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The Only Thing A Gambler Needs Is a Suitcase and This Open Thread

It’s Friday night! We’ve all conquered January 2012 once and for all. Winter is supposedly sticking around for six more weeks and it’s time for the weekend open thread, complete with bonus points. 

To get the conversation started, here’s the only song I can play on the guitar. I can play it maybe 1/8th as well as this fella here.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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I have asked three friends for help in planning my birthday party this Saturday – I just need ideas on where to go. Not that hard.

ONE friend has acknowledged the email I sent her last week. And she offered Nothing. WTF.

I hate this birthday. I don’t even really want to do anything. STOP MAKING IT DIFFICULT.

(Honestly, I don’t think the birthday person should do the planning unless they really want to. It should be customary for friends or family to do the actual planning stuff.)

Aghh, I have a dilemma! My advisor royally screwed me over last year by not giving me the recommended course sequence and telling me to take certain classes, which I took. I found out halfway through the semester that I needed to take a different course than what she told me and managed to talk my way into a course I needed this semester that because of her I didn’t have the prerequisite for. Our program is extremely structured, and the courses are set up in a specific way for a reason. It’s a 66 hour MA program, which is super long for one of those, and in order to finish in three years you have to do more than full time (full time for a grad program is considered 9 hours; we have to take 12). So now, because she is a shit advisor, I have the choice of doing 9 hours in summer (6 hours in one month, 3 hours in the second), or 15 in the fall, which also includes my 10 clock hour/week practicum, so I can get the class I’m missing. I’m leaning towards the summer thing, because I think it will be easier to be extremely stressed for one month than very stressed for four. What say y’all?

Orange! Mine are Essie’s Bright Tights. They are neon and blinding, and an instant pick-me-up.

In terms of unwanted body hair, oh, the books I could write. I would start with how I thought it was a great idea to regularly Nair (regular formula, of course) my upper lip when I was a teenager and didn’t know better.

My issue is also caused with my attempts to get rid of it as a dumb teenager! I used to shave my arms and snail trail, so I wax them semi-regularly to try and thin them back out.

I ended up painting my nails with Orly Androgyne, it’s pretty sweet.

It’s fluorescent orange and the best perky summer color ever! Glittery black though, that’s one I don’t yet own, clearly I need to work on that.

ETA: Clearly, it’s bedtime and I totally just realized you weren’t talking about neon orange nail polish.

I looked it up, unless the internet lies, it’s so pretty! I only have an Orly topcoat, but I really love that the bottles have grippy tops.

And as for snail trails…I’d say mine’s more of a happy field for snails to frolic in on a lovely day. I gave up after awhile, so I generally take care of it when it’s going to see daylight. I tell myself it’s better for my skin..

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