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This Open Thread Needs Some Inspiration

When I was going through my iTunes to find a good song for tonight’s Dance Party OT, I realized that I have downloaded a paltry 31 songs since this date last year. 31! That’s 2.5 songs a month!  No wonder I feel like I’m tired of all my music; it needs freshening up.

So instead of me putting a random song on here that I’ve been listening to all week, I want YOU to post what you’ve been listening to this week. Help a girl out! I mean, seriously, five of those songs were Peter Paul and Mary. So, if I don’t find some new songs, next week’s dance party will be to “If I Had a Hammer.”

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Ooh, so here are a few Aussie band suggestions:

Kate Miller-Heidke, Lisa Mitchell, Angus & Julia Stone, and The Veronicas


Planet Funk (British), Damien Rice (Irish), anything Putamayo (world music compliations), DJ Smash (Russian), and for the sake of variety, Big Bang (South Korean popstar icons–kinda fun to listen to sometimes).

I’m on Slacker Radio at work, which I decree to be greater than Pandora.

It’s been playing a lot of Toad the Wet Sprocket.  I had almost forgotten about them.

Also, lots of Belle and Sebastian (The Blues are Still Blue = awesome),  Sulfjan Stevens, and Iron and Wine.

Oddly enough I recently sent a friend an email with a list of bands/videos that I thought he might find something among. I hope you don’t mind that I basically copy/pasted it – maybe you’ll discover something in it up your alley! I like to imagine it’s a nice little mix of styles/genres. And apparently I love backslashes today.

Battles (two songs from their amazing first album)

Tonto (this video is lovely):

Arcade Fire‘s song that hooked me:

Two from Bat For Lashes:

What’s a Girl to DO? (First album single – this video blew me away and the rest of the album has a nice fairy tale vibe/folklore bent that I adore):

Daniel (second album single – a song about Daniel from the Karate Kid – cause she can):

Zoe Keating

Beethoven’s 7th 2nd movement (she spends a bit of time explaining the process which is pretty neat – two songs from her – the Beethoven and one of her own pieces)

Her original song tetrishead:

Um other bands I’ve been enjoying recently… Janelle Monae (best song – Many Moons), Mumford and Sons (best song – The Cave), Band of Horses (The Funeral), Florence and the Machine (my favorite song is Blinding – or Heavy in Your Arms), Amanda Palmer (I love ‘Oasis’ and her cover of ‘On an Unknown Beach’).

Mmmm music! I hope you find something you like in this mix. Happy listening.

You are in luck. The Sasquatch Music Festival released its lineup! This is my main source for new music.

(but, thanks to the help of a friend in college, I already know about half this list – and they are all good)

So, I say check out The Head and The Heart (I own their album, it is wonderful)

And then go here:

Oh, and a friend of mine LOVES The Civil Wars. It’s currently on repeat in her car.

I just heard this song on the CBC and I sort of love it.


Also, I bought a Mr. Clean magic eraser today (I have been cleaning the daylights out of my apartment in the last 2 days because I had norovirus, not foodpoisoning, and you are supposed to wipe every surface you touch with a bleach solution if you want people to come over in the next two weeks) and I think my life is permanently changed for the better.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are indeed magic. Mr. Clean is some sort of benevolent god, bestowing us with his magic sponges. Just a word of caution, though: you’re not supposed to use any kind of cleaner on the sponge itself, just water. You’re better off using a rag or paper towels or regular sponges for bleach solution purposes.

When they were first introduced, they were one of the products being pushed on the Apprentice. It’s pretty much the only episode of the show I’ve ever seen, but when they demonstrated the sponge (it was a QVC challenge), I almost jumped in my car and bought them on the spot. I buy them in bulk at BJs now.

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