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Spin-Offs That Must Be Made

Because Hollywood seems to be unable to make any movies or television shows that are not recycled ideas, it’s surprising that lately, we haven’t seen too many spin-offs. Perhaps the studios still think of Joey and recoil in horror?* 

Sometimes, characters are so awesome that you want to see them on another show, either because the original program is over, or they don’t get enough air time, being part of an ensemble cast. Right now, my choice for a dream spin-off is one that I can actually see happening in a few years:

Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family Now, I like Modern Family. But sometimes, I get sick of Phil Dunphy and his borderline-unbelievable antics, or Gloria shrieking at Jay about something insignificant. You know who I can never get enough of? Cam and Mitchell! Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson have amazing chemistry, and play off of each other so well. Although I miss the old actresses who played Lily (her stone face 24/7 cracked me up), I still want to see what happens to this branch of the family far into the future.

This one theoretically could happen, but don’t hold your breath:

Kelly Kapoor on The Office – This is a true ensemble show, and my favorite character, Kelly Kapoor, is often relegated to the back. I’ve heard that the Dwight Schrute character will get a spin off, but that is just too much weird for 30 minutes. Kelly might be too annoying for a whole half hour herself, so we just have to give her some friends that can tone her down a bit and voila! an instant hit, I’m sure.

Now, this one will never happen, but bear with me:

Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl This show is basically dead, and I won’t be shocked when it’s finally cancelled. BUT, I love and adore basically every outfit that Blair Waldorf has ever worn over the course of the series. I want her to have a show where all she does is try on different clothes that I can drool over.

What spin-offs would you like to see?

*Actually, let me amend that statement a bit: reality shows are always coming up with spin-off shows, from Bethenny Ever After (which came from The Real Housewives of New York City, which wouldn’t exist if not for The Real Housewives of Orange County) to MTV’s The Challenge (which comprises cast members from former challenges, The Real World, and Road Rules). The reason behind this is because reality shows are cheap to produce – you don’t need to pay the stars millions, you don’t have to employ tons of writers, etc.


By Catherine

Catherine is a Southern California based freelance writer, whose work has appeared in everything from the New York Times to Entertainment Weekly. The highlight of her life (so far) was being featured on MSNBC for a story she wrote on Hello Kitty wines...she knew one day her love of all things HK would come in handy.

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I’d watch a spinoff involving just about any cast member of Veronica Mars. And the Friday Night Lights spinoff I heard the actors joke about in an interview: Landry and Matt Saracen’s adventures in Chicago. Actually, I’d watch just about any FNL spinoff, too. Tim Riggins starts up a farm on that land he bought. Tyra runs for political office. Smash as a professional football player.

If anyone has been keeping up with Desperate Housewives I wouldn’t be surprised if


Julie and Porter(?) got a spin-off.

Other predictions: Either Julie will die or Susan will die and Julie will name her baby “Susan”.

Ah ah ah, Bones has a spin off show called “The Finder“.

Though it’s more “we want to launch this show in the same universe but. . . I know! let’s intro the characters on an episode of Bones and sometimes have one of the squints advise on a case! Even though the Finder takes place in Florida and the squints are in DC! Yeah!”

Let’s just say I was less than enthused about it as a spin off. It’s an ok show by itself, but it just kills my brian to think it came out of one of my favorite shows.

Blair Waldorf’s clothes are amazing. All the time.

My spin-off dream would be some sort of Astrid Hour – I almost think of her as the female version of NdGT, sometimes – with both Astrid’s interacting.  Maybe short vignettes with each?  Like a Twilight Zone/Fringe feel?  Something like that.

And I would watch almost any FireFly spin-off.  Definitely about Book.  But Inara could have a cool story, and a Zoe and Wash prequel type would’ve been fun.

Look, we all just need to realize that this guy right here needs an entire show about him, all right? Because I’d watch the hell out of it. We can call it, Good News Everybody!

“Sold your body!!  Oh Bender, I been down that road.  I know it’s glamorous, and the parties are great. But you’ll end up spending every dollar you make on jewelery and skin-tight pants.”  Ha! Hahahaha!

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