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It’s the Thursday OT: Time for Doritos and Wine in Bed!

You guys, it’s been that kind of week. You know the kind. But it’s almost over, and I’m taking comfort wherever I can get it, and right now that’s from junk food and booze, enjoyed in the comfy fortress of my bed.

So come on in, tell me about your week, and let us know what you do when you’re having one of those weeks. Here’s a little mood music to get us started:

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I had my performance review yesterday, wherein my boss told me that she feels i have low self-esteem and overcompensate by trying to reach further than the scope of my job.  It would hurt more if it wasn’t pretty much on target.  In my infinite wisdom, I chose to drown my sorrows in porter last night and discovered that porter is akin to prunes: 1 is good, 2 are necessary sometimes, but 3 is never a good idea if you want to be productive at any point the next day.    oooooh my head.


See, that’s the odd thing.  When you read the performance review, on paper it says I’m a great employee and a valued member of the team.  This comment was all off the record for my “personal improvement.”  So, naturally the only thing i took away from the whole experience was that I have low self-esteem and am seen as too big for my britches.

I came to work this morning hoping to see my cube decorated for my birthday (we have an office fun committee that plans fun stuff for our birthdays). It’s not. :(

My birthday isn’t really until Tuesday but I made sure the committee knew that I would not be at my desk for all of next week. Thus, you know, decorating an empty cube wouldn’t be that great.

…and my freestyle halfmoon nailpolish didn’t turn out that great. Well, the moon shapes worked out but the top coat of polish got all beat up. Gah. I’m getting a fancy pastry today.

I decided to ask my coworker why my desk wasn’t decorated. He said that they were planning to do it on Tuesday, my actual birthday, since I would be at the office for the birthday/valentine’s day party anyway. Even though I’d only be in the office for an hour and wouldn’t even be sitting at my desk.

This is a bunch of crap. A really terrible reason.

I told him that was an odd plan. He said that he could not decorate it if I wanted. Or, just wait and see.

So, I won’t be speaking to him the rest of the day. I have nothing else to say to him. Idiot.

But, the cinnamon chip scone from Starbucks is delicious. I recommend it.

I am completely in love with this cake! I love those balloons! All the candles are smashed together on top! ALLTHECOLOR. Thank you.

Now I must find this cake in real life.

(seriously though, I actually remember sucking on those balloon things from a cake when I was like 4 years old, I can’t believe that memory just came to me.)

This weekend is going to rock. I’m getting picked up by my boyfriend after he finishes work today and we’ll spend the evening eating homemade pizza and cracking open S4 of The West Wing. Tomorrow is my SIL’s baby shower and I get to have a fabulous hot choc from my fave cafe that morning when I take my bro for a job interview!

Looking forward to it even more since I spent an hour and a half last night talking to my best friend. I knew he was struggling with depression (he’s in treatment, thankfully) but he hadn’t told me how deeply suicidal he’s been and still is. It was sobering to hear, but I’m glad he told me. Now I just need to reassure myself that things are still okay and that we’re doing the best we can to do the best for him (myself and the other friends who constitute his support/crisis network).

So in an effort to be all healthy and fit society’s narrow definition of acceptible weight I got a salad from the cafe in my building today. Had one yesterday and it was quite nice so today I saw couscous and thought oh how lovely. Few bites in, doing well, and then thanks to jeebus I actually looked down at my food and saw A FUCKING GREAT BIG GREEN CATERPILLAR crawling around in my lunch.

I’m currently staring at a yoghurt and trying to work up the courage to eat it but I’m not sure I can. Definitely packing my own lunch next week.

We’re lazy gardeners (we could say we’re organic, but really we’re just lazy), and my broccoli have just been infested with green catepillars and aphids. So every time I want to use them, I have to be so anal about cleaning them. Thankfully we’ve got through the harvest now, I might try a bit harder next time around to keep the fucking aphids off them!

Oh, man. Guys. Guys. I started physical therapy last night, and holy cow.

X-Rays haven’t come back yet, but my physical therapist thinks it’s just a lumbar strain. They didn’t even get into deep tissue massage (only superficial) or ultrasound or anything, and it hurt soooooo bad after. So bad.

But I bought myself a video game to make up for it.

Last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a pattern where I work my ass off very productively from Monday to Wednesday, then on Thursday after lunch I pass out on the couch and take an involuntary 3-hour nap. I’m wondering if I need better time-/energy-management skills, or a multivitamin.

How do you get any work done with a couch in your office!?

My main problem is that, when we eat at home, we eat our meals sitting on the couch, so it’s very easy to just lie back, relax, switch on Cosmopolitan channel for the four consecutive Sex and the City re-runs, and zzzzZZZZZ… Sometimes I will stay at work until the evening just to avoid the lure of the couch…

It’s not the most comfortable couch, in fairness to it, and I usually eat at my desk because I’m always afraid of spilling things on it… but my colleagues have been known to use it for physio. Oh, the lure of the channels of endless reruns… it did get me through a rotten hangover a few months ago.

