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Recap: Parenthood, Episode 3.18, “My Brother’s Wedding”

Did you grab the tissues when sitting down to Parenthood on NBC last night? I was surprised to learn that this was the show’s season finale, but the previews promised an intense episode. It didn’t disappoint.The Bravermans are in full wedding planning mode–I do love how television makes anything possible. As they prepare, Adam brings up the new offer to buy the Luncheonette to Crosby. This results in a fist fight in Camille’s living room and the introduction of “Billy” as Crosby’s ridiculous friend as the best man.

In the midst of the wedding hoopla, Julia and Joel grieve their failed adoption placement. Zoe stops by the house (why? oh why?), and Julia runs out to speak to her. Zoe’s with her mom, and the baby is fine. In a later scene, Julia and Joel are at an adoption agency, basically telling the social worker that they’d take a baby no matter the circumstances.

As Julia and Joel’s hearts are breaking, Sarah breaks her own heart by breaking up with Mark. She thinks their life experience gap is too great to bridge.

The wedding, as you would expect, is perfect and beautiful. There’s a choir singing, “Make You Feel My Love” and there are lanterns, and flowers and joy. Adam saves the day when Billy is too drunk to give a best man’s speech, and in it, Adam tells Crosby they’re not, in fact, selling the Luncheonette.

Drew and Amy leave the reception for a bit to lose their virginity to each other.

Amber leaves the reception to go see Bob Little. He lets her know she still has a job, and they seem to come to an understanding.

Julia and Joel leave the reception after receiving a phone call.

Sarah doesn’t really know what her children are up to, but just as she dodges Billy, Mark shows up and proposes. We don’t get to hear Sarah’s answer, but I think her smile gives her away.

After Jasmine and Crosby drive off, attention turns to Julia and Joel, who are now at home. The social worker tells them that the boy’s mother is incarcerated, and has signed the paperwork for her son to be in foster care. She then introduces them to Victor, a boy who looks to be about Sidney’s age, or even a bit older.

The season closes with Julia and Joel welcoming Victor into their home, chatting with him and fixing him a snack. He’s too old for the baby clothes and crib they’d prepared, but I have a feeling he can soak up all of the love they have to offer.

What did you think? What was your favorite part of the wedding? Are you hopeful that Parenthood will be renewed for another season?

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I love this show. I can’t even think straight I love it so and I really, really wish it wasn’t going on hiatus! I was pleased w/ how they handled the Drew/Amy situation. Much like w/ Haddie losing her virginity before. Not a lot of sex shaming going on around that show :)

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