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This Open Thread is Broken Up

In the last 4 days, I have become a connoisseur of breakup songs. And right now I’m really into Aimee Mann and her ability to really articulate everything I feel about the demise of my relationship. There are almost too many options to choose from for the song that I will listen to on repeat while I plow through my entire supply of Kleenex and cake-flavored vodka. But I think for today’s saddest dance party open thread ever, I am going with two breakup songs that I’m listening to right now.

Enjoy yourself in the comments, friends! I’ll be joining you after I have finished dissecting the final hours of my relationship.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Most of my music is sad or breakup songs, but I’m partial to both Bon Iver’s and Birdy’s versions of “Skinny Love” right now. I feel like it’s more of a relationship in a handbasket to hell right before it explodes, but same difference. Also, Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” is great. I love Adele. She has ALL THE GRAMMIES. (grammys??) It’s like she knows some magic subliminal magic that calls out to the screwed-over-and-lied-to woman in us all.

No, I’m not at all bitter….

Hey all. It’s Wandell, a former Jeze-lady. I got banned yesterday and I’m looking for a new place to hang out! I’ve been wanting to get on the Persephone bandwagon for a while (I signed up a long time ago  but for some reason it just never made it into my regular blog rotation), but looking at the articles on here this morning, I’m really excited to be here.

Anyway, I’m also going through a breakup right now. But I’m trying to keep it light, so instead of the sad songs I’m forcing myself to be happy listening to things like “He Wasn’t Man Enough” and “Return of the Mack”. Any other “I Will Survive” type suggestions? ’90s songs are a plus.

There was a Hugo Schwyzer article about, basically, how rape apologism is bad so, naturally, I left a snarky comment (“Just like when a man tries to murder a woman *ahem*, there is no way to justify this behaviour”), and voila, banned.  Of course there’s a comment on that same article about “misandrist vitriol” that, last time I checked, hadn’t so much as been moved.

I heard that you got banned too, but I can’t figure out why – what’s the story there?

I really can’t figure it out. It makes absolutely no sense – he’s clearly not what he wants people to believe and, honestly, his articles are not great. I figured, if I went out in flames and got banned, I would have no option of going back and giving myself a brain hemorrhage by reading some of the garbage they post there.

Delurking and introducing myself:

Hi, I’m heart&anchor (same name as on the “we-never-said-we-are-a-feminist-blog” blog), from Germany. I’m sorry to read you have a broken heart, Luci. Here are some songs for you about changes, 90 percents and a (probably too up-tempo) call to come back to Sammy:

My school is putting on The Vagina Monologues tomorrow night. I’m super excited and completely nervous. I’m reading The Flood and some other bits, but it’s the first time I’ve done any kind of public speaking in six years. I’m kind of freaking out. Our last rehearsal is tonight, and I can’t stop talking in a thick Southern accent, which happens when I’m stressed.  Gah!

/nervous rant over.

I’m home from work sick today because I cannot shake this fever I have. No other symptoms, except a queasy stomach, but the fever’s making me all weird.

I feel the need to point out that I think I’ve called in sick maaaaaybe six times in the nine years I’ve been at my job. I figure fever is probably something contagious, and I’d be falling asleep on the job anyway.

Oh Luci, I feel sorry for you. Hopefully the dissecting helps.

I’m at my parents’ place now and my father’s IE only knows Dutch, so every other English word gets a This Is Wrong line underneath it. It makes me doubt my vocabulary even worse than usually. So yes, this is my disclaimer for wonky English.

Is it OK if I start an “introduce yourself” thread? I’m new here (though some people already knew me), and a lot of people are, so I’d love to hear about them!

I go by Bryn Donovan most places on the internets, because it’s my pen name and because I share my legal name with a porn star who is way prettier than me. :) I was Donovanesque on Jezebel.

I’ve been married for a really long time, no kids, 2 dogs (1 big good dog we’ve had for a long time and 1 bad little dog we got from the shelter…I adore them both.)

I’m a writer at Hallmark Cards and live in Kansas City, and I write romance. I also write poetry, which is more my background…that’s what I got an MFA in. And I like to make quilts! And I’m a nerdy fan of Supernatural and Dr. Who. 

I am kind of a nerd, period.

I’m having trouble uploading a pic right now, so here’s me on FB if you wonder what I look like! :D


I like this idea, Bryn!

