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Recap: Justified, Episode 3.06, “When the Guns Come Out”

If there were a few more characters and Henry Fonda was around to star as one of them, we could call this episode Twelve Angry Men. Alas, there aren’t and Fonda isn’t (may he rest in peace), so we can’t. We’ll make do, however, because a pissed-off Raylan is a thing of beauty. He’s all grrrr and snarling and prowling and it’s obvious he wants to either hit something or shoot someone and lucky for us, he gets to do both!

War has come to Harlan and the first shots are fired by Tanner, who we last saw getting his ass kicked as Boyd’s warning to Quarles. Trixie, his girlfriend and Limehouse’s spy, hitches a ride to Dr. Stern’s version of a Minute Clinic, bringing along one of her working girl buddies, Ellen May. When Dr. Stern is stingy with the size of the Oxy bottle offered to them, Ellen May gets on her knees to offer some oral persuasion and while she is giving it her best effort, Tanner and one of his buddies enter the clinic shooting, killing the guard outside before also killing both Dr. Stern and Trixie. Hidden beneath Dr. Stern’s desk, Ellen May goes unnoticed as the two men ransack the office, stealing the Oxy supplies. From what we can tell, it appears that Quarles isn’t happy about Boyd’s new partnership with Dr. Stern.

Raylan, meanwhile, is still trying to find Winona, even looking through her computer files at her desk at the courthouse where he finds that she’s been researching flights to Costa Rica. He also meets the replacement court reporter (which indicates that Winona didn’t just up and leave on a whim) and scares her enough that she runs off to find the judge. That’s good news for us because it means Stephen Root is back, at least for a scene. Yay! Anyway, Judge Reardon doesn’t tell Raylan anything about where Winona may be and instead encourages him to be patient and give her time. Yeah”¦ that’ll work. On his way up to the Marshal’s offices, Raylan has a thought about those Internet searches for Costa Rica and heads to the basement to check on that unaccounted-for counterfeit money Winona first stole and then put back last year. Sure enough, it’s gone. That bitch – after all the trouble Raylan went through to keep her out of jail, too.

Back at his desk Tim Gutterson, my second favorite former sniper (I’ll always love you best, Seeley Booth!), tosses a file at Raylan filled with FBI research on Robert Quarles. Raylan is not in the mood to deal with Quarles and goes to Art to ask for some time off to deal with his personal problems (i.e., fly to Costa Rica to drag Winona back). Unfortunately for him, his bad day gets a little worse when Art tells him about the massacre at Dr. Stern’s Oxy clinic, which just happens to be sitting on property owned by his late aunt/stepmother.

At Johnny’s bar, Boyd, Johnny and Ava are discussing the murders at the Oxy clinic. Johnny states the obvious: Quarles set it up. Boyd has doubts. It could be Quarles but it doesn’t feel like his style. He sends Johnny back out to the crime scene with orders not to come back until he has some more definite answers.

Ellen May makes it back to her trailer at the rundown little bar that functions as the brothel where she works. She tells her pimp, Delroy, about the murders and for her trouble gets sent out to another Oxy clinic which just opened.

The bodies are being removed when Raylan gets to the crime scene and he tries to push the investigation off onto his state trooper buddy by telling him to go talk to Arlo. Nothing doing – the trooper has already talked to Arlo, who in turn told the police to talk to Raylan.

Ellen May lines up at the newly opened Oxy clinic only to discover that it’s being run by Tanner and his buddy. Even though they don’t know she was at Stern’s clinic when they killed everyone earlier that day and they don’t recognize her, she panics and runs away without any pills and for her trouble, takes another beating from Delroy.

Elstin Limehouse
What you started, I'm going to finish

While Johnny watches Raylan at the crime scene, Boyd and Ava pay a visit to Limehouse. Boyd wants to know why Limehouse knows so much about everything that goes on in Harlan when Boyd knows almost nothing about Limehouse. In answer, the Nobles Holler crime boss gives Boyd a lesson in 21st century race relations. He points out an old man whose family has been in Harlan for generations – Boyd has no idea who the man is. Limehouse then turns to another man and asks him if he knows Boyd. He not only knows who Boyd is, he mentions Boyd’s father and brother, both dead, and Boyd’s history of racial intolerance. Boyd gets the lesson but just to be sure, Limehouse tells him:

It’s always been our business to know you. Us knowing is the business of this holler. Now, why you don’t know us is a question that you are welcome to ponder once you leave out from ’round here.

