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This Open Thread Flashback Dance Party Saw the Sign

Did you know that Ace of Base had three Top 10 hits in 1994? I have some vague recollection of that, since it was my junior year in high school, and that catchy Swedish pop brings me to a very specific time in my memory.

So, to get your Wednesday night started, here’s Billboard‘s #1 song of 1994 (the album came out in ’93, hence the title of the video). Where were you when this came out and hit big? (If your answer is “not born yet,” please go stand over there and stop making me feel old.) How’s your week going so far? Tell us all about it in the comments.

Oh, and I’ll be totally arbitrarily donating points to people who comment in tonight’s OT, so get to it!

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Picture it, pussycat. The year was 1994. I was a Freshman in high school. Our Chemistry class had us doing group projects related to the periodic table. I’ll never forget sitting in class and hearing one group sing about the elements to the tune of Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants”. It sounded terrible and had no tune to back them up, but we all still thought it was pretty cool. Because we were 14 and anything was better than writing chemical formulas.

Ace of Base was one of the first CDs I ever bought.  I have distinct memories of my 14 year old self dancing around my room while trying to keep ill-fitting headphones on and balancing my discman in one hand.  I am so thankful that there is no evidence that exists today of what those dance moves must have looked like.  I have a feeling it would look similar to the move i do when I think there is a bee in my hair.

HA! I got so ticked when the iPod commercials first came out – the ones with the silhouettes doing super-sophisticated dance moves with their headphones on.  Where was this when I was a kid?!  i  had to dance like Elaine from Seinfeld due to poor portable music construction and these kids can do flips and shit?!  BS I tell you!

Pfft – YOU’RE making ME feel old Pileofmonkeys… I was in grade 13 in 93/94 (uni prepatory year - a grade which doesn’t even exist in Ontario anymore).  And chances are I was also out at a bar underage (legal drinking in Ontario is 19, and I was 18 for most of grade 13), making questionable choices about alcohol consumption and kissing boys…

I am grouchy as hell this morning.

Last night we went to dinner and I ordered curry noodles, and Mr. Donovan somehow thought he should sprinkle some of his Parmesan on them. No big deal, but then I told him about how I had finally figured out how to revise my novel, and he asked questions and made suggestions that were so basic it made me feel like my previous draft, which he’d read, was a complete failure, and he got mad at me for being upset and we had a big fight. Then my dog woke me up at 3 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I shopped online for new clothes because I’ve gained weight and don’t have enough to wear, and because of our horrible internet service it crashed, no kidding, about 100 times. And then I went to work and one of my contacts had a tear so now I’m working with one contact.

I cancelled my home internet service, so if I don’t respond to you at night, I will in the morning!

How are you all? :)


I am so so sorry.  That sounds like a tremendously sucky night. My Mr. Sweetie has a habit of suggesting ways to solve problems when I really just want to talk out problems and use him as a sounding board.  I can completely relate.

Do you think you could work with an eye patch over the eye you don’t have a contact in?  Not a useful suggestion, I know, but that may just be the ticket to turning your day around.  Nothing perks me up like unnecessary accoutrements.

UGH! I completely sympathize. As someone who has been walking around under a perpetual dark cloud for a couple weeks now I feel your pain. I too need to buy some new (bigger) clothes and haven’t been able to do it yet.

We don’t have home internet anymore either but I use my smartphone.

I was 7 and this song reminds me so much of the roller rink (aka the coolest place on earth) where I always had to rent skates and I could never get inline skates like the cool kids just the clunky brown skates with bright orange wheels that were designed to be so ugly no one would want to steal them.

Hi everyone,

It seems I have a question. Does the open thread always start at 10.00 pm? I’m asking because it seems there’s a lot of activity in the hours after it opens, but that’s in the wee hours of the morning for me, and even though I’m nocturnal, I’m in bed by then. Not a complaint, really. Just a question.

Also, Ace of Base. Don’t even open up that can of worms. Pretty please.

All you folks who were wee lads and lasses when this song came out are making me feel OLD.  OLD, I say!  I graduated high school in 1994.  I LOVED Ace of Base (and still do!!), even though we made fun of them, too.  I’d get out my Casio keyboard, choose the rhythm setting that matched 90% of their songs, and sing parody songs, making fun of them.

Also I have a bit of a problem and would like some advice:

I teach a crochet class at our library, it is volunteer, and there are usually about 3-5 people that attend.  I have the opportunity go out for one of our local Rollerderby teams and I REALLY REALLY want to but it is on Monday too.  What do I do?  If I bail on my crochet class I feel like I will be letting down a lot of sweet ladies but I feel like if I don’t give myself this shot at Rollerderby I am going to be missing out on something I really really really want to do!

Could you talk to the crotchet ladies and see if another night would work for them? Assuming that would be an option for you, of course. Otherwise, do you know anyone else who could take over?

If I were you, I would totally go for it, and I’m not even going to list reasons, because it’s Rollerderby! No further reasons are necessary! …But I’m a big flake, so take what I say with a heaping helping of salt.

