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The Most Beautiful Open Thread In The Room

I was listening to a Fresh Air interview with Bret McKenzie the other day and I remembered how much I like Flight of the Conchords. They have made a reemergence on my iTunes and I am passing the joy on to you!

You are ALL the most beautiful girl in the room! It defies the laws of physics! Have fun in our Thursday Night Dance Party OT and fall in love with Bret and Jemaine all over again.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I have a funny Flight of the Conchords story. One night I yelled down from the bedroom to Mr. Donovan, “Honey, it’s business time!” and he said, “OK!” and came up and we did the natural thing. Afterwards I said, “So you’ve seen that Flight of the Conchords thing, huh?” and he said, “No, what are you talking about?” He just knew what “business time” meant :)


And you will get a factlet in response! ;

Despite having a recently-gained reputation for Eurovision misery, the UK is actually the second most successful country (tied with France) in the contest’s history. Only Ireland has done better then the UK, with seven wins to the UK’s five. The UK has the highest average placing of any country ever to compete in the contest, has the highest average points earned for any contestant ever (Katrina and the Waves, who received an average of 10 points or more in the 1997 competition, winning with the then-highest margin of points), and has hosted the competition more times than any other nation, having taken hosting responsibilites from Ireland on two occasions when RTE was unable to host.

I am so pep-talked out. I should just give people little 3×5’s of inspiration.

“This too shall pass”

“It sucks now but stay strong and it will get better.”

“Stay focused on the goal. That’s all you can do right now.”

“He just has to live with the consequences.”

“There’s always pie.”


Please select the one that best suits you.

I do prefer savory pies to sweet ones. Meat pies are the best pies. One can get fined a great deal of money for voicing that opinion in some places, however, especially in Georgia. Georgian pies, according to their legal definition, must contain pecans, peaches, or sweet potatoes with added sugar and whipped cream and/or marshmallows on top, which is frankly abhorrent. Georgia in the States, that is. In Georgia II, the country, pies must contain a rich history of fabulously opulent architecture. Plus a pinch of strife.

I currently live in a place where when I mention pasties, one hundred percent of the time people think I’m talking about nipple coverings.

I want to like chamomile tea. I do. But I am a dedicated black tea drinker and herbal teas never fail to taste weird to me. I found one that has apple flavor added, and is not all bad, but I still don’t drink it unless I am feeling particularly unable to sleep.

I wish I hadn’t. I saw a story Dodai ran on a Little Brown Girl’s Day and I like Dodai so I took a look – the comments were just so laughably predictable and so terrible…confirmed all my misgivings.

I need to stop doing this, but I actually liked the article! I was just going to say something vague and approvey! And bam.

Why is it so fucking hard for some feminists to accept white privilege as “A Thing”, and to satisfactorily apply it (however postulantly) to themselves; especially when one of the CRUXES of Feminist thought is the existence of Male privilege?

I know this sounds immature, but every time I see it I’m like “C’MON. I’M SEVENTEEN AND I GET THIS. IT’S NOT DIFFICULT.”

This is where I sort of guiltily shuffle, because it wasn’t all THAT long ago (maybe a year or two) since, while intellectually I knew there was such a thing as white privilege, my understanding of it was incredibly rudimentary. I recall saying then some things about race issues that, today, I would want to shake myself for. I’m STILL trying hard to fully internalize the idea of white privilege and to break down the racist shit society instilled in me.

From what I’ve heard you say before on the matter, it sounds like you were made to think about these things from a pretty young age. Whereas I was taught, by my parents, a sort of insidious coded racism. Its coding, in forms of distrust of the poor, in fear of inner cities, in knee-jerk dislike of hip-hop and rap, made it harder to address. Cause none of those things are necessarily race issues, but in the way it was done, with an eye to the race-breakdown of my very segregated hometown, it was truly racist.

