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Lunchtime Poll: I’m a Big Kid Now

I sure hope we’re all still in touch with our inner child, but are there times that child really wants to come out to play? I find that every once in a while, I have an urge to indulge some of my more childlike tendencies, such as doing cartwheels when I find myself walking down a long hallway.

Or, even better: recently at work we had to order a new postage machine. It came in a large box, which we held onto for a few days while we waited to be sure we wouldn’t need to send it back to the manufacturer. Every time – every time! – I walked by that huge cardboard box, I wanted to see if I could fit inside it. I was certain I could, and I was even more certain that it would make an excellent fortress.

So”¦ is it just me? Or do other people have the occasional urge to act like a little kid? (And do you feel a little bummed when you realize you can’t?)

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My life forever changed when I grew too tall to do flips around the weird parallel bars at the “big kid” playground in elementary school. I miss that ability, and have for about 25 years, because I get the urge to do flips around bars now.

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Ever since I learned that FAO Schwarz sells custom muppets, I have had to work very hard at not buying one. I probably will eventually, but I need to buy a few necessity things first before I drop $100 on a toy. I do periodically go and play with the website though.

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