I’m mcstabbypants here as well as on Jez. I am fairly new to the whole “commenting on websites” thing, but I like it when I can get the time in. I am currently a grad student, although I have decided I don’t want to be a professor so I have no idea what the heck I’m actually going to do with my degree once I actually get it. Most likely I will go back to teaching preschool, which I love doing. I’m a mom to 2 kids, a 5 year old and a 2 year old.

I grew up in rural New Hampshire on a farm with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and a bird; I currently live in Brooklyn with no pets, since my husband is allergic to all things furry and cannot take any medication for his pet allergies (which is a bummer, but I have pretty much made my peace with it). I love Brooklyn but I get itchy to move every few years (I’m pretty sure we’re here for good, though).

Lets see… I am currently getting more into the “new” Dr. Who, having grown up with Tom Baker who is still my most favorite Dr. Who ever. I do like David Tennant, though. I am also a prolific reader of pretty much everything. And I love bad puns and writing doggerel (I’m not good enough for actual poetry but man, I can write me some good doggerel!). I also like writing short fiction, although I haven’t done it in a long time (dissertation writing takes priority). And sewing, and baking, and making cardboard toys. And that’s it, I think!

Hi there!

I use the same screename and avatar on Jez, so some of you might recognize me. (Bit of totally useless trivia: SauceBox is a racehorse who won the 1855 Saint Leger race.)

I currently live in Montreal with my boyfriend, though we’re thinking of moving somewhere new some time next year. I’m a translator, but I’m not nuts about my work, so I’m planning on going to grad school and do something less directly related to languages.

I have no pets and no children (yet). I do, however, have lots of plants! I love gardening, both indoor and out, and tend my own vegetable garden in summer. I also enjoy cooking and baking. I like outdoor activities and sports, and I’m planning an exciting hiking trip to Ecuador this summer.

I like reading and watching TV. I’m currently watching Breaking Bad, season 4 with the bf. We’re also big fans of Futurama.

I’ll play along!

Those of you from Jez probably know some of this about me from some of my flailing around on GT, but to those who don’t I’ll give the summary of what there is to know about bouhaliya.

I go by bouhaliya because in my SO’s language (Tunisian Arabic), it means “gullible”. I am, indeed, pretty gullible…

I currently live in Canada with my sweetums, but I’m originally from the southeast (NC, to be exact). We hope to make the move back “home” within the next year, but there are a lot of variables that will determine whether or not we make it. Fair warning: I’m sure you’ll hear me moaning about this on the OTs quite a bit!

I guess I’m something of a linguist (in grad school for translation–French-English), although to be honest, I’m more fascinated by the power struggles that exist between cultures as expressed through language than semiotics and whatnot. If I had to choose a dream job, I think I’d like to be a study abroad adviser or a new immigrant/refugee case worker. I’m still “young”, though, so I guess I still have time to figure this out…

I love me some  Doctor Who as well. I’ve also been on a Misfits kick lately, and I think I’ve watched almost every episode ever of ANTM and Law and Order: SVU. I’m pretty open to new shows and genres, so if I notice everyone talking about a new series (I’m looking at you, Downton Abbey), I’ll probably try it out.

I also LOVE to cook, and I also love sharing recipes, so anyone is welcome to talk food with me! I also crochet, and I want to get into knitting!

(Here’s hoping the image attachment works…) I’m the oldest of 4 half-siblings. This is me with my sister. She’s now 14 and I worry about her a lot. Our mom died when she was 9, and she’s currently living with her dad.



Hi everyone!

Bryn, I wondered if you were Donovanesque on Jezebel–I go by Skimbleshanx on here and Jez.  Was a long time lurker and recent commenter. 

I live in Charlotte, NC where I just gave notice at my current non-profit position.  So hire me! Otherwise, I’m looking to go back to school to become a Veterinary Technician–it’s a two year, full time program, but it’s not too expensive and is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I love to travel, both my hubby and I like cruising for the conveniance, but love to also really explore places. Dream destinations include Spain, China, Australia and Curacao/Bonaire.  I used to live in Australia when I was child and have always had a soft spot for the country.  Other likes are: Motown music, from Doo-Wop to Funk; MST3k; Harry Potter; Broadway Musicals; Seinfeld; Agatha Christie mysteries and Travel writing, esp Bill Bryson.


Okay, first you write greeting cards?  That’s awesome!

