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If They Would Reunite, It Would Feel So Good (Or, My Dream TV Reunions)

I love when television ensembles have reunions. These days, when casts get together again, it’s usually on a talk show or in a magazine. I want more shows, though, where we don’t see the actors and actresses and how they look now, but the actual characters and their lives today. 

First and foremost, my dream reunion show is Full House. I am absolutely aware of how dorky that sounds, but that was my favorite show growing up, and to this day I can still tell you exactly what happens in each episode after only watching the first ten seconds. All three Tanner girls are grown now, and even Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s twins would be out of high school. Did they have more kids? Is Danny re-married? Did Joey ever move out? There are so many questions that need answers!

Beverly Hills, 90210 would make for another great reunion show, and it would be the easiest to do, considering there’s the new 90210. A few characters have made appearances, like Kelly Taylor, her mother (who they turned back into an alcoholic), Donna Martin and Brenda Walsh, but they were not given justice. I don’t care about these new kids; I want to know how Steve and Janet are, what Brandon’s been up to, where Valerie is, etc. etc.

I happen to know many, many twenty-somethings like myself who would die for a Saved by the Bell reunion. Shoot, I know people who would personally finance the project. I don’t know what I would rather see: the characters following the paths you expect (Jessie is a feminist leader, Lisa a fashion designer, etc.), or them going off in completely opposite directions (Screech is no longer creepy). Maybe a mixture of both would work well. You can’t tell me these actors wouldn’t be interested, either; I don’t think it would be that hard to pull Mario Lopez away from Extra, or Mr. Belding from God-knows-what.

As if my choices didn’t already give away the fact that I grew up in the 1990s, my final dream reunion has to be Boy Meets World. I loved that show, and I can’t be the only one who wants to know how Cory and Topanga are doing. Maybe they decided they got married too young, and divorced? Or they have tons of children? Is Shawn still a big part of their life? I’m most interested in what Eric is up to, and would love to see him somehow still connected to Mr. Feeny. They could be roommates!

There are countless other reunions I would love, from Family Matters to The O.C.  What do you want to see?

By Catherine

Catherine is a Southern California based freelance writer, whose work has appeared in everything from the New York Times to Entertainment Weekly. The highlight of her life (so far) was being featured on MSNBC for a story she wrote on Hello Kitty wines...she knew one day her love of all things HK would come in handy.

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What I would really like to see instead of reunions is re-do’s.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see Alley McBeal finish without Billy getting a brain tumor and turning ridiculous?  The same with Roseanne winning the lottery.


If I had to pick a reunion it would have to be Gilmore Girls.  Actually, I’d be quite happy if they just brought that show back.

Since I have watched all 7 seasons probably 6 times, I think I need to know how Rory Gilmore did with her journalism career. And we all need to know how Luke and Lorelai are doing. Has Paul Anka gotten used to stairs? Did Suki have a fourth child?

And really, one word: Jess.

But, a dream reunion show would have to be Voyager. Sure, they showed us one aspect but at the end, you know that aspect is no longer correct. (and I really want to see Naomi and Echeb – however you spell it – married and working together) Did The Doctor really choose THAT as his first name? Maybe with the new ending, he would have chosen something less… boring, typical?

The OC sort of wrapped things up at the very end and I like imagining Ryan Atwood as a rugged do-gooder architect. :)  And Firefly gave us Serenity. A glorious gift.

I am still riding the Jess train for Gilmore Girls, even after all this time. I watch them on ABC Family all the time, and in my mind, Rory becomes a journalist and ends up with Jess, after serious world traveling and soul searching, of course. God, I still love that show.

Ooo, good post! I would have to second Full House, and also add Dinosaurs – because I simply refuse to believe that they just all f’ing died at the end of the series, and Home Improvement. Really, they should just do an entire TGIF line-up. Let’s be honest. If you’re going to do one, you have to do them all. I would watch the hell outta that.

Can we stray into retro movies, though? Because Back to the Future. Seriously. I saw the cast reunited on, I believe, Good Morning America a year or so ago, and it made me unspeakably happy – and those were just the actors! I want to know if Marty McFly ever became a rock star, if Doc Brown & Clara spent the rest of their days whizzing through time, and what havoc the next generation a la Biff Tannen would have wrought!

Sigh. I guess this is what fan fiction is for, yes?

They really need to reinstate TGIF. That whole block was so fun. And there were CROSSOVERS! I loved that. It was like Disney Afternoon. A whole night of reliably funny TV grouped together.

(Now that I think about it, I could probably name most all of the shows that appeared in the TGIF lineup – at least the ones I liked. I know there were a few I thought were dumb.

I watched Dinosaurs when it was on, but I didn’t remember how it ended. Not that long ago, someone mentioned the finale, so I went and found it on YouTube. I spent the rest of the day completely and utterly bummed out.

I loooooved TGIF. One of my favorite articles I’ve ever written was about TGIF, and it was so fun reading the comments from like-minded readers. If the article wasn’t on another website, I’d link to it.

I want a ‘Friends’ reunion. Rachel had her baby the same month that my daughter was born, so that would make Emma 9 now. Monica and Chandler’s twins would be about 7. And the triplets would be teenagers. But I want to know if Phoebe and Mike ever had kids. I want to know if Joey stayed in California. I want to know if Ross and Rachel ended up together. These things keep me awake at night! Well, not really, but I do think about it a lot, especially when I rewatch the last season.

I only have seasons 1-6 on DVD but my local CW station shows two episodes every morning, at 9 and 9:30, and the 9:30 slot just completed the final season last week. No matter how many times I see it, I get all teary-eyed and anxious waiting to see if she got off the plane!

Jonathan? Do you mean Andrew?

And so what if some are vamps now? Harmony has been pretty freaking hilarious anyway, and you could get some major mileage out of Buffy having to show up with Spike as her date. I’m not sure who Faith would bring, but her presence would be guaranteed to cause some awkward for Dawn. No idea what to say about Cordelia, since I’ve not seen Season 5 of Angel. Best of all? NO REASON for Riley to show up. Hell yes!

I’ve put way too much thought into this.

Whoops, Jonathan dead too.  Right. Andrew got stabby.  Well Andrew isn’t in their class…his brother is.  Cordy won’t be there but I won’t ruin the why for you.  And Faith would be Principal Wood’s date.

I have a soft spot for Riley since I met the actor and he was so sweet and friendly and had that huge grin. Sigh/



OMG. Veronica Mars! They just need to bring the show back! Why did it have to end?!

Did Keith become sheriff again?! How did V.’s internship with the FBI go? Could she make it work with Mopey Boy? Did Logan get therapy? Did they get back together? Did Wallace eat ALL the cookies, again? Did Mac find a good boyfriend who treated her right and appreciated her talents? (Did Weevil’s skin finally clear up?)

a) I just got an account today and this is my first comment! How exciting!

b) They had a post with show reunion photos over on Pajiba today – I didn’t know a bunch of the shows but it was pretty nice.

c) Ha, I’m gonna be super obvious here and say Firefly. But just imagine, seriously.

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