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P’neers, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Weekend Open Thread

We are wrapping things up here in the [imaginary, but whatever] P-Mag headquarters. We’ve had a pretty awesome week, and it is time to get this weekend started. I am ready to get chatty all up in this open thread, how about you?

A few “business-y” reminders:

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Have a good weekend, everyone! See you in the comments.

Oh, and 100 points to the first 10 people to get the movie reference.

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So, I think I must admit to myself that I am horrifically overextended. I work all day and as soon as I get home it seems that someone has a claim on my time. I had planed activities all weekend except for a bit of Saturday afternoon, which, instead of doing something enjoyable and for me, I slept through. Sunday was a marathon with no stop from church at 8 AM until the last of the doing things with others ended at 10:30 PM. Today I took the morning off work, claiming a migraine, but really I was just mega exhausted. I slept through the morning AND DREAMED ABOUT ANSWERING EMAIL AT WORK.

The trick is, I don’t know how to get out of some of this stuff. Saturday mornings I teach a class, Sundays are church and visiting my housebound great-grandfather and tutoring a friend in math. Weeknights I think I can start to wiggle out of, because that’s friends that want to hang out, and they should get that I am too tired. But what I really, really want right now is a whole day with nothing to do and no one to do it with. And it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon.

Jesus christ…I found out this afternoon that a friend’s son died last night from a drug overdose. He was 22 and had been in and out of rehab for years. I was with her and her daughter when she got the call and she didn’t tell me what was going on…just that she had to go. I knew it was something terrible and I called a mutual friend who’s closer to her this morning to let her know something awful happened and that I was really worried. I am just so heartbroken for my friend and her family. Addiction is a fucking beast and it’s the only disease in the world where the treatment is “Hey stop using and go believe in god. That will do it. Or not. But that’s the best we got.” If you told people that with cancer, there’d be a fucking revolution.

It makes the stupid conversation with stupid dumbasses who don’t know a fucking thing about feminism in my facebook INFJ group seem a lot less important now.


Derby Update!

My team had our first real bout today. Well, it was just a scrimmage, but we played with a full game setup. We played another young team, so it was a pretty even match. We won 179-106! I scored lots of points when I was jamming, made a couple solid hits when I was blocking, got knocked on my ass by a player I really admire (and then got up and got past her), visited the penalty box 2 or 3 times, and had so much fun. It was so great! It was a closed bout because we don’t have a venue that holds spectators yet, but we managed to fit in our junior team so they got to watch and cheer us on.

Just remembered The Opossum wine bag I made for a friend’s wedding when I was a teen! (It was his favorite wedding present even years later. . . ) The Red beady eyes are bohemian  Red glass beads, and the BIG SHARP POINTY TEETH are like. . . cat fangs I think? IDK, I just was looking for suitably huge fangs.

(That’s me in the Green Ren Gown and black and Blue cloak. That was the first Ren era Dress I ever made.)

You drink from the mouth (it looks like you are frenching the Opossum when you chug) and you replace the bottle by shoving it up his butt.

We are all a little mad here.

Take me with you? I’m tall and willing to elbow children out of the way.

Otherwise, nothing apart from looking for coupons and coupon codes at sites like Have fun, if you can have fun knowing what happens to Dobby.

so I’m avoiding the Oscars… mostly because my brudder is prepping to MC a wedding next weekend and I’m helping him (he’s hilarious. does anyone want to marry him? because I’m trying to set him up with someone I can be best friends with).
but I may have just facebook-lectured someone because they body-snarked Angelina Jolie? and I usually avoid facebook-lecturing because it’s fruitless and most of the people I know are the “what’s your problem, it’s not a big deal” types. but he wrote something about “AJ, eat about five big macs and a cake!” and I said that women can’t win, that there’s this super narrow acceptable attractiveness margin, and that we have to deal with people feeling like our bodies are public commenting space. he’s a fat guy (his words) but he doesn’t get the “commenting on other people’s looks might be rude or hurtful” thing.

and now I feel this intense need to add a “but that’s me being a crabby feminist” thing, which is what I do when I talk too much about the things that make me feel passionately?

and he just checked his privilege like a boss! and was like “as a fat guy, I always hated it when people said stuff about my looks to me…”
so then I said that “people’s bodies are only their business” is relevant to more things than just pro-choice/pro-contraceptive discussions, so now we are getting somewhere. and I am kind of stoked.

I actually thought I’d successfully ridded my friends list of people like that! I did a sweep awhile ago because there were too many people who mostly just annoyed me every time they posted because everything they posted was 6-day creationist stuff, or anti-choice stuff, or “traditional gender role” stuff.
but this is this guy’s first “offence”, and he was actually really receptive when I called him out on body-snarking (unlike someone else who joined the thread and did the whole “if they’re in the public eye they should expect people to judge and snark” thing). so there’s that

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