I made the tough decision this week to take a leave of absence from work for the remainder of my cancer treatment. It was really hard for me to come out and start telling people (meeting with the boss, etc). Most people are being incredibly supportive of my decision but there have been a few that just don’t seem to understand the level exhaustion I’m operating under or the stress work has been creating for me – or just can’t seem to comprehend *not* working at all as if I’m just not trying hard enough or giving up. To my mind if I don’t have to work and can focus on myself (healing, eating better, resting and getting through this) then I should do it. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around what I’m doing to do with all that time. Months of it. You might be seeing more of me around here. :)

Congratulations on having the courage to do what you know is best for yourself. Your health is the most important thing, and sometimes people don’t understand that until they have to deal with it themselves.
Maybe you can start a crafting project or take up a foreign language or something with the extra time!

Thank you so much! Omg I have been a crafting fiend for the last few months! Origami, papercraft, bookbinding, baking, oil painting, learning to draw celtic knotwork… I’m on a roll! I actually just made strawberry muffins from a PM article in the time between when I posted this and replied. I’m excited to see how they turn out! I’m on a baking/cooking spree. Tomorrow is potato leek soup!

This recipe:


My mom did it at some point in her life pre-Me (so clearly she had way too much time on her hands, which I so kindly completely filled up for her) and we have a large ziplock of crocheted snowflakes in the Christmas box. And several baby blankets, doilies, and apparently a teddy bear wall hanging that I have no memory of. It’s quite lovely fun, yarn shopping is a blast, and it’s productive: you can (technically) wear/use what you make. Also, beadwork is tons fun. You can even crochet jewelry, apparently.

Think of it as an extended grown up crafting retreat! And if you finish every project there is, there’s always Mandarin.

I did recently try my first cross-stitch! (Which isn’t really the same thing at all I know.) I have not ventured in to crochet or knitting yet but it’s tempting. I’ve received sooo many knit caps from people (ranging from adorable to… very thoughtful). I also received the most a-maz-ing knit orange blanket in all the shades of Cheetos (I love both orange AND Cheetos!). It’s so warm and fuzzy and I think I want to learn how to make one like it!

First knitting and crocheting then… THE WORLD!

crochet = superawesome.  i think anyone and everyone can benefit from the yarnal arts.  IMHO, there is nothing quite so satisfying as making a beautiful piece of crocheted lace that has no functional purpose in the world other than to sit there and look pretty.  I would like nothing more than to share some patterns with you.  Hit me up if you’re interested

HELL YA. Good for you (though I’m sorry your circumstances are such).

I have a chronic disease that no one has ever heard about and these first few stages of treatment or increidbly taxing on my body to the point that I can’t have a job while I’m in graduate school and, frankly, can hardly be in graduate school. (I’m about to graduate from my MA and am considering a leave between my MA and PhD.)

(I’d take one, maybe two classes, if I didn’t need three to have health insurance, which I obv can’t hav e a lapse in or I’ll never get coverage again in my life.)

This semester I was very open with my professors about what I was capable of doing, how “healthy” is both relative and precarious for me (or, that my good days are few and far between, and are equally as fleeting). They’ve been INCREDIBLY supportive. They understand that it’s too late in the game for me to take a leave, that a full load is too much (but I have no other options)… I feel really fortunate.

And, I’m sure you’ll get this if you haven’t, it’s especially difficult because of the whole “well, you don’t look sick” attitude.

Anyway, I’m chattering because I’m so proud and impressed by your step!

My bunny sure does seem to get what sort of week it is. Shes getting her nails cut tomorrow, so its going to be “one of those weeks” for her, too.

Man, why do pets want to lay by their owners? Really what’s in it for them? What’s going on in that fluffy little brain? Admittedly, I’m a twee under the influence, but really why does a bunny(prey) want to sleep next to a human(predator)?

Smart rabbit, man. I’m always impressed when her super sonic hearing lets her know that I’m about to walk in the door with lettuce (she’s always waiting for me, freakin’ out when it’s food time).

I’m fairly  certain that if everyone owned a rabbit, there’d be world peace.

If I had a rabbit, I wouldn’t be able to have my dog (seriously, she’s a terrier, it would not end well.)

But I agree that bunnies are cute.

I think Annie mostly likes to cuddle up next to me because I am warm. I’m okay with it, though.

Ha, definitely bunnies + terriers don’t mix (unless BOTH were introduced from birth and the rabbit is pretty fucking big).

I think its a combination of “yes! a thing to play with” and “oooo warm body” and “you smell like lettuce. i like you.”

I love anthropomorphizing.

Seriously though, my rabbit doesn’t cuddle with anyone, but me (not even my bf, though he’s getting pretty close). Takes a long time to build up trust. She’ll sit next to you for some time and loves the pets, but unless you’re me, no through-the-night or good-morning cuddles.

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