixture on top and presto. Salsa on the side, but of course!

I’ve seen a recipe for a spicy zucchini (Courgette) omelet: you cook the zucchini in the pan, with some red onion.  Add cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper to the egg mixture, cook the omelet.  Maybe some cilantro/coriander as well? When done, garnish with salsa and sour cream (I’d love to try salsa verde with this).

I love the idea of Omnomlet Month (and the name, too)!  My go to is simple:  stirfried shallots and mushrooms with green pepper and feta.  I tend to be lazy, cook the mushrooms/shallots in the pan and then dump the eggs on top, and put the peppers and cheese on top.  Tasty, especially if you use butter for the mushroom frying!

I make a tuna melt omelette with tuna, baby spinach, cheddar cheese, diced celery, and a dash of black pepper. Since fish is ‘brain food’ I used to make it on mornings when I had an exam :P

Actually, omnomlet month is a great idea. I might aim for an omnomlet a week. I haven’t made one in ages.

Wiki agrees with soy sauce.

And here we are:

soy sauce
two cheeses (any that’s around, but usually a raw milk one and an oldie)
garlic powder
black and white pepper
little bit of cinnamon

And sometimes bacon, but you’re looking for the non-meaty option. It’s simple, but hearty without being too pronounced to eat first thing in the morning.

This makes for quite a heavy meal, but potato salad omlette is one that I love on the odd occasion. It’s just as it sounds, a little potato salad warmed up in the pan and then the eggs put in, too.

Best omlette ever (for me!) is dreadfully simple and is just egg, milk and cheese. Perhaps with a dash of pepper. Simple and delicious.

Oh! And hope your challenge goes well! Sounds super yummy!

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