Um, so my name is Kat, I go by wonderlandkat pretty much everywhere.  I live in far far north Chicago with my husband, but I’m originally from the east coast (Manhattan for 8 years then small town NH for 8 years).  I work doing freelance market research ‘n stuff and I’m trying to start a (project? company? thingie?) doing market research for bloggers.  I also edit economics papers on the educational system of Chile (open to doing other topics though!)  I spend way too much time online right now since I’m between major projects.

I’m from Jezebel – I’m not sure how I feel about all the changes over there.  Some stuff is awesome and I don’t necessarily expect feminist stuff from them, but I don’t expect gagging porn posted with no context either, so I don’t know.

I’ll get in on this, too. This is the first time I’ve used this screen name, which is a reference to a language (well, more of a vocabulary than a full-fledged language) that Hildegard of Bingen invented way back in the 12th Century. I’ve been married for almost five years, and we have a nine-month-old daughter and two cats.

I am a lawyer, currently working part-time. I live in the suburbs of Philly and CANNOT WAIT until the start of baseball season. (I’m thinking of buying my daughter a Cliff Lee shirt.) I sing in a large chorus in Philadelphia. When I’m not lawyering or singing I love to read mystery novels and watch all kinds of TV. Right now my favorite shows are Downton Abbey, Parks and Recreation, Sherlock, The Good Wife (although I’m waaaay behind on that one, so don’t spoil me!), How I Met Your Mother, and Who Do You Think You Are. The last movie I saw in the theater was Young Adult, which I thought was really, really good.

Ummm, I’m sure there’s more stuff I could talk about, but that’s all that’s coming to mind right now. I’m greatly enjoying the site so far!

Hi! I was wondering as soon as I saw your name if it was a Hildegarde reference. I am a musicologist (PhD student) and every time I lecture on her (for undergrad music history) I have to tone down my raving about what a badass she was, and how musically innovative she was. I also try and not use the word badass… but sometimes I fail.

Anyways, welcome!

Great idea!

I’m the same name on Jez. I’m a tax lawyer living in Houston, but working in Brooklyn during the week for the next few months. I’m a native, life-long Texan except for three years of law school in the Midwest. I’ve been married a few months and my only kids are furry ones – dogs.

I love reading, traveling, playing the piano, and cooking, and many nerdy things. My name is a reference to my Italian heritage and love for food. I used to be devoutly Catholic and really into theology, but now I’m happily atheist and really into science. I love reading science and history as well as fiction, and I love Harry Potter, ASOIAF, LOTR, and the Outlander books.

Hi everyone!

Damnit, I had a reply all typed out then I hit something on my keyboard and the page closed on me. Grr!

I love this idea! I’m going by Rocky here because it’s a nickname that comes from my roller derby name which I used at Jez and also from my time as an amateur boxer before the derby thing. I’m about to turn 41 and I’m a single mom to 3 kids. My oldest daughter is grown and has a 3 year old of her own. They live a block away and I babysit sometimes so you may see me grumbling about toddlers. My son is 19 and a college freshman. And my youngest, the Rockette, is a 9 year old who loves Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift so I may know more about them than a 40 year old woman should.

I work at home doing transcription until I can figure out how to make a living on writing, so my social life exists mostly online. No boyfriend or husband, don’t really want one. I’ve been through a lot of stuff, good and bad, so I tend to have an opinion or anecdote on a lot of subjects.

I like to read (got a Kindle for Christmas), used to write about music which combines two of my favorite things, and my favorite TV shows are Friends, Doctor Who, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, 30 Rock, The Office, Walking Dead, Law & Order SVU, and Downton Abbey although I’m usually behind on all of them except for Friends.


Hello, Jez-folk and everyone; I’m the same name over there (it means “fried cheese” in Czech, Mr. S.’s language). I’m a Western transplant living in Manhattan, attempting to be the world’s worst freelance writer/editor (so far, I’m succeeding) after short but rewarding/deeply frustrating careers (I use the term loosely) in teaching, publishing, and book publicity. When not doing something book-related, I’m usually coming up with new ways to mangle bobbin thread while cursing loudly, as a new-to-sewing person, or wreaking havoc in the kitchen somehow.

Pardon the dour nature of this post–can you tell there’s been no sun for two days here?! ;) Anyway, it’s great to rediscover this place and to see y’all. :)

Edited to reduce pre-coffee ignorance

Hey y’all!

All my interweb handles are in some form related to Mean Girls, because that movie is the voice of a generation.

Little bit about me: I grew up in Houston, Texas in a family of six (I’m the youngest) with a mama who had to provide for eveyone making just about 30k a year until I was 13 (so yeah, we were poor). I hate the city of Houston, but I love my state (not the politicians so much or the politics but the everyday people and the land itself is amazing) so if I come running in fom nowhere to defend it against comments, I apologize in advance.