I love Boyd but frankly, I doubt he’s going to be searching his own soul with that kind of introspection. What Boyd wants is information about Quarles and to know if he’s responsible for the killings at the clinic. Limehouse is a businessman, though, and tells Boyd that it’s those people who bank with him who have access to the information he collects. As it happens, Boyd is looking for a new place to put his cash! Limehouse then shares with Boyd what he knows, including that two of the dead people worked for Boyd but the third was a young prostitute, Trixie. Ava not only knew Trixie, she also knows that the dead girl and Ellen May were BFFs.

More pissed off now that Arlo has brought his name into things, Raylan heads off to confront his father. Arlo is wandering around the kitchen in his boxers, talking to his dead wife, Raylan’s Aunt Helen. He and his father have their usual, genial conversation, tossing insults back and forth, each threatening to shoot the other, Raylan swearing to send Arlo to jail, etc., before Arlo mentions that he allowed the Oxy clinic to be put up on Helen’s property as a favor to Boyd. The mention of Boyd Crowder’s name pushes Raylan’s pissed-off-meter a little higher.

Raylan confronting Arlo at his house
"I think I got the drop on you this time, Arlo."

Quarles, much talked about so far, finally makes an appearance taking a phone call from a helpful associate who tells him that someone in the FBI has been making phone calls looking for information on him. Duffy and his eyebrows happen to drop by right then, in time to be told to find out everything there is to know about Raylan, in case Quarles needs to use it against him later. Duffy makes an early exit and Quarles heads back to the bedroom and the man he keeps tied to the bed. When Duffy returns suddenly, he hears Quarles using the stranger as a punching bag.

Ava goes looking for Ellen May with the convenient excuse of collecting some money the prostitute owes her. Delroy makes with the nice, if nice means telling Ava she’d make a great whore and lying about his bloody knuckles when Ava notices them. Another prostitute overhears their conversation and stops Ava before she can make her way to Ellen May’s trailer, letting slip that Ellen May was at the clinic when the murders occurred. Boyd is on the phone with Ava as she’s relaying that information when Raylan strides into Johnny’s bar – and don’t I just love me some Boyd’n’Raylan scenes!

Raylan is seething and before Boyd can blame “the Jews or the Muslims or the blacks or the Taliban” (Raylan gives him a lot of options), our marshal unloads.

Boyd Crowder and the smirk I love
I love me some Boyd Crowder.

You wanna run your hillbilly heroin fiefdom up here, that’s between you and the great state of Kentucky. I got no interest in shitkicker-on-shitkicker crime. But you will not drag me into this. The next time you set up any operation from this county or anywhere else, it better not have my goddamn family name on the deed or, so help me God, I’ll lose this star, and the dance we do subsequent to that will not end with you finding Jesus in a hospital bed.

This. That scene. Right there. Go watch it. Listen to the cadence of the words and watch the body language between the two men. Raylan is [this close] to kicking Boyd’s ass and Boyd is just”¦ Boyd. He sends Raylan, with his gun and his marshal’s star, out to do his dirty work and meet Ava at Ellen May’s and he knows that Raylan knows exactly what is going on but he’s still going to go because he’s Raylan Givens and that’s what he does”¦ and that’s why Boyd has that little smirk on his face at the end of this scene. Geez, I fucking love this show.

Raylan and Ava
So, would you like to fill in for Boyd any other way?

So, Raylan heads out but he wants to hit something so bad I’m surprised he didn’t punch the door. Ellen May is wearing bruises and blood and Ava and Raylan quickly disabuse the woman that they’re there for anything other than finding out what happened at the clinic. Before she can tell them anything, Delroy shows up and he and Raylan get to compare the size of their dicks knives with guns. Delroy backs down and when he leaves, Ellen May tells Raylan what she knows.

