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New Show Recap: Parenthood, Episode 3.15: “Politics”

Finally, a new Parenthood! It was probably what, a two or three week break, but I hate it when story lines are interrupted. The opening scene did a good job of catching every major story line up in about five minutes. Adam and Crosby are stressed about the business, Amber gets a promotion at Kristina’s campaign office, Zoe is still tortortously living with Julia and Joel as her due date gets closer, and Dr. Joe asks Jasmine to move in with him. Are you following? A lot happens, so here’s a run down, story line by story line.

"I'm the man-child you just can't quit!" (photo from

Amber: Amber gets promoted to being the candidate’s assistant. She’s a bit nervous, because he’s flirted with her in the past. After only a few hours on the job, they have a moment, and HE KISSES HER. Oh Amber. The next day, she leaves work for a fake illness, and Bob Little brings her soup. She smartly doesn’t let him in, and tells him her concerns. He reassures her he promoted her because of her talent, and that’s also why he kissed her. The question remains, though, can they work together now?

Crosby & Jasmine: Jasmine tells Crosby about wanting to move in with Joe. By the end of the episode, to Jasmine’s surprise, Crosby’s OK with it. You can see the shock on her face, she was for sure anticipating a fight. He even gives her a parting gift, reconfirming the suspicion he’s a man-child who’s hard to quit.

Julia, Joel & Zoe: Zoe’s now eight months pregnant, and it’s obvious she’s doing some serious thinking. Julia discovers that Zoe has quit her job when she finds a new coffee cart attendant at her office. When she arrives home, she discovers that Zoe’s moved out. Zoe does call Julia, which doesn’t do much to reassure Julia that she’s really OK. Joel goes to her new apartment, and she’s a bit more honest with him, but whether or not she’ll relinquish this baby is still up in the air.

Adam & Crosby: Adam starts stalking Dawes, a band he thinks might really like the Luncheonette. Adam is now on the warpath to make the studio succeed as a business. They end up having drinks with the band, after which Crosby spills his guts to Lily, the cellist he’s kind of dating.

Sarah & Mark: Mark’s high school friends are in town, and Sarah is nervous about meeting them. Her jaw drops when his former girlfriend shares she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and everyone’s jaw drops when Sarah explains that she met Mark when he was her daughter’s English teacher. The idea of Mark’s life stretching out before him begins to freak Sarah out, because she now has babies on the brain, and she sees her reproductive years coming to an end. He, of course, reassures her that he’s not on a timeline, and if it’s time to have a baby, well, then, he’s ready to have a baby.

So there you have it. Will Jasmine pine for Crosby now that he’s OK with her moving on? Will Adam make the studio profitable? Will Zoe relinquish her parental rights? Will Sarah and Mark stick? Will Amber make out with her boss again? So many questions! What did you think?

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