Right now I’m sort of coasting through life. I’m 23, got my bachelors (with a minor in Women’s Studies) and should be working towards my teacher certification, but I’m having a hard time motivating myself so currently I’m just making a living in my food service job.

Anyways that’s me rambling enough for the morning. I’m just excited to be more involved in a internet community of (some what) like-minded people!

“I love my state (not the politicians so much or the politics but the everyday people and the land itself is amazing)”

I totally get this. I think this is the burden of any progressive Southerner. Don’t worry… I won’t Texas bash if you promise to be kind to North Carolina in return! ;)

I love seeing pictures! Hey, can you see about getting some funny “Congrats on the Baby!” cards. (Do you hate it when people do that?)  The only ones I could find either snarked on the new mommy’s weight or were too gendered. There were some good ones for the shower, but this was for after the birth. I ended up getting a blank one.

Me: I’m a Texan for life. However, I went to school in Montreal for interior design, worked as a lighting designer in NYC, and moved to South Florida to work on the manufacturing side of lighting (LED’s).

I used to skydive full time, love to write, and have been blogging for six years. My husband is from Mumbai and is Muslim, while I am what I like to call “post-Christian follower of Christ”. I love to talk religion, gender, and politics. I’m the oldest of six mostly because my parents are such free spirits they couldn’t be bothered to figure out how birth control worked.

Here’s a link to a self-portrait I did for a series on facial expressions:

@Texpat Starling: Actually, I love talking shop. I’ll pass the baby card feedback along! Were you shopping Shoebox or in the main section? You probably don’t remember!

A lot of our cards are specific about gender, and I find it confining as a writer sometimes. I know the gendered cards sell better for certain situations, and that’s definitely true for Baby Congrats. Still, I’ve been known to try to argue in more non-gender-specific cards.

I really don’t remember. I know that gendered sells better – I mean I understand it’s a business. What I was looking for though was something that joked about the hardships of having a newborn while also saying congrats. Something like the Hallmark version of Go the Fuck To Sleep!  Instead it was all jokes about mommy getting into her skinny jeans.

Hello, everyone. I’m Rose S. I went by MissAndrie on Jez.  Currently, I’m in grad school. I’m getting a PhD in Stats and have about another 2 yrs to go. I also teach undergrads. My avatar is a picture of my cat; she’s not happy to be wrapped up in a “scarf” there. I live with her and my boyfriend… err, fiancé. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising (mostly running although at my age I should be doing more weight-bearing stuff), reading, films, music, and nature (when it’s warmer out). I am a middle child out of 10 (my parents are weird). And I guess you could say that I am a huge nerd, too.

I love this idea!

My name is Kelly, which I really resent my parents for.  I’ve tried going by other names, but had difficulty convincing others to call me anything but Kelly, so there you go.

I live in rural north Idaho.  No, seriously.  We has internets up here now, although the water wheel that runs the generator is a bit slow.

I’m married to the coolest guy on the planet.  He buys shoes for a local sporting goods retailer.  Yes, you should be jealous.  We have a super cool son named Henry, but we gave him two middle names just in case he doesn’t really care for Henry and wants to go by something else, which we will TOTALLY respect.  *piercing gaze in the direction of my mother*

I work in Research Administration at a University, which is super boring.  However, I have an ultra-cool boss who has let me take my job in a different direction, so right now I am writing, shooting, editing and producing training videos.  It’s wicked-fun.

I am a massive steampunk nerd.  Massive.  I yearn to be a Whole Foods buying, hummus-eating, vegetarian, but I love meat so, so much.  Even “meat.” Like have you all tried that Wendy’s W burger?  Jesus Christ!  That is one tasty hunk of “meat.”

I love Idaho. I wandered around Moscow for a bit (sounds like I am prepping a Cowboy story) and I really dug the town and the outskirts. Potlatch was wonderfully strange. I didn’t bother with Coeur D’alene given friends got harassed up there by some White Supremacist types for the crime of walking down the street, but Boise (downtown) and Moscow are a bunch of fun.

I’m the same name on Jezebel. I originally and still am Cinnamoncanuck,  I just changed it to Cinnamongirl for a modicum of disguise so that people who read my blog don’t necessarily make the correlation between it and my posting on Jez and here.  ;-)

The Cinnamon part is because it’s one of MrCanuck’s favourite scents. The Canuck is because I’m Canadian born and bred. I’m originally from Hamilton, Ontario and now live and work in Ottawa.

