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That’s What This Open Thread Is For

Guise, srsly. Srsly guise. I have been overwhelmed with the love and support I have received in the last two weeks from Internet friends and real life friends alike. Not only that, I have been overwhelmed with the love and support I have seen my friends give other people and each other. For most of us, I think it’s safe to say we don’t know what we would do without our friends.So for my OT I want to celebrate that in the cheesiest way possible, with s schmaltzy song set to Fox and the Hound pictures. The Fox and the Hound!  But really, I love all of you! Have fun in this open thread and celebrate that it’s Wednesday!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Hi! Well, like you, I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for a while now, finishing an overdue project (at the moment it’s eight hours late, I’m hoping they won’t be too strict!) I’m quite happy about things finally starting to look up on the professional front (full-time job opportunity on the horizon) AND I’m feeling all proud and fuzzy inside about the way the Persephone community has taken off lately. How are YOU doing?

I’ve been in bed with a horror migraine for the last 48 hours. I wake up four hours ago and write 4,000 words, and now I’m dying again.

I’ve basically gotten to a point where I’m hoping to throw up so I’ll feel better afterwards.

Overall good. =)

Does anyone else have, like, people whose very presence cause you to hear Janosz from Ghostbusters II say “Everything you do is bad – I vant you to know this”?

For some reason this happens to me whenever I come across anything to do with Keith Ablow.

Not familiar. Links? Brief statement of charges? Or was it this:

During the 2012 Republican primary, Ablow wrote a column arguing that Newt Gingrich’s three marriages actually made him more qualified to be president: “When three women want to sign on for life with a man who is now running for president, I worry more about whether we’ll be clamoring for a third Gingrich term, not whether we’ll want to let him go after one.”[11] The column was widely ridiculed, with Rod Dreher of The American Conservative contending that Ablow’s argument represented “shamelessness cross[ing] the line from character defect to psychopathology.”[12]

This thinking magically ignoring that twice now, Gingrich has abandoned vows before god more binding than the oath of office…which he also violated as Speaker. Hmmm.

So I got turned down for a job because I haven’t graduated yet (2 effing months away) and it’s made it hard to write cover letters for other jobs this week. On the bright side, the hiring manager loved my application and knew who I was when I called to follow-up and is trying to get me in in any department she can, but I am still super demoralized. It might also be the two hour long meeting about my thesis paper.

Just ugh.

My mother is visiting me right now. About a half hour ago, I hear her shouting in the other room, “Get out of his butt!” I don’t think much of it, because she’s related to me and I come by awkward phrases naturally, but a few minutes later I hear a more vehement, “GET OUT OF HIS BUTT!” Finally, my curiosity is sufficiently roused and I wander to the other room, where my cats are very studiously engaged in sniffing each other’s butts more somberly than usual. Apparently earlier in the evening, Mom gave them each some potato salad, and bad things have been happening…to their butts. They are both FASCINATED by the other’s orifice tonight. I think my mom believes it to be some judgment on her and their visual display of interlocking butt-fascination is making her feel a bit guilty.

He also seemed to think his veganism was important/relevant enough to mention. He did so repeatedly. He commented on how pleased he was with how “healthy” my office appeared to be, especially in contrast with his current coworkers, who, I quote, “are all prediabetic.”

His actual qualifications are middling. He’s… good at math. I guess. That’s the nicest thing I can say.

I have to give this guy a lengthy writeup without using profanity.

Write in the profanity, then do a Find&Replace using phrases like, “not a strong contender,” “questionable fit into office climate,” “poor dexterity given the lack of opposable thumbs,” “seeking something we can’t provide,” “oral gas emissions a danger to the ecology of office plants.”

You’ll figure it out. You are believed in. I believe in you; you’re a real thing. Like a book, or car, or ingrown toenail.

Since he brought up things that were very off-topic and could make people uncomfortable, feel free to use my favorite phrase from hiring evals: “I have concerns about the candidate’s professionalism.” The person who finalized everything KNEW that this phrase meant “They did something terrible that I can’t write down, but, trust me, don’t hire this person.”

(Things people did to get that phrase on their sheet: Come to the interview in clubwear where I could see most of their breasts [which cased me to create the “25% rule” – if I can see more than 25% of your breasts, I’m not hiring you; tell me about their personal life in a way that was meant to try to garner sympathy… there were some other good ones, but those are the two that stick out in my mind.)

This makes me glad that we have a simple points system in our office. You can score 86-90 in four areas, anything below an 88 means we have serious doubts about your ability to not suck. But if I had to release a candidate record to someone, they wouldn’t know we weren’t scoring out of 100. It’s tricksy, yes, but effective.

