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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: OT for 2/16

This week, you guys. Seriously. It’s been a tough week at work and I’ve had a fever I just can’t shake for the last few days, but P-Mag has been hopping, and I love it! 

So grab your favorite drink (right now, it’s tea with honey and lemon and a little vanilla for me), get comfy, and tell us what’s happening. If you’re new, don’t be shy. Say hello! If you’re a little overwhelmed with what’s going on here on the site, this post might help a little. Old friends, catch us up on what’s been going on. And please remember to be excellent to each other. That’s how we do around here.

I’m in a Kate Nash mood, so here’s a little something:

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My work week ended with my annual trip across the state to meet up with a client that I work for remotely.  So I drove 500 miles roundtrip in about 30 hours, had dinner with the clients, had breakfast with them, had a few drinks at the hotel bar with my boss, and spent the night in a decent hotel.

I also learned that my boss wants to send me to our company’s home office in CA for a couple days in April, which I kinda want to do but I’m really nervous to do as well.

Chatty guy hanging out in hotel lobby just asked me where I’m from, then came back with “ohhh, yes, you DO sound Spanish”. For the last time: it is not a compliment to tell Spanish people that they sound Spanish! Spanish people suck at languages! Spanish speakers of other languages spend years trying not to sound like Spanish speakers of other languages!

This PSA brought to you by the Spanish Education SystemTM. Producing unfluent speakers of English since 1987.

I don’t want to work anymore… I want to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!

(And I got one assignment completely done today and am halfway through another.. neither of which are due in the foreseeable future. *pats self on back* Also, I found out I got wait listed at a school via a glowing letter about my application and found the best gluten free cookie ever to exist ever ever ever ever.)

I am telling myself that in my attempt to de-lurk is not just another way of procrastinating on the many projects that are awaiting me, but on a misty grey day, with Emilie Autumn playing in the background, how can I not snuggle up on the couch with my dog and blanket and laptop???

Oh I am with you!  When I was finishing college, I worked as a Parking Attendant.  We were continually called the Parking Nazis.  It drove me crazy.  How do you compare a $30 parking ticket to genocide?  Aside from the fact that it is completely insulting to me (the gal who did NOT park your car in a no parking zone), doesn’t that devalue the actual experiences of people who have lived under the threat of REAL Nazis?

Also and on and on an unrelated note, do we capitalize Nazis?  It feels like it gives them undue credence.

So agreed.

I also hate that German shit is perpetually referred to as related to Nazis. At least it is in the US. Which is a place that initially sympathized with a lot of what the Nazis were doing, cause the eugenics movement was alive and well in the US at the time. So…hypocritical much?

Thanks. I just don’t really understand what they’re for (if just for fun, that’s cool) or why you would donate them. I mean, would someone need them for something?

And the badges I’m not sure about either.  I think I’ll just started pushing buttons and see what happens. :D

OH MY GOD that is my dream job. Please let him know that I am super duper jealous, and should he ever need an assistant that he wouldn’t need to pay who would run around and fetch him coffee and carry his bags and basically whatever, anything to get access to the product show, let me know. That would be my freaking HEAVEN!!!

My favorite pair of shoes currently, except they are hot pink, not red-

Today I need to use all skills aquired from UFYH training to get a shitload of work done. I screwed up a few months ago and now I have to fix it (Why now? Because yesterday I was told it was all wrong. That’s great. I couldn’t have been told this two months ago? Gah. It’s a shitshow.)

I have to keep my mouth shut regarding the lack of guidance I received, the lack of communication available and the shear INABILITY to document prior year work.

It’s going to be a quiet day…

Send help and cookies?

I’m going through coaching notes for this testing document I have to fix and I can’t handle some of these comments.

“Are these errors??” helps no one. Yes, of course they are errors. They are linked to the errors testing page. Also, I think it’s absurd to follow up on a variance of $0.42. That’s ridiculous.

But, I keep my mouth shut. I’ll just make all these ridiculous changes. Because the reviewer’s unable to think critically.

(At least she acknowledges that my testing method is a correct method, just not the prefered method that was not explained initially. I aced Statistical Sampling in college. It’s like my thing. And random number generators are the coolest things ever.)

I applaud your ability to keep your mouth shut about that. I think I might try to punch a person who told me that what I had spent so much time on without help or instruction while correct, wasn’t preferred and made me redo it. /smh

Also, yes random number generators are awesome.

Thank you. I may have made a rather passive aggressive remark on one of the notes. But whatever.

I hate getting questions in notes. Is the reviewer curious or using some shitty socratic method to get me to fix the problem? Clearly I didn’t get it right the first time, let’s keep throwing questions out there to see if I eventually get it right? That’s a shitty way to learn. Let’s start out with the correct information and learn how to USE it.

I’m just really happy that this person is not actually my boss and I won’t be working with them three weeks from now. And probably never again since I’m making SUCH A WONDERFUL impression on them. Ugh.

Hello everyone!

I have an academic/professional question.

Background: I’m really busting my butt to finish my thesis in the next few months, find a job, get a job for my SO, and make plans to move internationally. Well, last week the director of my program sent me an email encouraging me to submit a paper for a conference since I’ve already submitted my proposal and a lot of my research is done (I’m just in the writing phase). And sure enough, the theme of the event is kind of right along the lines of what my thesis research is on. Also, since she’s contacting me personally, I have a feeling that they’re in need of participants, so should I submit something, it’d probably be accepted. Well, I’m a ridiculously slow writer. I’d like to think that the quality of my work when I’m done is pretty good, but it takes me a LONG time to get there, and I’m afraid that writing a paper just for this conference is just going to slow me down with my more pressing issues (finishing my thesis by this summer and everything else mentioned above).

