Knit Like a Boss: This One’s for the Babies

We’ve spent the past few weeks learning different knitting skills. There are more, too, but I thought this week we’d take a break from the onslaught and look at some cute baby patterns.

Now that you’re an expert knitter, the time will probably come when someone you know is knocked up and would absolutely love a handmade gift. Or maybe you figure why shell out all kinds of dough on changing pads and boppies and whatever else new moms ask for when you can be unique and impressive and make something beautiful? It’s a valid idea. So here are some cute baby gifts.


Baby hats are really quick and easy to make, so they’re good in a time crunch (or if you don’t have a ton of yarn). You can go traditional or goofy with them, too.

As an added bonus, it kind of looks like an umbilical cord.

Let’s start with the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat, which will use a very small amount of sock yarn. You’ll need to learn to make an I-cord, which is super easy, but other than that it’s just knitting in the round and decreasing. There are also similar versions in worsted weight yarn available.

Donkey not included.

If you want to get a little goofier, there’s the Ogre Babies hat. It’s just a plain hat, then you pick up some stitches to make the ears. You can handle it. Really easy, and hilarious.

There are tons of whimsical baby hats out there, so if you want to make the kid looks like a bear, a berry or a cupcake, the knitting world has your back.

Of course, not every mom will want her baby to wear a panda hat, so there are always more traditional styles.

No ears on this one.

The leafy baby hat above is a fairly simple but pretty hat. There are matching socks, but if you aren’t feeling brave enough to try them, you don’t have to. The Ziggity Hat is a fairly easy-looking combination of purls, knits and slipped stitches to make a cool zigzag pattern. If lace is your style, there’s the Heart Lace hat and the Light and Lacy Spring Hat (which is so pretty I’d like a grown-up version for myself).


Baby blankets seem more advanced and involved than they are. They can actually be pretty simple, and since they’re for a tiny baby, they don’t have to be huge. So they don’t even take that long.

Gull lace makes me really happy.

Last week when we were talking about lace, I mentioned how much I love the gull pattern. Well, there it is in baby blanket form, as part of the Pine Forest Baby Blanket pattern. I kind of want to make a big version for myself. Feather and Fan is another simple lace pattern that translates well to a blanket. I made the Cozy Luxe Baby Blanket for my cousin’s son and it turned out great, plus it wasn’t that difficult.

For babies who enjoy LSD.

Of course, I know not everyone shares my love of lace. The trippy OpArt Blanket above is just garter stitch, changing colors, and increases, plus working on two circular needles, so it should be manageable and still produce a pretty awesome effect. If the parents are nautical types, there’s the Come Sail Away blanket. If you want something more straightforward and less gimmicky, there’s the basic Sunny Baby Blanket pattern or the Diagonal Comfort Blanket.

Gifts for Breeding Nerds

Sometimes, geeky people have babies. And for them, you might want presents that match their nerdy ways. Luckily, there’s no shortage of that out there.

Drink this bottle, you must.

For Star Wars loving parents, there’s the Yoda bottle cozy, plus the Felted Yoda Hat and the corresponding Yoda sweater. Lord of the Rings fans will appreciate the Proudfeet hobbit booties (I made those; they’re hilarious and I want to figure out how to size them up for my own feet). If you don’t want to go for a specific fandom, but know the family has a sense of humor, you could always make a baby sumo wrestler outfit. But really, for me the pinnacle of baby nerddom comes only if the parents appreciate a quality Nintendo game.

Looks like someone needs a heart potion.

The Baby Link costume. In my Zelda-loving eyes, there is nothing better as far as baby gifts go. It’s almost awesome enough to make me have a baby of my own. Almost. Anyway, it’s a lot of pieces, but none seem all that complicated (you’ll need to learn basic crochet for the bottle holder strap), so you could probably do it. Please do.

Next week, we’ll probably go back to learning new skills, so ready your brains. And as always, if you have any questions, leave a comment.

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Something else I thought of and should have included: USE MACHINE WASHABLE YARNS. The baby will very likely barf or poop or otherwise soil the item. Acrylic and cotton are good choices, but the label on the ball of yarn should have washing instructions. Moms generally aren’t going to want to hand wash their presents, and they may end up forgetting and tossing your gift into the machine and getting a felted ball of mess in return.

I started a blankie. I’m just doing basic garter stitch and I’m going to try and get as much of it as I can done by Saturday. If I have to, I can wrap it unfinished and take it back with me after the shower. My fingers are so raw between putting together my bathroom cabinets and then knitting for hours at a time. I have three inches done so far.

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