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Dudes, I need to get real with you. Between The Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit and working with clients and living my big fat life, I’m kind of tuckered out! So this week, I just want to toss you some links to some really good articles that you’re totally going to want to read!

Lead Bottom Disney
Disney's "Lead Bottom" character

Don’t Buy Disney – Disney took the baton from Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and created a “Habit Heroes” exhibit that takes fat shaming of children to new levels. In it, the heroes fight The Glutton, The Leadbottom, and The Snacker, who are all depicted as fat, once again conflating not-so-healthy habits with fat. Although, it’s now been reported that due to public pressure, the exhibit is no more!

Qnexa Is Qrap – Hey! There’s a new diet drug! It’s really an old diet drug (phentermine! speeddddd!) and a drug that used for seizures that causes cognitive and mental issues (Topamax) and the evidence is shaky that it actually causes any sort of permanent weight loss (because it probably doesn’t). Now that’s exciting!

Ursula The Sea Witch From Disney's The Little Mermaid
Ursula The Sea Witch From Disney's The Little Mermaid

Even Pre-Schoolers Have Ingrained Fat Hatred – Even kids who are only 32 months old are likely to perceive a fat character as “mean” and a thin one as “nice.” I know I can’t blame Disney for everything, but their animations haven’t exactly helped over the years.

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I also take Topamax for migraine/headache prevention. I’ve been on it for several years. It has helped me lose weight, which was a bonus (my doctor no longer marks “obesity” on my chart :\ ), but the very real plus of it helping me with the headaches has been great. I do have a big issue with not being able to “find my words”. It’s very frustrating, it’s embarrassing, and I can see that it frustrates others who talk with me.

I have heard so many different opinions of Topamax! People react to meds so differently.

I chose to go off my Prozac for now to do more with my writing, especially poetry. It does inhibit my language. I’m trying to pay close attention to myself, though, so I don’t get in a mess.

I will probably be on meds for the rest of my life (as I have been roughly half my life already) b/c depression is a brain chemical imbalance with me, and that’s just the cards I was dealt. I try to not be in “victim” mode, but “fighter” mode. I also have to keep a internal check on how I’m doing, b/c even the meds, therapy, etc. aren’t enough sometimes.

P.S. My pops is doing well, pulling through! So grateful! Thank you for your kind words last night. :)

The Disney animation thing has been getting me a lot lately. Last weekend me and a couple of friends had an end of midterms party where, being the mature ninth graders that we are, we watched a Disney marathon and the first thing I noticed when we turned on The Little Mermaid was that Ursula was the only fat character. An isolated incident, I though, whatever. But no. The circus master in Pinocchio. The colonizer in Pocahontas. The Prince’s assistant in The Princess and the Frog. Pete. The Red Queen. Fixing this ride isn’t going to be even close to Disney tackling the piles of fat shaming its ladled into its movies. They’ve has this problem a whole lot longer than that.

Yes yes and yes. I remember noticing this as well. Especially with The Little Mermaid. It always bothered me that, while Ursula was badass, she was the only fat person in the entire damn movie.

And of course, when she was posing as a beautiful woman with Ariel’s voice, she was thin.

I didn’t even think about her transformation, but yeah. Clearly you can’t have a beautiful voice or be alluring without being thin. Obviously.

Or how when there are “good” fat positive characters, they’re always the mothering, care giving types. Never badasses in the fighting sense.

I guess what I always saw as a child was that the fat characters also had a good deal of power. Like in all those old anthropology textbooks that talk about how extra weight = extra cash to spend on more food, so you’re not starving. Disney goes in for the real stereotypical “fat cat” – the overweight character who has a lot of figurative weight to throw around as well.

Topamax has some fun side effects like making you feel like you are on mushrooms, and not in a good way (distracted, visual problems, slow reaction time)… AND can prevent you from sweating. I was prescribed Topomax in HS 10 years ago to treat migraines (and, the male Neurologist pushed the benefits of weight loss to a perfectly healthy and athletic, albiet insecure teenage girl). Not sweating can lead to all kinds of other problems. Telling a teenage girl that she could use strong medications to use it to lose weight, not cool. Just putting that out there.

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