Mr Canuck and I have been together for over 8 and a half years, married for over two and a half. I’m the proud stepmum to two beautiful little girls who live with their mum, stepdad, and younger siblings. We miss them dearly, and don’t get to see them nearly often enough.

I’m a manager for member outreach and other activities for one of Canada’s national health professional associations. I really enjoy my job, though things have been rather stressful thanks to changes in office personnel. Still, I can’t imagine leaving here anytime soon.

MrCanuck is in the military, and is just finishing up a course here in town before he has to head back to his posting. It’s nice to have him home, and it’s hard to have him away. But he’s worked so very hard to get where he is, and I wouldn’t begrudge him that for anything.

I’m currently participating in’s Nerd Wars Tournament, which allows me tie my knitting and crocheting projects into my love for animation and comics (Go, Team Shady Cels!). Yes, I’m a fangirl, especially when it comes to Tintin, Studio Ghibli, Pixar, Wallace & Gromit, Calvin and Hobbes…and the list goes on!

I’ve also been a Doctor Who fan since I was a little girl. Peter Davison is my absolute favourite. He’s just so cool!


I’m game! But crap, what to say about me? I’m currently in a hotel while my husband is at a conference. I’m technically working, but my job (forensic toxicology training) involves a lot of waiting and…inventing things to keep me occupied, so I may need to work from poolside after lunch :) I’m 41, recently married, with two teen boys and a teen stepson who all live elsewhere. I went to art school for a bit as a video major, did a bunch of stuff in the music industry, then was back in my home turf of D.C. suburbs doing the govvie contractor thing. Now I’m living in N.C.  I also do a lot of stuff with tech companies, particularly fruit-named and clay-type ones :) My screen name is basically a combo of Venture Bros and 12 Monkeys. I’m also in the Who camp and like a lot of ‘geek culture’-type stuff. One odd thing about me is that I’ve known a pretty sizable chunk of celebs before they were famous; I keep thinking I’ve made a lot of wrong turns in my life but will catch up one day. My current goals are to find a decent lawyer (long story), build my dream home, travel, and work on promoting feminism, especially working to highlight how rampant women misogynists are. Oh! And I love squirrels. I was in a theme park two days ago and squirrels were coming up to me in line for drinks, and they’re hanging out poolside here too.

Good idea, Bryn!  I was always a fan of yours on Jezebel, but was always too shy to approach the great Donovanesque.  I loved reading everyone’s bios and am excited about making new interwebs friends!

Let’s see, I recently turned 30 and love that the rest of me is starting to catch up with my “old soul.”  I am currently neglecting my almost 2 year old daughter while she dumps her cereal on the floor and watches Elmo.  I’m not working at the moment, due to the general upheaval of a huge move (England to California–husband is an academic), and I hate it.  I’m a clinical social worker and can rattle on forever about mental health, therapy, social justice, child protection, foster care, parenting, blah blah blah.  I love what I do and miss it terribly; at the moment my license is tied up in Sacarmento and I can’t do anything about it (grrrrrrrr….).  Still, it’s been great to have all this time home with my little cheeky monkey, and I ultimately only want to work part time, anyway (at least while there’s little ones about).  I’m thinking about going back to school for a PhD in clinical psychology, but I need to stop moving/ finish having all my babies first.

I have too many interests at any one time to be productive with any of them.  I love running, yoga, hiking, knitting, sewing, writing, traveling, baking, and cooking.  My latest obsession is gardening, and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of an excessive amount of seeds so I can get started with my spring planting.

The Zuzuling has now moved on to using me as a climbing wall, so I think that’s my cue to sign out…thanks, everyone!

Hey, I know you! I like you! “the great Donovanesque”–OK, that really made me laugh. :D

Social work sounds so fascinating, and also hard! That is really impressive. Until recently, I had a vague and narrow idea of what social workers do (I guess I thought they mostly visited houses to make sure a parent wasn’t beating up or neglecting his/her kid again…) Have you worked in the area of mental health at all?

You are interested in many cool things! I want to try running again, even though I have problems with blisters. I think I will see if there is a running group here over in the hobby section. :)



Hi everyone!

I’m Jo, which is non-identifying enough to make me feel comfortable. :) I go by MissCombobulated on Jez and I’ve used neither of these handles before. I’m studying a BSc music and audio technology, I’m a half-city-half-country gal and I live in the UK.

