Fake Fried Rice

OK, I’m not saying this dish is particularly healthy, or even remotely authentic, but it tastes delicious and always works in a pinch. The trick is using a frozen packet of vegetables with sauce included. I make this all the time, and Mr. McDoogal and I love it every time.

Step 1: The rice

I use regular brown rice, but you could use white rice, or even instant rice if you’re so inclined. I make ½ cup uncooked, which yields about “2 servings” of rice. With everything else mixed in though, I would say this dish as a whole is about 4 servings, since we always have leftovers for the next day. While the rice is cooking, you can work on”¦

Step 2: The protein

You can use either tofu or chicken, depending upon your dietary preferences; the method is the same. Using either boneless skinless chicken breasts or sliced tofu, coat all sides in flour and pan-fry in a skillet, with a tablespoon or two of butter and olive oil, over medium heat. Let the oil and butter get hot before adding the meat or tofu.

About four minutes on each side should do the trick, and depending upon the size of your skillet you might have two do two batches. When you have a moment, it’s time for”¦

Step 3: The veggies and sauce

I personally use Bird’s Eye’s Szechuan Vegetables in Sesame Sauce, but you could use any comparable frozen-veggies-with-tasty-sauce product that you’d like. What matters is that you pick something that heats up in the microwave in several minutes while you continue pan-frying your protein and the rice finishes up.

If you’re using chicken, you’ll want to cut it into smaller strips after cooking. For the tofu, I find that it breaks up on its own once you mix it in with the rice, vegetables, and sauce.


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I made this last night and I think the rice I had was just too over cooked. IDK it was brown basmati left over from dinner a few nights ago. I didn’t have any tofu on hand so I scrambled two eggs but I added diced onion and one bag of veggies with light garlic sauce and once bag of soup veggies, a little minced garlic and a little minced ginger and some soy sauce. The flavor was great but the texture was gross. It was kind of gummy and felt like it grew in my mouth. It had to be the rice :(

Has anyone else tried it? I don’t know if it was the gluten in the type of rice (it got so sticky and seemed to break down)or if I didn’t have the wok hot enough and it broke down the rice, or if it was just too old. HELP!

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