I don’t know! It crossed my mind too to see about switching nights but I would hate to make everyone switch nights for me and then find out there are RD matches on that night or make everyone switch and then not make the team (HOW EMBARRASSING!) I don’t know what to do.  There really isn’t anyone else to take over and this club/class was my idea I really pushed for it, so I feel like a total flake if I ditch it for RD :(  BUT I WANT TO DO ROLLERDERBY!!!

I’ve got to head over to the library today anyway so I am going to talk to my “boss” and see what she says…

I would definitely try out for the team, and if you make it, just let everyone know that you have started something new and can no longer do the class on a fixed schedule. You should get a practice schedule and match schedule far enough in advance that you can decide when you can hold classes and not have to bail without any warning.

Most derby bouts take place on the weekends because of the extenisve amount of time it takes to set up the ring, get fans in, clean up, warm up, lay down the track, skate, etc.

Depending on how competitive your local league is, just have the basic balance and dedication to stick through the training period is often enough to get you on the league. We do a lot of training — I couldn’t stop for shit when I started and I still skate backwards at an elephant’s pace. So don’t worry too much about when the last time you were on skates were. (I, personally, find quads much easier to skate on than blades.)  Just go and try your hardest, and look enthusiastic. Don’t get too frustrated. These are all things our committee looked for (aside from the athletic angle), because that usually indicates someone who is willing to stick it out.

Two tips: 1, derby will suck up a huge portion of your life. Its a very time intensive sport, because the league does all the work. 2, its roller derby as two words. Good luck!

We’ve got two local teams The Chemical Valley Rollergirls and the Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby (HARD) ( incidentally this is where my confusion about 1 word or 2 stems from I equated the teams name Rollergirls one word with roller derby so I tried to make it one word too. Duh, it is English, rules only apply to be broken not to make sense, right?)

I am fairly prepared for it to suck up a big portion of my life. In fact, I am kind of looking forward to that I want to be involved in something again. Chem Valley only has one 3 hour practice once a week HARD practices Sunday’s and Wed. I just talked to a girl from HARD at my vets office couple of minutes ago and she invited me to come try out with them too. So I may just try out for both and see if I make either or which one is a better fit (whichever one will take me!!!).

I just hope I am still in good enough shape/agile enough to cut it!

Yeah, it is a little strange that we are rollergirls who play roller derby. I guess if we can run our own sport, we get to decide our own linguistics rules too?

Do you know what the difference is between the two teams? Is one WFTDA and one Old School? It might be something to look into, depending on how competitive you are. Either way, I really encourage you to try out! The training will whip you into shape like whoa. In addition to practices, there’s a lot of off skate exercises you can do to help build up endurance and agility, so just go and have fun! Its a really fantastic sport. I hope you love it!

Do keep us updated too! I love to hear how fellow derby girls are doing.

I tend to be INSANELY competitive. If I may toot my horn I was the first and only ever paid female firefighter in our city [still hasn’t been another] I beat out 37 men for my job but that was several years and some physical disabilities ago. I’m no longer in that kind of competitive shape and I really want to do this for some social interaction/camaraderie and to blow off steam and stay active. Both teams are flat track and I think they compete against each other.

Which would you recommend? Old School or WFTDA? I have heard that Chem Valley is more hard core about attendance and practice but that is rumors coming from the ladies of HARD.

I am probably seriously deficent in the skating skills and won’t get a choice. I’ll just be happy if either team wants me. (If I don’t chicken out before sunday!)

Hey, toot your horn about the firefighter thing all you want. That is amazing!

I would personally say to go with the WFTDA league. I don’t want to get into the issues between the two styles, but if you’re competitive and want to take this as a serious sport, WFTDA league is the way to go. There’s national support for WFTDA leagues, a governing body, regional and national and international competitions, and a serious dedication to getting derby recognized as a legitimate sport. It is also a little intense. (I seriously didn’t acknowledge how competitive I was until I started playing. It was a personal eye-opener for me.)

Don’t chicken out! Do you have access to skates? If you do, slap those babies on and wear them around the house. I wore my skates in the house, in the office, everywhere I could when I first started out — it helps to learn how to navigate in them.

I still have my rollerblades from high school/college ( i used them for transportation between classes but no quads until I break down and buy them. Would blades help or hinder??? The rollergirl I talked to today told me the guy that owns the skate rink will get me some at cost or I can rent for practices until I decide if I want to commit. I will check out their affiliations, thanks for all the info! I am really excited.

“I saw the sign and it opened up my mind I saw the sign…” Thanks a lot. Now I will be singing Ace of Base all day. I always thought there was some deep intrinsic meaning in that song I just wasn’t getting.

BTW: I have a paying gig tonite! Yay me! Haven’t gotten paid to write anything since Christmas :/  work really drys up here through the holidays and usually doesn’t pick back up till spring so I am thrilled to be starting early.

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