I  like reading, music, and playing video games. My favourite genres of everything are sci-fi and fantasy, although I do enjoy romcoms. Wine is a sometime guilty pleasure, although I’ve recently cut back as part of living a healthier lifestyle (that, and I got way too drunk about a month ago, which I still haven’t lived down). I also REALLY enjoy dressing up – most recently I restyled an 80s wedding dress into the ballroom dress from Labyrinth, probably the most fun costume I’ve ever had. At the very least, it’s the most beautiful! I’m also a World of Warcraft player, and I am Team Pie.

I want to play!

I too am a Jezebel refugee. I commented very rarely under this name, but mostly just lurked for years. I am currently a college senior in the great state of Oklahoma (note the sarcasm.) I have a liberal arts major and have no idea what I am going to do with my life after I graduate in three months. In my studies I focus on Latin America, and I love it. History, anthropology, politics, anything really.

As some of you know, I am obsessed with owls, Big Bang Theory, and music. Some of my favorites are Elliot Smith, Joshua Radin, Mat Kearney, Jose Gonzalez, just to name a few.

I am really looking forward to being active here and getting to know everyone!


This is great! I think I know so much more about all the people I met at Jez than I ever learned about them over there.

Ok, I’ll play, too…I live near Los Angeles, been married about 12 years and we have one doggie.  Up until fairly recently, I worked as a makeup artist in movies and tv (my husband calls me the Show Killer because nearly every show I worked on was either canceled or never picked up in the first place, ha!)

I’ve really started to grow weary of that whole world, though and I’m taking a bit of a break, trying to plot my next big chapter……

Ooh, let’s see.

I’m also a disgruntled Jezzie, with same username and such. I’m currently living in St. Louis, where I was born and raised, in order to follow my life’s dream that is philosophy. Studying to get my MA and eventually my PhD, and as long as I can do philosophy, I will be happy. I’d really like to try to make some ripples in the field, and hopefully, since my interests are rather “peculiar,” I will be able to, because I want to do stuff a lot of people aren’t doing in philosophy right now.

I am also a life-long atheist, but I don’t have a lot in common with the atheist movement, because I feel like it’s 1) dominated by white males and 2) jerking off to ideas like “rationality” and “science can do EVERYTHING”! It’s an extremely “masculine” movement, and I’d rather develop trains of thought that not only legitimize atheism but religious beliefs as well. I consider myself a “spiritual atheist,” which to a lot of people sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not. I am continually entranced with the beauty of the world and the interconnectedness of it all.

I am currently living with my boyfriend of over four and a half years, and we’ve been staying at his parent’s house until we can find affordable living arrangements in this city of our own…which has been difficult.

We are both gigantic nerds. Our nerd interests mostly overlap with things such as video games, D&D, and fantasy, but he’s really into trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, and I’m more of a sci-fi/computer gaming buff as well.

I’ll play! (also, Bryn is a great name)

My name is Emma, I’m 27, Swedish and live with my long-time boyfriend and our adorable cat who goes by the name of Kärlek (which translates to “love” in the noun-form). Things I love include reading, writing, painting, cats, baking and watching trashy TV. To finish off what is starting to sound like a plethora of clichés, I also have an unhealthy obsession with wedding dresses.

I am a teacher who is currently on a prolonged sick-leave. I have a masters in education and I usually teach Swedish and English at what roughly translates to a high-school level. I also have about half a masters degree in literary science, which of course makes me the hottest thing on the job market :). I sometimes use  way too many smileys and exclamation points, which I like to claim has to do with spending too much time with teenagers, but in fact, I am probably just trying to come off as friendly.

For a picture of me, I refer you to my avatar, and then beg you to picture a way less sassy version of that.



I’ll join in. I too am from Jezebel, though I don’t know if I was really there long enough before it got weird for anyone to really notice me. I was opifex umbratili over there.

I am an art school graduate, animation major, who got herself a sensible desk job to pay the bills while I hone my craft on nights and weekends. I live in the burbs of Detroit, and I spend a fair amount of time in both that fair city and its little sister to the west, Ann Arbor. I have two cats and a long term boyfriend with no real plans of marriage.

