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Great Big Orgasm Challenge: Toys?

There’s a question mark up in that title, because in today’s Orgasm Challenge Update, I want to know about toys that get it done for you.

Remember when the Sybian saddle thing was the Big Sex Thing a few years ago? Howard Stern was all nuts about it and there was this rash of internet porn of women just… sitting on it? Yeah, I guess I don’t watch a lot of Internet porn, but I always wonder what the latest and greatest toys are out there for having fun (partnered or otherwise). Truthfully, my partner and I are vaguely interested in using toys, but we’ve been too lazy to actually go buy some.

So, what kinds of toys are you guys using? What are the best ones out there, and what makes them so great?

And, how are you coming (lol) on the orgasms?

By Meghan Young Krogh

Meghan had a number of quality writing mentors over the course of her education, which just goes to show that you can't blame the teacher for the way the student turns out. Team Oxford Comma represent.

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No tips on toys … I’m one of the ones looking for tips! And as for the challenge, well, for the past couple of weeks I’ve struggled. One was due to my period, but before and after that… I suspect I am dealing with winter depression, and I dislike forcing myself to ‘get into the mood’. I have no partner, so I’m just trying to relax and be accepting of it, while hopefully working myself out of this and back into a better place.

I have had an Eroscillator for over ten years, no joke. It is crazy expensive (current base model is $140), but an ex-boyfriend bought it for me. It is loud, which sucks and it kind of gets in the way of partner sex, but I’m not having any of that currently or on the horizon, so that’s not an issue. It is corded and the cord is super-long, which is a bonus. It is showing no signs of dying anytime soon. It’s strictly a clitoral stimulator. Dr. Ruth endorses it, and who doesn’t love her?

My other one is the Gigi by Lelo. Another pricey one, but this was a treat to myself a couple years ago. It’s rechargeable, which I love, being the environmental nutjob I am, and it’s pretty. All of Lelo’s products are high-quality. I got mine at either Toys in Babeland or Good Vibrations. One can usually find coupons online for them. PM me if you want some of my online coupon sites.

I have recycled unwanted toys through Scarlet Girl. They give a site credit after they process your unwanted/broken/bad decision toys.

I feel like I know far more about this than maybe I should. This is what happens when one is 37 and never married. Also, close the door to the bedroom. No cats allowed during personal sexytimes.

I do love the dual action vibrator that I got a few months ago at a sex toy party (  They are a bit more expensive than your average sex toy, but WELL worth it.  I’m in a looong distance relationship so it helps me get through the cold nights ;)

Cue the fireworks. Seriously. Last night: partnered and multiple. Not to mention a surprise to both of us that it happened at all, but, oh my, much needed and much enjoyed.

Toys! The hybrid vibrators are great fun. The ones that are maybe four inches long, or so? They’re fantastic for (excuse the pun) slipping into the action, whatever is going on. And ceramic dildos. Seriously, buy one. They are mind-blowing wonderful.

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