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Lunchtime Poll: Where in the World

Why are you here?

Or, I guess I should ask: why are you there? (Wherever it is you are?)

As someone who’s only ever lived in cities with a lot of transplants (DC and NYC), I am always interested to learn how non-natives ended up living there. Sometimes a big life change inspires a move, sometimes a new opportunity, and sometimes it’s just a healthy appetite for adventure and new surroundings. Or sometimes there’s never been a move at all; your current home has always been your home, for any number of reasons.

So: dish. How and why do you live in the city or town where you are? If you’re privacy-minded, no need to share the actual city. But feel free to do so if you want!

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I’m from Milwaukee. I was born here, grew up in a suburb, and moved into the city for grad school. It’s interesting how this city has been around me my entire life, but not until I moved directly into it have I really grown to understand it and love it.


And I never want to move into a suburb again.

I graduated from college in May and had been dying to get out of small town Nebraska since I was a young teenager, and I always imagined I’d take my journalism degree and go disappear into the masses of NYC.

However, I tried to keep an open mind about where to live, and because I was very seriously dating a guy at the time who refused to move to NYC, we thought maybe it would be fun to just sell everything we own, live in a van, and go travel around the states, stopping for awhile in all kinds of different places to test them out. And that’s really what happened over the summer, it was a wonderful adventure!

The bad news is that we didn’t find a place that worked for both of us. He loved quaint villages in the mountains, and I loved bustling cities near the ocean. Even worse, after we made it through the western half of the country, we had to cross back through Nebraska to go east and he wanted to stop. I hesitantly agreed to a week — it turned into a month with no end in sight.

That’s when I gave him an ultimatum. Either he leaves with me somewhere — anywhere — or I’m leaving alone. I didn’t want to pressure him, but I just couldn’t stay there, you know? And surprisingly, he agreed to go with me. I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before, and through lots of talking and compromising, we decided Austin would be perfect for us — the active outdoor lifestyle for him, the culture of a creative city for me, the live music scene for both of us. He could go rock climbing, though not on mountains, and I could drive to the ocean, though it’s still three hours away. Oh, and a warm winter! Neither of us had ever had one of those before.

So, we got here, didn’t know anybody, and we promptly started exploring. It was our first time settling down anywhere for months, and also our first time living together, and it was great at first. But to make a long story short, his heart was with Nebraska more than it was with me, so I sent him on his way and I found myself alone in Austin.

I have to say, even though NYC was my first choice and still remains my ultimate destination, I have loved Austin for everything it’s been for me at this point in my life. The people here are so, so, so nice, that even though I’m alone, I’ve never felt lonely. And going through the depression of my break up, I’ve always had the sunshine. Plus, I can see the tops of the skyscrapers from my apartment on South Lamar, and there’s something about them glowing in the night that inspires me. I’ve never lived in a city before, so I’m still stuck on the novelty. Thank you, Austin!

So I grew up in the South, but when my parents divorced (jr. high) we moved to the West Coast where my mom grew up.  It was a pretty sleepy inland town so when it came time to settle down after going all over for grad school and all that, I decided upon Los Angeles.  Close enough to my family, not too close.  Easygoing place with loads of Latinos, and close-by beach and mountain ranges.  It’s working out quite well. Especially the weather.

I live in Sacramento, CA. I was raised in Humboldt County, but was bounced back and forth like a human pingpong ball due to not being able to decide which parent I wanted to live with. Graduated in HC, joined the Army, ended up in Monterey. Got discharged and had to move to Sac after a year because I was way too emotionally unstable and I needed to be closer to my family.

And so I’m here, 7 years later, working on a BS in Animation that I don’t have enough funding to actually finish, wondering if I’ll ever leave. >.< At least I have sloth pictures.

Hi there! Glad to find you and your sloth babies on here!  How’s little Evie? My work has a ‘branch’ in Sacramento and my cousin lives there so I’ve been a few times.  It’s nice! My cousin lives in West Sac on the river and I love to jog there with the river on one side and fields on the other.  Also, I used to live in Salinas and waitress in Monterey in ’98-’99.  If you ever ate at the El Torito on Cannery Row or the Fisherman’s Grotto on the wharf, you may have be served by me. :D

I’m currently living on my futon, fighting the urge to jam a Q-tip up my nostrils to dislodge the mass of snot that is slowly displacing my cerebral cortex. Though I have been a legal adult for several years now, with me are my American Girl dolls, plush Rico from “The Penguins of Madagascar,” and dinosaur pillow.

I’m here because my bed is covered with laundry and doesn’t have a TV with David Starkey and History Channel shows. Soon, the adventure will take your humble fabulist to the bathtub and a scalding-hot soak. Tomorrow, the world.

New York City for college.

I’ve been here a few years now, and it….wears on me. The noise, the population density, the stress, the lack of stars. But I like that I can get anywhere, anytime, and there’s SO MUCH TO DO (although I don’t really have the time), so adventures are never far away. I can also dress like a city girl and get away with it. Back home they say I’ve become a “yankee” (in the derogatory sense) and up here they say that I’m from “the dirty south”. Can’t win.

Anyway. This is where I want to live some day.

I have Plans and everything!

You’re so right. New York takes a certain personality, someone extroverted who thrives on all that energy or someone very introverted who likes to be able to get lost in the crowd.

“Yankee” is a funny word; I’ve found it has 3 meanings.

1) American.

2) From New England (this is the one I grew up with).

3) Not from the South.

None of which is a bad thing to be.


Your Beatrix Potter house is beautiful.

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