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Lunchtime Poll: Dishes

Happy Thursday! Does it feel like it should be Friday already? I agree. Today’s poll is super quick, and involves dishes, which is what makes it related to lunch.

Do you prefer to wash dishes by hand or in the dishwasher? I ask, because I never knew that someone would choose to wash a dish by hand if a dishwasher was readily available. But apparently they do. (I live with one such a person. Which drives me bonkers.) So tell me: which do you prefer? Personally, I load that bad boy up as full as I can. Why stand there at the sink when an appliance can do the work for me?

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Dishwasher all the way! I hate washing by hand so much, and was raised by a microbiologist so some of that germophobia rubbed off. In my old apartment there was no dishwasher so we negotiated for a tiny portable one which made things so much easier. I hate the space taken up by dish-racks and how dry my hands get if I wash by hand. That said, pans (cast iron) and knives get hand washed.


I really don’t mind washing the dishes by hand, but having a dishwasher makes it really convenient. It depends on how many dishes you use and what you’re cooking.

I lived with someone who would only wash dishes by hand even though we had a dishwasher and it pissed me off because I never made enough dishes by myself to do a whole load. So it wasn’t so much that he refused to use the dishwasher but because his refusal led to me doing more work that I didn’t necessarily have to do.

Now I’m on my own and I don’t have a dishwasher. And it’s fine, but when you have classes and work full time, doing the dishes is definitely a low priority. Until you have to eat again, that is.

Everything gets a good rinse in the sink before going in the dishwasher, and Lexie’s stuff gets handwashed because a lot of it just flies around or flips over and fills with water in the dishwasher or I don’t have enough of an item to last between running the machine.

Also, if you ever need to unfuck an old grimey dishwasher, I got this stuff called Dishwasher Magic that’s amazing. My mother-in-law’s dishwasher had decades worth of hard-water stains to the point that it made my skin crawl to actually touch any of the surfaces, and after running that stuff through once it was squeaky clean!

Dirty dishes upset me on an OCD level, as in I can’t touch anything that has food caked on it after said food has been touched by water, so I’m a dishwasher person. I hold the dish by its cleanest part, attack it with the sprayer so I don’t get the icky food bits on the sponge, and put it in the washer.

When I was unemployed, I LOVED to wash the dishes while listening to News of the World on public radio. It was like meditating.

Now, I throw the dishes into the sink to soak overnight as part of my UFYH plan. Then, in the morning, while my coffee is brewing, I load the dishwasher and run it while I’m gone. While I’m cooking dinner, I unload. It’s a whole wonderful cycle and I love it.

I also rearranged my cabinets so that all the dishes are stored around the dishwasher area within each reach from one spot to the other. Another UFYH event. :)

I’m sort of a mix of both. I tend to use the washing machine except for nice things (good knives, wine glasses). If something’s fragile or made of plastic, I wash it by hand. And every now and then, when I’m in a really angry mood, I want to fill up the sink with impossibly hot water and scrub dishes until my hands are raw.

I prefer to use a dishwasher if it’s available. I’ve lived in places where I’ve had them and places that didn’t so I try to be flexible about it. Because we use the Seventh Generation dishwasher soap, I make sure to pre-wash first because sometimes the dishes don’t get completely clean.

I’ve never had a dishwasher in my life and find them frankly scary and confusing. So much water usage! So much potential for breaking things and flooding the kitchen! I’ve lived in a tiny 1950s house my whole life which only had the sink and sufficient counter space for a drying rack, so it goes wash dishes 2x a day, stow drying rack under the sink overnight. I love it.

It depends. If I’m living by myself and it’ll take so long to load the dishwasher that everything will start to smell before it’s full, I’ll wash dishes by hand.

I never dry dishes, though, unless forced. Why do work that the air is just going to do for me?

We don’t have a dishwasher, so we wash everything by hand; but when I have had a dishwasher, I let the machine do the plates and silverware and mugs, and hand-wash pots, pans, and glasses (the glasses because I have had too many fragile glasses break in the dishwasher from other people carelessly loading them and then crunching them in where they dont fit.)

Ah! We do them by hand at my NYC apt bc we just haven’t gotten around to calling the landlord about our mini one (that’s broken). It sucks mostly because it takes up valuable counter space. My guess is, even if we fixed it, we’d still do most of them by hand, bc we only dirty a couple of things a meal.

At apt with bf we do a mix of both. We put it all in the dishwasher but 1) we have a lot of wooden thigs thst will get ruined if they go in and 2) we use the same skillets over and over again so I end up handwashing a lot.

Britain doesn’t have dishwashers. They’re magic clean machines over here. So all Brits wash dishes by hand. They also do this thing where they put dishes in the drainer without rinsing the soap off them. I thought it was gross and that all my food would taste like soap, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference, and it saves water. They’re crafty, those Brits.

My boyfriend does this and it drives me off the wall…especially when he uses the same sponge for the cat dishes and our own cutlery (shudder). I load the dishwasher while he is at work (I work at home and go to school at night) so I know it has at least gone through at some point. Thankfully, I think the dishwasher feud is our biggest problem.

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