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Lunchtime Poll: Surprise Afternoon Off

A happy Friday to you, Persephoneers! This is the week we welcomed a flood of new commenters to our scrappy little community, and we are oh so happy to have you here. Since you’re stuck at work for another few hours before the sweet, sweet freedom of the weekend, tell me what you’d do if your boss came in and said, “Go on home and I’ll pay you for the rest of the afternoon!”

I had one boss do that once after a particularly successful week and oh my word, it was so amazing. It happened to be one of the first warm days of spring, so I went home, poured myself a glass of white wine, and read outside for hours.

So, Persephoneers, what would you do right this very moment if the boss gave you a surprise afternoon off?

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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Oh, how I wish my boss would have said that to me yesterday. Although, on occasion the head of the place iusually lets everyone go home early the workday before a major holiday (i.e., Labor Day, Thanksgiving), and on those occasions I didn’t go straight home. I usually go to MAC or something.

This happened to me on my birthday (only i work mornings, and knew the night before)- I watched trashy TV, and then got a foot massage. It was awesome!

On a friday afternoon, assuming the children were attended to, I’d probably try to get a massage of some sort, go to a coffee shop to read or write….or go home and take a nap.

No wait, I’d for sure go home and take a nap.


I’m living the dream. I only have one class on Fridays at 1:00pm. Since then, I’ve eaten Taco Bell, took some books back to the library, and now I’m laying in bed watching Downton Abbey. Also, I don’t have pants on.

Oh, and I called a chiropractor to try to set up job shadowing! (I have to call him back on Monday.)

This has been a lovely, lazy, work-free afternoon.

Well, I’m at home already, because I’ve been miserably sick all week; then again, I normally work from home, so my boss telling me to take the afternoon off doesn’t really happen. Tell you one thing we did with this afternoon though: BF (also at home, being just as miserably sick with the same thing) found us a fabulous deal for flight tickets. Paris in May, whoohoo!

Also, this is my first post here, being sort of part of that abovementioned flood of new commenters. Hello. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. m(_ _)m

Well, I’m a 20-year-old student who has only held a “real job” for six weeks of my life at a telesurvey place (and oh what a miserable six weeks THAT was).

If I, say, had class called off or something, I’d probably sit, relax and play computer games and snuggle up with the BF.

I have been working for Boss #1 for three years and Boss #2 for about a year and a half. Boss #1 used to often let me leave early on Fridays, especially in the summer. It was awesome. I was never super busy when I only worked for boss #1. He’s pretty low maintenance, never worried about me being on the internet when there was nothing to do, and just all around “chill”. But Boss #2 is super high maintenance and is extremely cheap. If I get paid for 8 hours, I had better work them, so I came to realize soon after I started working for her that my days of leaving early were over.

But a few weeks ago I was putting stuff in her inbox for her signature and she said “there isn’t really anything left to do, is there?” and I said “not really.” and she said “why don’t you take off early?” It was amazing. I went home and watched shitty daytime TV. I regret nothing.

This post reminds me: yesterday my boss chastised me for turning in 2 hours’ vacation time. He was like, “What the hell was that? Next time, just go home early.” :D

I am working at home in my pj’s today. My favorite! And I just got an email to tell me I got a poem accepted for publication!

WOOOOOOOO. Today is better than yesterday.

As I’m doing research in a lab, afternoons off are kind of up to me…but let’s say (hypothetically) that I had a class cancelled this afternoon because the professor never showed up. What would I do? Ideally? Go sit in a coffee shop somewhere with a tasty soy hot chocolate and read/people-watch, and feel really guilty about not doing all the stuff that needs to be done this weekend. Bah.


mmm wouldn’t that be nice?
I would walk up to the market and spend a nice long time at the cheese shop, then go to the “Big Cheese” (it’s a grilled cheese shop. no seriously it’s all they serve) and get the one with apple slices in it, and eat it while I sit outside in the sunshine, freezing because it’s not actually warm out or anything.

and then I would come home, open a bottle of wine, and watch The Secret Circle. no shut up, I can’t get enough of it.

I don’t have a job, but If I weren’t waiting on someone to email me I’d be taking a nap- had to do the long, 2 hours each way ride to pittsburgh today for a Psychiatrist appointment (he specializes in my Dxs) and I had to take my pain meds and Dramamine. so I’m pretty groggy.

I’m going to look at an apartment this afternoon! After spending 13 months Homeless, this is beyond exciting. My mum looked at it while I was in an appointment Wednesday, and it seems perfect for me. I don’t like loud noises or anything, and the only other people in the apartment building (It was once a Victorian mini mansion) are the land lord in his 50s, his mum, and a couple more elderly people. It’s just recently been completely gutted and restored, nice counter space, AMAZING insulation- my mum couldn’t hear the contractor in the 3rd floor apartment working from the first floor!- and all new appliances. Oh, and Free Laundry (FREE for now at least) in the entrance hall.

Rules are no pets, no smoking, no long term guests (To keep people from crashing w/o paying rent), and treating it like a home rather than crash space. He’s looking for people who are going to make the place their home, respect the other people in the building, and treat it well. Which is all upsides for me- I mean I’d love to have a pet again, but I’ve settled if I do, it will be a service animal and not for a few more years yet. My mother’s only critique was that the bathroom is kinda small, but it does have a full sized bath tub so sounds plenty big enough for my tastes.

I hope I love it. I hope the landlord likes me. I hope we can negotiate a good price. I hope I get a very soon move in date. WISH ME LUCK MY FELLOW PERSEPHONEERS!

I always feel uneasy when landlords start dictating what you can and cannot do with your apartment. So what if I want to have a friend live with me for a few months because they have no where else to go? It’s none of the landlord’s business unless my guest is making a mess or being extremely loud (which I would be responsible for anyway). And I feel the same way about pets. I dislike landlords that feel they can say whether or not I get to have a pet. It would be like telling me whether or not I could have a television. Absurd.

To me, a home is where you get to decide what possessions you bring (and technically in Canada, pets are considered possessions). If people want me to treat their apartment like my home, I need to be able to do what I would do in my own home.

But this may be because I’ve had ultra-controlling landlords in the past who felt they could dictate when I was allowed to be out of the house and other such horrors.

I hope this place works out well for you and  your neighbours are not too cantankerous.

I took yesterday afternoon off. It was poorly planned since I could have bailed even earlier today. I’ve been getting my house ready to get professionally painted (yippee!). I ruined a couple walls trying to do it myself. But today I would get my sew on. I’ve got pillows, drape tiebacks, and a cornice to make. I’ve also got a cute dog that wants to play in the mud at the dog park.

IFL (in fantasy life): I’d take the slow way home driving along the beach, and then I’d go shopping at Pottery Barn, buy up the whole store and spend the rest of the evening fixing up my fabulous historical home.

IRL: I’d finish up the desk I’m refinishing. I’d then fix up the home office area in my apt. and watch endless episode of Community, which is finally on Hulu in its entirety.

If I had an afternoon totally free of the kiddo I’d take a ridiculously long shower and then go shopping in peace. I have about a million tiny errands to run and they’re such a pain to do with her. And I would go to Ulta and check out the magnetic nail polish that was in the ad this week; it looks like the coolest thing ever!

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