I’m also a massive Doctor Who fan, and have been watching since I was small. Patrick Troughton is my fav doctor (with Jamie as his companion). Other than that I am a generalized sci-fi fan, and I have some super nerdy hobbies like playing table top role playing games and going to steampunk conventions. I used to knit and crochet a lot, but then I owwied my wrist a few years back and I have to take knitting a lot slower, so I get stuff done at an abysmally slow rate.

thanks! Many long years of Catholic school gave me a passing interest in dead languages, further cultivated by taking classical art history in college and watching Rome on HBO. Opifex means crafts-person and if I didn’t screw up the conjugation umbratili means in the shadows (but I probably did screw up the conjugation so don’t use me as a good source for Latin).

ETA: I love your avatar.

Can old-timers play, too?

I’m pileofmonkeys, or PoM to most. I’ve been P-Mag staff for just about a year now. I’m the lead copyeditor, so all typos are my fault. I also have a full-time job, which I’m home sick from today with a nasty fever. I like coffee, chocolate, cheese, and I have two elderly chihuahuas. I enjoy nerditry of all kinds.

I live near Boston, MA, and I currently work in the military-industrial complex. I also teach. I used to be in medicine/public health.

Mr. Maus is another inveterate academic. We’ve been together for about a decade; no kids, and no pets at the moment. We just rudely ogle other people’s dogs in public.

My icon, a black square, is an apt personal descriptor.

Succinctly put, I’m a polymathic slacker. That’s like being a dilettante, but better.

I’m 100% naturally nocturnal. At the beginning of this year, I resolved to wear more jewelry and watch more television.

I’m Maggie (a nickname which has absolutely no relation to my given name, but I love it). Around the internet- Jez, mostly- I’m choirperson.

I read a lot (I took a speed-reading test for fun a few days ago, and apparently I read 562 words per minute, which is cool), and I’m a soprano (I think I may be a spinto soprano, but that’s not really the kind of thing my choir director talks about). I’m also extremely fond of parenthetical statements (I suspect you may have noticed already).

I’m a sophomore in college (only because I took AP classes in high school, though), and I’m favoring a double-major in English and mathematics, with the intention of working in family law. My family life tends to be dramatic, but very loving (and nosy. So very nosy).

*And I’m editing to say: Hi, I’m a Whovian! OK, I’m done now.

Right, so I’ll add.
I’m also a refugee from the Lady Mag, although I’m not given up just yet.

I currently reside in the Greater NYC area and I work in private aviation (woooo!! actually it’s not nearly that awesome). I’ve been here with Mr. SuperStella for 2.5 years, and we’ve been together 4 years now. We had a nice LDR going on for the first half of our relationship until I finished my undergrad in Arizona.

I’m getting my Masters in Education, and slowly realizing that it is not anywhere near what I want to do with my life (surprise!) but I’m a semester away from being finished so I’m going to ride it out. Mr. Super’s job will be taking us a million different places in the next few years so I’m banking on that to keep me entertained.

I haven’t had a chance to upload an image yet since I mostly post from the office but this is me celebrating this past winter break. YAY Zebra Cakes!

This is a great idea. I am so used to seeing these names via Jez, but I now feel like I get to know the people behind the warmth and hilarity.

I am not a prolific commenter over there, but I’ve been around a LONG time in internet years (used to be lessahhaspants before I got in a bit of an argument with Mr. Denton, thus the current name). I’ve seen the changes and blowups over the years. It is funny that the security breach wasn’t the catalyst for my departure, which is probably should have been, but the exodus of my favorite commenters.

Anyway, I live around PDX with my SO, twin orange kitties and my little buddy, Olive, the papillon mix you see as my avatar. I’m new to the area and not too sure that I like it yet. I am from the Mojave Desert, so this weather is a mindkiller. I work as an Analyst and it is just about as fun as it sounds, but it not a bad job at all. My background is Political Science and Gender Studies. I am a novice runner, a MLS fan, a quilter, a massive video game nerd and pretty bookish in the scifi/fantasy/nonfiction politics genre. I am going through some pretty big life changes and occasionally need some input from you lovely people. Ya’ll are a lifesaver.

Thanks so much to Persophoneers that are making room for us Jezpats. I really like it here.

I want to play too!

I am celebrating my first year here at P-Mag this month- actually tomorrow-ish. I don’t remember the date, but it coincided with the start of Middlemarch Madness, which I’m super excited to start up again tomorrow. :D

I’m currently a second year medical student who plays with her pet frogs and reads for fun way more than she ought to because it keeps her sane, even if it puts her farther behind. And who apparently wishes to talk in the third person today (this is not usual).

