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This Open Thread is Broken Up

In the last 4 days, I have become a connoisseur of breakup songs. And right now I’m really into Aimee Mann and her ability to really articulate everything I feel about the demise of my relationship. There are almost too many options to choose from for the song that I will listen to on repeat while I plow through my entire supply of Kleenex and cake-flavored vodka. But I think for today’s saddest dance party open thread ever, I am going with two breakup songs that I’m listening to right now.

Enjoy yourself in the comments, friends! I’ll be joining you after I have finished dissecting the final hours of my relationship.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I am, for the most part, super shy about posting on the internet. In fact this is the only site that I really post at all on (and more so now that I’ve been here a year).  I’ve been reading for almost a decade now and have all of 10 posts maybe on it, but people are nice here, so I don’t get as intimidated. Though sometimes that still happens, especially if we’re talking about something that I feel is very personal.

I’ve been lurking here for months and months (located via Pajiba, which I love reading), and I’m so happy there are other newbies. I felt a little akward about it before. But the articles here are super interesting and insightful, and I’m amazed at how prolific the writers are! Awesomeness factory.

So a good time will be had by all, I think.

Also, some of my fondest memories are of watching Murder, She Wrote with my mom. I’m still a little puzzled that no one freaked out when she showed up, though, since there was inevitably a perplexing murder always happened about five minutes later.

I would like to add a few break up songs to this list as well, since I’m still dealing with fresh wounds from the demise of what I thought was my happily ever after. Not that I have a playlist or anything … *ahem*

Nico – “These Days”
Bright Eyes – “Messenger Bird’s Song”
Bright Eyes – “Perfect Sonnet”
Kind Of Like Spitting – “If The Shoe Fits, Cut The Foot Off”
Elliot Smith – “Between The Bars”
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Soft Shock” (especially the acoustic version)
The Decemberists – “Red Right Ankle”
Rilo Kiley – “So Long”
The Good Life – “Album Of The Year”
Mountain Goats – “Woke Up New”
M. Ward – “Sad, Sad Song”
Tim Kasher – “Split Lip”
And a whole lot more Bright Eyes.

Nico for SURE.

Oh, and my additions are Sharon Von Etten. Especially “A Crime” and “Don’t Do It.” But seriously, only if you want to bawl and get mad….. I’m in a stable, healthy relationship and these songs make me fairly convinced that he has either just left me or is about to….

I mentioned this in the Walking Dead recap, but I wanted to see if anyone has a question for TDog (IronE Singleton)? My friend is interviewing him tomorrow morning. I find his character one of the most underdeveloped of the lot. We know next nothing about him or really his reason for wanting to survive. Let me know and I will pass it on. I’ll post the link when she has the interview up (if that is allowed).

Sorry if this breaks the rules. I looked at the commenter rules/guidelines and didn’t see a conflict. Did I miss it?

Also – thanks for having us former and undecided Jezzies.

I’m sure it’s on her list, but how does he feel his chances for survival are, as the only person of color left in the group, and does he feel he’s gotten the short shrift on storylines and development in comparison to characters like Daryl or even Glen, who got thrown a romance bone? (That came out kind of wrong.)

Okay, well I don’t know if this is actually a break up song, and I missed the break up song  poll, but I think this is a good one. It’s not sad. It’s badass. You play it loud, especially before you go out or when you are driving in your car. The Noisettes are so great.

Block Jezebel on your browser! That worked for me for like two days before I got so curious and unblocked me :P

I was lurking, but I think Va Va is here now. This is being shortened to “Phonies”, right? It’s awesome, I always liked to creepily stalk her profile and read her comments there.

The response I saw went something like “blah blah spam blah blah Goodbye World Posts then BlogPimping blah blah blah”

I don’t really blame the people who are just doing their moderating jobs according to the rules in place, but that one did seem a little…weird…since there’s been plenty of people who said more than you did.

Wow, so many “I” people! To be honest, I totally thought I’d be an “I” because I’m shy and quiet most of the time, but apparently that’s not what being introverted is necessarily all about. I had to look it up, and I think I’m more of an ambivert who just barely edges over into extrovert. I never even knew ambiversion was a thing until now. You learn something new every day!