Now, while I know presenting a paper at a conference is good for the CV, I also don’t really have any intention to go into academia, and to be honest, I don’t really plan on pursuing a career in my field (translation studies).

So… What do you guys think? Would it be silly to not participate? Am I overlooking other benefits of having a conference under my belt? Or am I right in thinking that I can pass on this opportunity and just focus on what I need to get done now?

I’m not in academia (but have an academic background) and I think having a conference or publication would lead to me having more work/opportunities.  It seems to impress people, but I a) work freelance and b) work market research, so your results might vary.

Oof, that’s a tough one. I would say to do it, because it does look good on a CV. You said you don’t *really* plan on pursuing a career in your field, but does that mean there’s a possibility? If so, then having a conference is pretty important, and it also makes it easier to get into more once you’ve done one (would this be your first?)

I find that the more I have to do, the more quickly I get stuff done.

Well, when I say I don’t really plan on pursing a career in my field, let me clarify… Translation Studies as a field, and translation are different things. I do not see myself pursuing a career in Translation Studies (which would basically mean having an academic career). I could possibly see myself doing translation, but to be a translator, you just have to show that you are competent in the languages in question, not that you can write a paper on the power dynamics of language and the evolution of literary language. See what I mean? Which is why I’m hesitating!

I find that the more I have to do, the more quickly I get stuff done. Agreed, and who knows, maybe what I write up for the conference can be used in my thesis too.

Ack! I don’t know what to do! :P

Well, I guess that’s the thing. I’m trying to figure out if there is a gain to doing it. If there is, then I’d sign on. But I’m new to all of this, so to me, the gain isn’t immediately apparent (hence asking!) I still don’t know… the ambitious “get shit done!” side of me is inclined to try it out, but the overwhelmed “no more please!” side of me wants nothing to do with it!

Any and all professional development you can do is best. If this conference is right up your alley, you might be able to write more fluidly since you won’t be having to do much external research to support your topic. Can you pick something that you could do in your sleep is basically what I’m asking.

I always view these types of professional meet and greet an opportunity to get to know the movers and shakers in your community. Maybe you won’t be going into the ivory tower, but maybe there are people in that room who will know someone from a previous life that would love to hire you (and/or your SO).

I think if you can swing the topic to be something very easy for yourself (or even a re-hash of previously written work) go for it!

Hmm… good point. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a conference under my belt, even if that’s not ultimately the professional  direction I go in. And I do think I can use some of the writing I’ve already done for my proposal and tweak it with some new research. I’m probably stressing out over this more than I should!

I would say that unless it’ll be a serious amount of extra work that will put your thesis finishing date in jeopardy, it’s worth doing. The writing you do for the paper won’t be wasted on your thesis – it will probably help it, to be honest – plus if you don’t know what you’re doing next yet, a conference paper is an asset.

So I just gave two weeks’ notice on Tuesday at my job.  I’ve been at this non-profit for six years now, and the problems I’ve had with the organization just keep compounding, and I hate the direction we seem to be moving in.  (Focusing on number of clients versus quality of services)  And I think our CEO really needs to go.  For an example, he insists on providing the “Cultural Diversity” training every year, because “no one else can do it like I do.”  This is true, because this year during the training  we were told that cultural diversity trainings are unneccessary, because everyone brings different skills to the table.  To explain the point he then said “For instance, the blacks are better at sports, and the Jews win all the Pulitzer Prizes.”

 It got to the point that every day, driving to work, I would cross a certain bridge and think “if I just ran my car into the side of the bridge, I would maybe never have to make it to the building today.”   My husband is super supportive of this move, but I can’t help feeling guilty.  Guilty that I may be making things harder on him, and guilty that I’m so excited to be leaving.  And nervous that I made a bad decision. 

I haven’t told my family yet.  They’ll be disappointed, I know.

It is acceptable to leave a job you are unhappy at. When being in a car crash sounds better than being in the office, it is probably time to move on. I know work can be hard to come by, but if you do not need to be there to pay your bills, then quitting is an ok thing to do. If it helps, you can try viewing this as freeing yourself to go after something that will make you feel happier, more fulfilled, closer to your real goals in life.

I thinks it’s great that you’re taking your own well being into account. Any job that is driving you towards yearning to be in a car wreck is not the place you need to be. I’m glad your husband is so supportive of your mental health. I hope you find something that makes you happy, or at least less miserable.

In any relationship, whether it’s with a person, a job, or a pair of jeans, if it gets to the point where it’s causing you more stress and heartache than you’re getting out of it, then it’s probably time to go. I don’t like telling people how they should feel but you really don’t need to feel guilty. You’re taking care of your self emotionally which is good for both you and your husband, you’re freeing up some space in your life for something better, and now your position at work can be filled with someone who can actually get there without wanting to drive their car into a bridge. Everybody wins!

Thanks, all.  Wow, I’m really liking this place/community!  As it turns out, I have dropped the ball on something pretty large, and my boss just figured it out.  I didn’t mean to, but I just had so much on my plate and mistakenly deemed it unimportant.  So she’s been runing around all day trying to fix this thing, and I could actually be a big help, but when she gets like this she doesn’t ask for help.  So now I’m sitting wondering if they’re going to tell me to not finish out my two weeks.  I mean, can they fire me if I’ve already given notice?  I don’t know.

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