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the script that I made for my language (though, as this experience has proven many times, what I may think is finished never is). It’s cool to add the visual aspect to the creation process. I was always aware of how the Latin letters looked beside each other, and I modified the Latin alphabet many times to represent the lnaguage, but this brings it to a whole new level. Linguistics and visual art in one! Huzzah! (Side note: I have been basing my script off of Indic and Arabic scripts, mostly. Arabic, Thai, and Tamil had great influences on me, because, generally, they are absolutely incredibly beautiful scripts; and, specifically for Arabic,  I find the calligraphy stunning and amazing in its intricacy and presentation.)

When you first commented about creating your own language, I went and bragged to the other editors that Persephoneers are clearly superior to any other internet community. Not only do we make odd little jokes and swear a lot, one of us is MAKING HER(?) OWN LANGUAGE. FROM SCRATCH.

You’re our kind of people.

His, and thank you. It’s a labour of nerd love. It’s actually bordering on obsession, I think; but. I suppose I could be obsessed with worse things. It’s a pretty feminist, egalitarian language, sort of a Sapir-Whorf experiment. I’m enjoying it thoroughly, and I hope you like hearing about it becaaause you will. hah (I love open Internet space!)

POOP! I’m spending this weekend renting a cabin in a little TX town near the city we live in for our anniversary. And as I keep checking their community calendar, it appears we will be in town the exact day that NOTHING is happening. The market won’t be open. The plays aren’t going on. It’s not warm enough for all of their traditional outdoor activities.

It sounded like a nice little weekend get away but I’ve figured out it was cheap because our anniversary is in the “off season” and truly nothing is going on. Ah well, hot tub it is then.

I went on a date with a boy from OKCupid on Sunday. We had hot chocolate at starbucks and then went and drove around the mountains in his little douchy sports car (MR2 Spyder). Then Monday we went and ate dinner and played pool and went back to his house to watch a weird documentary (TalHotBlonde, highly recommend it) and I ended up falling asleep at his place. He might possibly be the best cuddler I have ever had the pleasure of cuddling with. Really, he deserves some sort of plaque. We’re getting lunch tomorrow and hopefully dinner on Friday. I really, really like this boy. He has adult opinions about real life issues and that makes him super fun to talk to. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he’s way into body building so he’s super ripped and on top of that, is an awesome kisser.

Everybody cross your fingers, this situation has potential.

Hey, don’t do that. If I am to hold onto my sincere belief that I will one day find a curly-headed Welshman to stroke, I have to believe you will marry this man and live in an eternal state of bliss and calorie-free chocolate that still tastes the same.

Guys, I asked my boyfriend to elope today but he turned me down!  Granted, it was at 3:30 and he was still at work 45 minutes away so it probably wouldn’t have worked out timing-wise but still.

Now when we plan our really wedding is never allowed to complain because I gave him his chance for a no fuss no muss wedding and he turned it down.

Yes! Only You is playing on the TV Guide channel right now. This was one of my favorite movies growing up. I used to watch this and Heart & Souls all the time in my house, which probably explains why I modeled my ideal man around Robert Downey Jr. in the 90s despite his offscreen “problems”. This movie totally spoke to my naive little spirit though: the curious workings of fate, the Bonnie Hunt witticisms, lines like “I know he loves you. I know he’d kill tigers for you.” *Sigh*

Blergh. It’s snowing, and I made a big deal about needing to leave work early so I could get home before the weather got too bad.  I called my boss at home to get her permission and rearranged things/meetings and told other employees they could leave. It was basically a whiteout when I left work but by the time I got home it had stopped snowing.

So now everybody I work with will think I’m silly and dramatic, which is true, but I still don’t want them to think it.

I think snow, if you live in a place that gets it badly, or that doesn’t have the infrastructure to clear it well, or that is densely populated is a totally valid excuse to leave early or not go somewhere. I am from the Prairies (Alberta, Canada) where the province clears the highways every night after a snowfall, people have good winter tires, and are super used to driving in snow. But, out in Toronto (where I live/go to school now) snow causes total mayhem. I’ve had friends that live in the suburbs stay at my house on my couch overnight when it’s been bad just to avoid the commute home and back the following morning.

To me, it’s about what happens when you escape into metaphor to avoid your feelings. I think anyone who’s suffered depression gets the feeling of choosing to associate yourself with a story or a metaphor. It makes your sadness more…narrative. And sometimes you need a self-narrative.

So to me, it’s floaty like the sea it describes. Murky and endless-feeling.

Savannah, I don’t think you mean to sound condescending, but you do. I’m well aware of the song’s background. And one of the words I use for describing dissociation is “floaty.” The sensation of not being near where you’re supposed to be and liable to lose equilibrium at any moment.

Don’t talk down to me or my experience.

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