Yeah, it’s quite interesting, because sometimes people who are quiet get E and loud people get I. According to a friend who’s quite into this stuff, it’s more to do with how you react to social interaction – whether you find it a bit draining or energising. Some really loud, funny, outgoing people get quite exhausted by a lot of socialising and need to be alone for a while to recharge their batteries (I have a few friends like this, who are party animals but do then need a little alone time to feel at their best). Whereas for someone hardcore Extrovert like me, I get absolutely nothing from being on my own or in my own head – I find it draining and exhausting. I’m energised just by being around and interacting with other people, even if I’m not the centre of attention myself. Sometimes I’ll be knackered and not want to see people or do anything, but I know that if I do stay home I’ll feel like crap all night, whereas the minute I’m in a social situation I’ll inevitably perk up.

ENFJ apparently. The Idealist Teacher. I’ve gotten this one pretty much every time I’ve ever taken the test in its various forms. I’m surprised that it remains so consistent. I wonder if the test can tell that I desperately want to be organized, but that I’m actually pretty horrible at keeping things orderly.

I’m an ESFJ which apparently is rather common (though not on this thread it seems!). A friend who’s really into Jungian archetypes has us all take these every once in a while and I always get the same thing – 100% Extraverted, really strongly F and J, and weakly S. I’m predictable!

Okay, so on the whole “breakup with The Other Website” theme… I will weirdly miss some of the specific rites and rituals that went on there. I feel like Jez, and presumably the whole evil empire (I don’t know, I never went to the other sites) really know how to foster a kind of prep-school feeling, with the approval and starring and all of those little things that are kind of sweet, but also really cliquey. I will miss the COTD, because I always liked reading them and I really loved the whole congratulatory aspect (especially the internet cakes, which was a brilliant idea; I’m assuming that originated from commenters). I am very big on rites and rituals, especially in terms of building community. Which is why I was excited to see the points system, which takes all the cliquiness out but leaves the fun of achievement. Also, I love to unlock badges, so thank you guys for that!

And lastly, I hear there is some sort of “Middlemarch Madness…”? I am INTRIGUED.

You’re right about it feeling kind of cliquey. For a while, I was like, “Where is my goddamn star?” and tried not to feel like people just didn’t care about my comments. Cause that’s kind of silly and insecure…

I’m not sure I’m entirely done with Jez yet. At least not Groupthink. But as for the rest of the site…I just don’t care anymore. I felt like I got more out of reading articles here in a day than I have there for months. Since all I was really there for anymore was the community and so many people I knew were leaving…migrating just made sense.

I agree. I migrated on the weekend and it was all so new and since change isn’t much fun I wasn’t sure.  But it’s just so darn nice and friendly around here from not just the commenters but the bloggers that it makes it a nice community for me.  Much less corporate controlled page-view motivated and more of an organic community that actually serves the purpose I think we all wanted “the other” website to have.

Plus, if you liked the stars and rituals, you will love points.  I just achieved a new status – Unicorn – and it feels as exciting as when I got starred.

Yes, but once you’re deep in range of Time Lord points, do you forget that you were ever a time lord and are convinced that you are nothing more than a pomegranate while you try to *not* look at that weird pocket watch on the mantle? I can see advantages and disadvantages.

I’m a glittery-something right now and even though I know I can go look up the levels and the names of each level, I don’t want to because I want to be surprised about it when I do reach another level.

And re: being a starred commenter, while I was so happy when I finally got mine, it also had its drawbacks, like having to see some absolutely awful pink comments and trying to refrain from replying to them because you would end up approving and promoting them. I am sad about never earning a COTD though. Got nominated a few times but never won.

Is this comment inviting drink recipes? I hope so. Grown up jungle juice: Equal parts lemon-lime soda and cherry juice and as much vodka as you want. The Greyhound (although I like to call it a Snoopdog): Greapefruit juice and your favorite gin–mine’s Tanqueray.

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