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Lunchtime Poll: Losing Time With TV

Recently I have been lamenting that there aren’t enough hours in a day. Even though when I do have more time, I rarely use it efficiently or productively. But in my fantasy land of today’s LTP question, I would be the most productive person in the world.

The question is: If there were six more hours in a day, how would you spend them?

I am choosing to believe that most of these six extra hours involve daylight, because if there were six more hours of darkness I would either spend them hibernating or clinging to my SAD light. I would like one extra hour for sleep. I would use one extra hour for preparing dinner and eating it with Mr. Furious, enjoying each other’s company – rather than the rushed, thrown-together meals it feels like we’ve been eating recently. I would use one hour to take a class at the gym. I would like to be able to work on craft projects more, so I will allot twohours for that. And let’s be honest, the last hour is going towards more TV time and internet nonsense. Even in my fantasy world, mama loves TV.

So how would you spend your extra hours a day?

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I would like an extra two hours to work out, an extra three hours just to hang out with my guy, and an extra hour to simply cook better meals. I always feel so tired when I get home from work that I don’t want to cook. I’d really like to graduate from rice and veggies to the homemade gnocchi that Meghan wrote about.

Do these extra 6 hours somehow not include having to entertain the kiddo? It’s bad enough she seems to be giving up her afternoon nap so I’m kinda losing that hour or two of freedom already. With an extra six hours just for me, I’d try to actually get the sleep I need to function properly, read more, do more cooking and crafting, and try to get some sort of work-from-home job.

Ideally, I’d spend them cooking properly (instead of “errrr, pasta with veggies for dinner, I guess?” sort of cooking), consistent exercise, sewing and writing.  Realistically?  I’d fart around on the internet and then guilt myself into more school work.  A lady can wish, though…

I’m here at work at 7am, 1.5 hours before my start time just because there are not enough hours in the day. Your plan sounds great, it’s precisely what I’d like. More sleep, more time to actually enjoy Mr Cesy’s company, more gym time and just less stress all around.

I wish I had more time to sit outside and appreciate nature, the actions of the birds, the grooves of the trees, the shapes of the clouds. Because I work full time, I’d like to have more time with my kids before they go to bed at night. More time to be alone, read and reflect on my thoughts would be nice, and a little extra sleep would be too. Ideally, I’d break it down in this order as 2, 2, 1 and 1. A girl can dream…

I would put 4 of those hours toward study time.

And the other 2 toward working out – either running in daylight or stairmastering at night.

Maybe set aside 15 minutes to god damn remember to do some freaking burpees. Why do I remember to do them as I’m climbing into bed?!

I already spend too much time watching TV and interneting. I’m actively trying to cut back. (and am modifying how I use Tumblr a bit as well)

SLEEP. I’m pretty much chronically sleep deprived at this point, so I’d use half the time to boost my “five hours and change” a night up over the 8 hour mark. I’d spend an hour at the gym, and 2 hours applying for jobs.

And now I am a little sad that there are in fact not six more hours in a day?

I was about to say “I’m with you right there on the writing, commenter-I-don’t-even-know,” and then looked at the name. :)

Someday we will be writers again. I’m very close: as soon as I can get this one last day per week nailed down, I’ll know exactly what my schedule will be. And if I actually put “writing” on my calendar, I do it, unless I develop a nasty stomach bug as I did this week.

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