We didn’t talk about race issues at home, and so I was never really encouraged to interrogate these things. It wasn’t until I started taking classes in Women & Gender Studies in college that I started running into the work of extremely intelligent people who tried to break down white privilege. And it’s been a slow, slow learning process since. But I keep trying, because I know it’s what I should do, for myself and everyone else. Especially for my future students when I do become a professor someday. Not only so I can try to encourage them to question, but so I don’t unconsciously shortchange students from a racial minority. I would feel so much like shit if I did, so I have to make sure I won’t.

I don’t mean to excuse anyone who chooses not to question their white privilege. I mean, that’s part of the reason why I’m so hard on myself about it. Because I know it’s what needs to happen. And…sadly…a lot of white feminists don’t seem to feel this way. They don’t seem to understand that all structures of privilege and oppression are interrelated, and that if we really want to bring equality of the sexes, we have to bring equality of everything else as well.

And that does make it so damn frustrating. Especially when they’re people who think that they’re smart, liberal-minded people. And then they say some stupid racist, ignorant shit.

For what it’s worth (beans?), I don’t think you do too poorly. I mean, I can’t recall your having made me cringe in commenting on something race-related. On the internet, that’s really effing rare.


Yes. Have some Beans. While not the type I originally had in mind, it is Beans nonetheless, sweatier, and indeed a preferable Beans to me over the legumes, unless I’m tremendously hungry, anyhow. Thank you, web, for reminding me of Beans.

The kind of beans my opinion will net you, though, are these:
Curry Beanz
Specifically the can on top, because it is more hep.

I get this broiling, burning kind of rage when I read stuff like that which makes me want to run over, take their feminist badge, throw it on the floor, piss on it, then look at them and say “You can have it back when you’re not an entitled cuntspider. How dare you lecture anyone on equality when you betray a frightening lack of appreciation for issues that go far beyond your inability to say the fucking n-word, you stupid fucking idiot.”

Instead I either a) go drink tea, or b) sigh and sit down to write something polite.

I hate being British.

Has anyone seen the stage adaptation of “A Piece of My Heart”? I saw it last night and it was SO INTENSE. The play revolves around six of the women’s stories. Has anyone read the book it is base on? There are supposed to be 26 interviews in the book. I can’t decide if I want to read it or not. I won’t say I enjoyed the play but it was necessary. I am afraid the book would be too intense. One of those “what is seen cannot be unseen” things.

Hey everyone! Does anyone know when the European release date is for the Hunger Games movie (specifically Republic of Ireland)? I’m dying to see it but I can’t tell if the release date in March is worldwide or not! Anyone have info out there?

PS I have the same question for In the Land of Blood and Honey. WHY WON’T THE MOVIES COME TO IRELAND?!

Thanks to the wonders of facebook, I found out through mutual fb friends that the man who molested me for months when I was his high school student is married with a baby, while I have been off and on with my boyfriend for four years and the track to larger commitment is slow going. How does the scum of the earth end up living happy and free and I get shit on? I am very angry and sad now this evening.

I hope his life is a facade and that he lives in constant fear that his past actions will become known to everyone.  I hope he wakes up every day riddled with guilt and shame for what he did to you.  I hope he lives a long life filled with regret, disappointment, fear and self-loathing.   You are the better person.  You’ve already won that competition by surviving.  Big hug your way.  Take care of yourself – you are precious cargo.

I try to think about it this way: not only does good marriage/baby as opposed to relationship troubles not necessarily equal happiness, but even if that person doesn’t feel guilt for what they’ve done, they’re still a terrible human being.

If it is true, what many religions say, that we receive some sort of judgment after death, he will get his then.

And if it isn’t, then he is still the same person that did that, and he is still the same terrible person, and we all, in some ways, reap what we sow. We can still be a terrible person and have a lot of money and power, but how do people respond to us? How do people feel about us? If we live constantly with bigotry and hatred and maliciousness inside of us, how dark do we turn inside?

I’ve decided that I’m going to be a superhero this year for Halloween. I know it’s 8 months away, but I deserve to be recognized for my superpowers of getting through the past crap year.

I don’t know what superhero I’ll be, but spandex may be involved. Definitely a cape.

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