Which leads to, finally, Raylan getting to kick some ass. He pistol whips Delroy and then instructs the pimp that instead of taking him to jail – since Ellen May would probably bail him out herself – he’ll leave Delroy there but expects the man to make sure the prostitute stays safe. Delroy doesn’t quite get the message so Raylan punches him again. Message received. Raylan heads off to the new Oxy clinic and Ava rushes back to have wild monkey sex with Boyd. Okay, that scene isn’t in the script but you just know she got all hot and bothered watching Raylan do his Raylan thing and Boyd was definitely the beneficiary. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Raylan races to the new Oxy clinic and confronts Tanner. One of Tanner’s henchmen hooks the clinic (basically just a small trailer) to a truck and starts to pull it down the road. Naturally, Raylan and Tanner start fighting in the trailer as it’s being towed away and while they’re both fighting for a loose gun, it goes off and the truck driver is shot through the neck. Raylan throws the injured Tanner out of the trailer as the truck slows to a stop and discovers the driver, dead.

The search is on for Tanner but Raylan’s state trooper buddy tells him that there’s been no luck finding him yet. Raylan asks him about the search for Winona’s car and the trooper tells him they’ve had no luck there either and that it was just luck they found her the first time – the first time being when Raylan was shot and she was running away (I was right!!) and Art put out a search for her. All of that is news to Raylan and he walks away deep in thought.

Duffy and his eyebrows are back visiting Quarles, this time with the news that Boyd’s Oxy clinic was hit that morning. He thinks Quarles put out the contract but the carpetbagger denies it. Duffy then tells Quarles that their own Oxy clinic has been shut down – by Raylan. Quarles is of the opinion that Raylan finding out about his clinic so fast proves he’s dirty and that he’s working with Boyd Crowder. Duffy tells him instead that Raylan’s father, Arlo, is part of Boyd’s crew.

Back to Limehouse, who’s carving something dead again when his lieutenant, Errol, arrives. Limehouse is furious because he figured out that Errol was behind the whole thing, that he set up the murders at Boyd’s clinic in order to start a war between Quarles’ organization and Boyd’s so that Limehouse and his boys could take over once the dust settled and everyone else was dead. That’s not the way Limehouse sees things happening but now that he’s been drawn into the war, he promises to see it through.

Raylan finally figures out that Winona has decamped to her sister’s home and pushes his way inside to talk to her. He starts by bringing up the money she stole, which, as it turns out, she didn’t. But really, who can blame him for thinking she had, especially since her computer was full of Kenny Chesney music. Anyone who likes that crap is capable of anything. The two of them then have a very adult conversation about breaking up without actually resolving anything.

Raylan drowns his sorrows with Art over a glass of good Kentucky bourbon (I’m guessing Woodford Reserve) while Art tells him that everyone in the office knows Winona was running out on him when she had to be dragged back when he was shot a few months back. See, even U.S. Marshals gossip. Then Art mentions the counterfeit money Raylan thought Winona had stolen. As it turns out, the thief was much closer to home. The guard in the evidence locker, an old man close to retirement named Charlie, hadn’t been seen since he called in sick on Tuesday. Cut to Charlie filling up the tank of a shiny red convertible in a town on the U.S./Mexico border, and then driving off into the sunset.

Well, if I can’t have Winona in jail for theft, I’ll pin my hopes on her getting shot in the crossfire of a shootout with Quarles. *fingers crossed*

Raylan. Just because.

Raylan Givens
The man wears a coat well, doesn't he?


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Winona and Ava are such good characters and the actresses are so good and nuanced that I don’t spend all of my time screaming at the TV, “Leave her! Are you out of your mind?” like I do with other shows (**cough** Walking Dead **cough**). Still, it’s time for Raylan to move on. If he stays with her, it’s possible I’ll lose respect for him.

Honestly, I can’t get over her stealing the money last year and then running to Raylan for help and, to your point, it doesn’t speak that well of him that he was willing to compromise his principles to help her.   But I’m more than willing to put the blame on Winona for that!  :-D

Ava may be on her way to becoming Ma Barker meets Mags Bennett but she’s honest about it, you know?  I think at the core, there’s more honesty in the Ava/Boyd relationship than there is/was in the Raylan/Winona pairing.

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