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Lunchtime Poll: Nail Polish

I am about to paint my nails with Sally Hansen’s “Greige Gardens,” which, unfortunately is not as greige as I wanted and is more purple. Not a bad color, though. But it has gotten me thinking about the fantasy job of pretty much everyone I know: Nail Polish Namer. And that brings me to my question.If you could name a nail polish (or lipstick or eyeshadow) what would the name be, and what would it look like? I am still thinking about mine but I will be letting you all know my brilliant idea in the comments!

By Luci Furious

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Seeing as how the only time I generally wear nail polish is on my toes when I have dropped something on them or otherwise cracked or discolored the nail (or whatever is technically under the nail) from too much running/biking, I would make a dark red with just a tinge of brown or copper, and call it “Road Rash”. For all my sporty ladies out there.

I would rather set the rules on naming colors. So it wasn’t so damn confusing or stupid.

Rule #1: The name must reference or invoke the idea of the color it is or most resembles. Ex: A good name: Cucumber, not necessarily a color but a light greenish white is brought to mind. A bad name: One For The Money, sure a phrase everyone recognizes but what the heck kind of color would that be? Is it green? Is it gold? Is it sparkly?

Rule #2: Bonus points for puns. (this is not really a rule, per say, just a motivator). I can’t give any examples. I actually suck at creating puns. So, I leave the floor open to the audience.

(But Vicious Trollop was probably the best name of a lipstick ever featured on TV. Thank you Gilmore Girls.)

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