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Recap: Parenthood, Episode 3.17, “Remember Me, I’m the One Who Loves You”

This week’s episode of Parenthood was packed with plot progression and sweet scenes. There were laughs, there were tears, it was an episode that reminded me why I watch the show. Jaber brings his parents camping, Amber quits her job after the Bob Little Affair, Adam and Crosby are wooed with an offer to sell the Lucheneonette, and Zoe has the baby. Oh and Sarah thinks about moving to New York City.

Jasmine, Dr. Joe and Crosby: By day, Jasmine plans on moving in with Dr. Joe. By night, she spontaneously decides to spend the night with Crosby and Jaber in their tent, where Crosby spills his guts. The next morning, in the rain, Jasmine spills her guts, and it looks like Jaber will no longer be getting two Christmases. Oh Jasmine! Nicely done! (I’m a sucker for kissing in the rain.)

Mark & Sarah: So here’s what I’ve figured out about Mark. He talks a big game, Sarah buys in, and then he’s a little surprised when she starts planning for the future. Did you pick up on his expression when she told him she’d made a phone call regarding moving to NYC? Sarah’s torn between caring for her near-adult children and her potential relationship with Mark. I don’t know that Mark is going to win.

Julia, Joel & Zoe: Despite their ups and downs, Zoe calls Juila the minute her water breaks. Julia coaches Zoe through a long labor (seriously, so much happens to everyone else while she’s in the hospital), and Julia’s the first person to hold the baby when he’s born. After Julia returns to the hospital with Joel and Sydney, however, she finds Zoe in the nursery with the baby. This somehow confirms Julia’s fears that Zoe won’t be placing the baby for adoption. There was definitely something in my eye as I watched Julia come undone in a room by herself, while Joel and Sydney waited downstairs. Having adopted both of my children, and having visited both of them hours after they were born in the hospital, this was a hard scene to watch. Of course, it’s much more simple on television than it is in real life. In real life, Zoe should have gone through some counseling, and  a social worker would have been at the hospital. In real life, parents hold their children, even if they are placing them for adoption. I don’t know how the story will progress from here, but here’s the thing – when you love someone, you want what’s best for them. And as much as Julia has come to love Zoe, she can’t hold it against her for parenting. She just can’t.

Amber & the Bob Little Affair: I’ll be honest, I’m glad Bob Little wasn’t in this episode – he makes me uncomfortable. Amber basically tells her mom that she quit her job, and then Kristina fills in the details. After some words (and some cooling off time), Sarah thanks Kristina for looking out for Amber. Kristina gives Amber some unconditional love, and there may have been something in my eye as Amber listened. Amber then visits her mom, and crawls into bed with her. I have a feeling it’s moments like this that will keep Sarah in the guesthouse for many seasons to come, not NYC.

Adam & Crosby: While Crosby is making up (and out) with Jasmine, Adam is entertaining a record executive who’d like to buy the Luncheonette. Adam was tempted by his first offer of $1 million, Crosby was firm in the idea that the Luncheonette wasn’t for sale. During the second meeting, apparently Adam is made an offer he can’t refuse. Which means that he’ll need to do some clever talking to Crosby. Huh. At least Crosby can go home to Jasmine?

Looking forward to next week, apparently the Crosby/Jasmine wedding is happening RIGHT AWAY! Quick! Before they start fighting again!

What did you like about this week’s episode? What kind of future do you see for Jasmine and Crosby? What’s next for Julia and Joel? Does Zoe stick around? Does Amber go back to work?

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I loved this week’s episode and I feel very in line w/ the insights shared here. This season was a pretty slow start in my opinion. I love my Braverman family HARD but it wasn’t it the past few episodes that I was as fully drawn in as last season.

I was surprised to see that next week IS the Crosby/Jasmine wedding…I mean, that’s fast! Maybe they’re just picking up on their incomplete plans from before?

I loved the mom-talk exchange between Sarah and Kristina re: Amber and the Bob Little affair. It was so in line w/ their respective characters with Kristina favoring a more authoritarian style and Sarah’s more hands off “they’ve got to make their own mistakes” approach.

I really like Amber and I wonder what’s in store for her. I feel like in her interactions w/ Max, it was heavily implied earlier this season that she would be a good special ed aid, but they could take her character so many directions now. She’s good at everything she does. She’s a young woman who made some bad choices in her HS years, but she’s obviously very smart and a lot of doors are opening for her. I love the message to girls that you don’t have to be perfect to “make it” and that you don’t have to let your past mistakes be a life sentence for you.

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