The Secret to My Super Bowl Party Success

The typical cheese ball is easy to ignore. It is a lump of goo laying in the middle of all the good things to eat at a gathering of friends, like brownies or meatballs. A cheese ball is a shameful providing from a guest who forgot to prepare an item for the potluck. Can you tell I’m not a big fan?

For me, all cheese balls I remember seemed to be covered in weird orange stuff and made of orange cheese-like substance. However, I do have an exception to the avoidance of the round dairy orbs. The SMOKED GOUDA Cheese Ball.

So to honor the Cheese bracket and Super Bowl Sunday, I am sharing the secret to my Super Bowl success.

I have been using this SMOKED GOUDA Cheese Ball recipe for so long that I can’t remember what cookbook it came out of. My husband was looking at a cook book and said, “Hey, this looks good.” Must have been the Gouda. I made it two years before I ate it myself, because of my dairy orb avoidance. Since that time, I have adapted, tweaked, and perfected my recipe. The key to the tastiness of this cheese is the simplicity of the recipe.

You too can have Super Bowl party success with four ingredients: cream cheese, smoked Gouda, steak sauce, and sliced almonds.

 Smoked Gouda Cheese Ball

16 ounces of cream cheese

2 cups of shredded smoked Gouda

2 tbsp of steak sauce

2 cups of sliced almonds

The cream cheese needs to be at room temp, not cold, to blend. Blend the cream cheese, the Gouda, and the steak sauce together. (I use my mixer, but have done it by hand in the past.  You just get a creamer cheese ball if you use a mixer/beater.) 







Shape the cheese into a round ball. Refrigerate.


While the cheese chills, toast the almonds. (I put them in at 300 degrees for 5-8 minutes.) Pull them out just as they start turning golden brown. Because of the oils in the almonds they will keep cooking for a tad bit after you take them out. Leave the almonds in the pan to cool.

Once the almonds are cool roll the cheese ball in them until covered. I tried the ball without almonds but it was missing that texture difference. Toasting the almonds prevents them from getting soggy. 





Serve with your favorite crackers and enjoy!

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That sounds amazing.

I am a proud member of Citizens Against Mediocre Cheese Balls. (I wanted that to be a cool acronym, but the creative juices are running low right now).

Here’s my favorite:

Chevre + cream cheese + green onions on the inside. Crushed walnuts + crushed black pepper on the outside.

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