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Lunchtime Poll: My Underused Treasure Trove of a Closet

I have lots of clothes. It’s sort of ridiculous. Even after paring down my wardrobe and donating a huge chunk of it, I still have more clothes than I can handle. At this point, every piece in the closet is something that I adore and treasure.

I have a whole section devoted to my love of leopard print, more than two capes, a few knockout vintage dresses, and three fake furs. I have so many ’80s sequined tops and dresses that my mother says I inherited my fashion sense from Bea Arthur.

Git it gurrrrrrl...

With all of these beautiful things at my disposal, you’d think that I’d be fiercely Golden Girl-ing it up all over Los Angeles. But alas, I am a creature of habit. You want to know what I wear more often than not? My basic dark wash straight leg jeans and either



... This

Two patterned, blue button ups? Wow, Katie, you’re a REBEL. I can’t really figure out why I’m such a creature of habit. Why haven’t I been able to burst out of my jeans and button up shell when I have so many amazing articles of clothing to choose from?

I guess I just love them so much. The combo looks good on me and it’s comfortable as all get out. Perhaps, sometime soon, I will find the urge to be fierce every time I step out of the house. But for now, I am contented with my button ups and the thought that my fantastic wardrobe is sitting quietly in my closet, waiting for me to rediscover it, whenever that may be!

Does your wardrobe go through phases? Do you find yourself sticking to the same outfit over and over again? What pieces of clothing could you never live without and why?

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My style vacillates between being edgy, flowy Bohemian and slim-fitting, edgy classic. However, I almost always dress in black, white, and gray, with touches of neutral green, various shades of blue, and pale or neon pink. Example: yesterday I was wearing a gray/black/army green printed maxi dress with a long, flowy black sweater, a loose black scarf, a huge gold and purple cocktail ring, and black and gold lace-up flat boots. Tomorrow, if I leave the house, I’m wearing super skinny dark blue jeans, a white Peter Pan collar blouse, a dramatic statement necklace, and huge black platform wedge booties. I do get into ruts where I only wear skinny pants, solid slim fit tees, a scarf, and statement jewelry though. It looks great but I feel boring!

Whoa, TL;DR!

(Skinny) jeans and t-shirts/sweaters. Short dresses for parties and in summer skirts because shorts are of the demons. Oh and big over-sized sweaters from le bf. Comfort never feels so good.

I have an amazing hot pink petticoat in my closet, but haven’t dared wearing it outside theme parties yet.

Jeans and T-shirts. I have some other things, but all I wear are jeans and T-shirts. Except when it is cold and I get to wear my stealth pants. They are lightweight khakis that are lined with T-shirt fabric, so they look like real cargo pants, but they feel like pajama pants. I would live in stealth pants if they weren’t too hot to wear in the summer time.

Oh I DEFINITELY go through phases. Actually, phases is an understatement. Cycles, trackable, predictable cycles. The most frequently I cycle between lovvvvving color and wearing all black. I think it has something to do with how confident I feel (as in is representative of). When I start to feel a little lost (in my style or in life in general) I err back to the basics: jeans and anything black.

Also, your pics cracked me up as it’s the same with me. Literally, the same. Today, blue denim-ish button up. Yesterday, blue flannel-ish button up.

All I wear is black, grey, white, and denim.

I recently bought some rust colored pants that I LOVE… but they’re a huge step for me in terms of color.

Actually, after writing this LTP I went shopping with my mom and got a few new pieces for my wardrobe (Old Navy has some FANTASTIC stuff right now). I also did a huge clean out of my closet and donated so much stuff. I find that getting rid of what you really don’t ever wear and taking inventory of what you still have makes you want to wear the awesome different stuff that you have!

I have a couple of long dresses I’ll wear over and over as long as they are clean. They end up being the first things worn out of the fresh load of wash. Oh, and did I mention that I have two of them in pink and one in Navy blue? of the same exact dress? Then again, Autistic, so. . .

Image looking across the room where a small child is cuddling a toy. To the side, a large white person wears a long pink dress with spaghetti straps. They are seated.

Sadly, this is the best picture of said dresses I could find- and it’s from Fall 2010. My niece is the small child in the background. She is hugging/Apologizing to the Dalek I knit for throwing him on the ground. She had just turned 2. She promptly kidnapped him, put a diaper on him, and named him Huggie. She’s 3 and a half now, and two weekends ago she made me put on Doctor Who for her when I was trying to watch Misfits with her mother. *sniffle* they grow up so fast!

I think this photo was before the New Orleans trip that ended with a voodoo curse for taking a picture in the voodoo shop? I had a horrible time with things my last day in New Orleans- I missed the shuttle, had to give my lunch money to pay for a cab to the airport, on the terms that a friend was going to western union me some money. Then Western union declined her. I managed to get through security, and as I quietly freaked out in the terminal, I realized that I still had that photo on my phone. Yipes! I deleted it, and everything went well- a shop manager even gave me a free lunch!- until I was leaving my home airport in Pittsburgh.

My pink dress got caught in the escalator. We had to emergency stop the thing and an old man had to help me pull my dress out of the mechanics so I could go get my ride.

I’m never disobeying the rules in a voodoo shop again!

I pretty much only wear the following: skinny jeans, t-shirts, one of three wool pullover sweaters, a flowy scarf of some kind. I recently branched out and bought skinny cords so now I can adapt my uniform to slightly more professional situations.

I have some cute dresses, but they will come out when it ceases to be winter.

Jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans.  I can rock jeans too.  I used to rebel against arbitrary dress codes that said I couldn’t wear jeans by wearing the sloppiest pair of dress-code acceptable khakis or something that I could, and inwardly reveling in how much better and more professional I would have looked in jeans.

Other than that, my wardrobe goes through minor phases/changes but not major ones.  I’m really in to basic, simple cuts and patterns, and I’m big on tank tops (mostly because I think I have a great rack and tank tops are comfy and show it off well.)  Most of my wardrobe phases still fall somewhere within those boundaries.  And I always, ALWAYS love my jeans.

I am in a phase where I seem to be trying to fuse a rugged Katherine Hepburn with a French style Audry Hepburn look. …It’s odd… I don’t know why but those styles fill my closet. It’s the Total Hepburn look.

Also, I LOVE the striped shirts that are all over. (I’m wearing one now)

BUT! I just ordered a skirt that I think I’ll be comfortable wearing to work! Bold Frontiers!

I can tell you it will be a long long time before I consider filling my closet with black clothes. I do not care for it and I do not find it flattering. I live in khaki and blue tones.


I pull from a lot of sources. I piecemeal what I like and remove what I don’t. Thus, I can never say I follow one in particular. :)

I like the JCrew catalog, just the casual section – but it’s really only a source for inspiration. I only buy from their Factory line. I also watch a lot of Murder, She Wrote and Jessica’s way of being so put together, even in an outfit to go bike riding is fabulous.  I could probably round up some of the blogs I like to visit?

I would wear jeans every day to every event for the rest of my life if I could.  The only reason I don’t is social convention and weather.  When it’s too hot I wear shorts.  And at work, they frown on jeans everyday for so-called “professionals”.  Also, my upbringing ingrained in me that I SHALL NOT wear jeans to church, but SHALT only wear dresses and skirts.  And then come home and change immediately.

So.  Jeans.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

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