I’m glad to see so many new faces here. :)

Hi all! This is late, but better than never :)

I’m MatriarchalMayhem, formerly a long-time lurker and rare commenter at Jezebel under the name magnoliatree.  Super pleased to have found such a pleasant, kind welcome here at Persephone.

I live in New Orleans and am getting my Master’s in Social Work. I work with homeless populations living with HIV or AIDS.  It’s a little challenging but more than anything else, it fills my soul and  makes me sure I’m in school for the right thing.

Getting geared up for Mardi Gras this coming week, which is always the best, most glittery and exhausting time of the year. Sending Carnival love and happiness to everyone here!

Oooh, I’ve always wanted to go to Mardi Gras! I had a roommate in college who was from New Orleans and she had some of the best stories about growing up with Mardi Gras (hint: It had NOTHING to do with boobies or booze…. or maybe there was some booze, but it was normal, sothern-style boozing, not drive-thru daiquiri-style boozing!) Anyways, have tons of fun this Carnival season!

YES! Mardi Gras is a family-friendly celebration! You won’t see boobs except maybe on Bourbon Street, which is filled with tourists–and those boobs will likely be arrested for indecent exposure. We booze hard here, for sure; New Orleans definitely condones functional alcohol abuse much moreso than most other places (at least in the States). But it’s a fun time, for sure.

If you haven’t been here before, you should come check it out! Even when Mardi Gras ain’t happening, there’s always a good party in New Orleans.

OMFG. My heart goes out to ya. I retook the GRE and even took a class. I didn’t improve my score really at all (the refunded the class). Part of me was like “yay! they couldn’t teach me anything!” the other part of me was like “mother fucker. they couldn’t teach me ANYTHING!”

The whole think is a total rip off.

i just got the barron’s new GRE book – someone told me that getting a book won’t be helpful, but i don’t know what else to do (and don’t really want to pay for a prep course).


how many times is it acceptable to take the GRE?  i was going to take it twice, just like i did with the SAT.

When I was preparing for the GRE I used a book, but I spent most of my time writing essays – lots and lots of essays on the topics they gave in the book, and would have my roommates time me.

I did really well on the writing portion of the GRE (and pretty OK on the other portions). I also used the skills on essay writing a lot whenever I was applying for jobs and there were writing portions of applications/testing (pretty common when applying for government jobs within a certain sector or skillset)..

So I would recommend preparing for that. It’s scored differently, but I felt like I could relax more on the other portions of the test and just do my best whenever I knew that I was fully prepared for the scariest part of the exam.

I was told it really depends. If you take it a couple times and your score really improves, that looks good, but if you have a lot of scores focused around the same area and it’s not so good…even if you have one that’s a lot better, it’s not as great.

I’d prolly stick with what you have, depending on the scores you got.

The GRE blows goats. It STILL pisses me off a little bit that the math section was basically middle-school, high-school math all over again, and you couldn’t use a damn calculator.

I also have a tendency to not test as well as I can do. Essays, I can rock those so hard, and I did on the GREcause I got a perfect score on that part. But the rest…errg.

I’ve been there–a few years ago. Oddly, I didn’t feel to freaked by the application process. I felt I’d have enough stuff to stress about when I got in. And I was right. What programs are you applying to? What is it that you find stressful?

Oh, and if you’re applying to PhD programs, you shouldn’t have to worry much about the expense since most schools generally support their PhDs. If you’re applying to Master programs, try to go for ones that appoint some Masters to TAs. These can be more rare, though, depending on your area.

Me! I think my hair’s going to all fall out or something. I only applied to three programs, didn’t think it through completely, will be crushed if I get in nowhere, and will be in a state of holy-shit-i-need-to-plan-my-whole-life-right-now panic if I get in anywhere. This, however, is an improvement on the nervous breakdown I had last year even thinking about the prospect and taking the GRE twice in a rush of panic (I did better the first time, by the by.)

If I get in nowhere though, I’ll qualify for more programs next year. And will have to take Organic Chemistry again, and possibly Gen Chem I for a third time.

I’m excited.

I can’t believe there’s been no more attention paid to it on Jezebel itself. At this point, major media outlets are calling them on their shit. It’s not just the commenters being uppity any more. They need to start paying attention or this might actually bring them down.

Yeah, especially since people in the comments on those articles are continually saying shit like “it’s sensationalist news, what do you expect?” or “what do you expect from a site named Jezebel?” (which is a gross statement, for sure)

Don’t they realize this is hurting their reputation bigtime?

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