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Lunchtime Poll: Lazy Food

Do you have those moments where you walk into the kitchen and you think to yourself, “What the hell am I going to eat?” I mean, I suppose if that happens you can head on over to the P-Mag food archive if you feel like putting forth “effort,” whatever that is, but I’m talking about those times you know you want food in your belly but you have no desire to prepare food for the purpose.

When this happens to me, my default meal is always some sort of pasta. If I have to cook for my boyfriend, too, I will make marinara sauce to go with it because I don’t want him to realize I’m not actually trying, but if it’s just me, a bowl of spaghetti with butter and parmesan is my go-to meal. What about you? What is your default meal when you don’t have the energy to put thought into meal making?

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For dinner, I am also fond of the marinara/pasta combo. The kids act like I’m the best mother on earth if I just do mac & cheese with fish sticks. I’ve also been known to just cook up a big batch of hashbrowns with peppers (the kind already sliced and frozen) and onions.

Despite the fact that I’m part Italian, I don’t really like pasta that much? (I am horrible, I know.) A small baguette and some cheese from the shop around the corner is my go-to “food NOW” meal, but if i am forcing myself to cook (which is the default these days) then an egg or two on a hash browned potato, hopefully with cheese, onion and sriracha, depending on what i have on hand.

It depends. If Mr. Freedominwordz is home, it’s usually pasta with frozen veggies sauteed in olive oil and garlic. If I’m flying solo, it’s either a frozen veggie burger and a glass of wine, or a can of soup (and a glass of wine). Usually I’m the one not home for supper, and I come home to find out Mr. Freedominwordz has eaten some sort of frozen pot pie, lol.

My “go to” dinner these days is a frozen tilapia filet (I always have a bag of those in my freezer) over top of some raw spinach. Bake the tilapia filet for about 20 minutes and put washed spinach (which I also buy in a bag) on a plate. Sometimes I will top this with other stuff like goat cheese, capers, raisins, dried crans, mushrooms etc but usually I just eat it with balsamic vinegar.

If it’s a real case of being starving and not wanting to cook, I eat one of my two emergency cans of alphaghetti… I know it’s gross, but it’s tasty!

This is a common evening occurrence for me.

My kids are grown, I live alone and rarely cook.  Sometimes on Sunday I’ll make a pot of soup or put something in the crockpot that I’ll make lunches from all week but that’s about it.

If it weren’t for peanut butter on toasted bagels or egg sandwiches, I’d starve.

Oh, and frozen veggies in the microwave steamer bags.  I can eat a whole bag of brussell sprouts for dinner.

I make toast. At least to hold me over until I can make dinner.

Sometimes I’ll have three or four bites of leftovers in the fridge too but toast is default.

It distracts me while I consider what to Really make for dinner. I don’t make breakfast at home unless it’s the weekend and lunch is rare even then.

slice bread drizzle with olive oil, broil till toasty. rub garlic on it (or shake on some garlice salt). Mash a tomato into the bread and if I am feeling really inspired, grate some sharp cheese on top (parmesan and cheddar work the best) stick back into oven until melty.

Best grilled cheese ever :)

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