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This Weekend Open Thread Bleeds Red

Is this technically Valentine’s Day weekend? Are you celebrating this weekend? Or are you observing “Cupid is Stupid” instead (I totally stole this phrase from a radio commercial – it works, no)? 

With Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, I’m assuming most revelers will be out this Saturday night. We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, but I always enjoy a handful of conversation hearts (usually on February 15th, when they are half-price.)

Whether you’re in or out of love – what’s going on with you this weekend?

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Any other linguaphiles in the building? I’ve been constructing a language for the past month or so, and it’s funny how little I’ve achieved (or, at least, that is how it seems). I have been steadily building the vocab in this time, but I have literally gone back to my very first draft of the verbal inflection/declension. It’s actually funny to flip through my notebook (which is almost full already) and see all the different charts, and the variations of the Latin alphabet and of the spelling (vowel harmony, I love you; but you’re bringing me down) I’ve gone through.Today my plan is to build my case system back up. I completely tore it down to the basics, but I’ve decided that I liked my complex case system more (which had about 25+ declensions per noun).

I’m taking a hint from Ugric and Quechua languages in that regard. It’s sort of my goal to create a wholly synthetic, agglutinative language; so I have the main noun cases (nom., acc., gen., dat.), plus a jillion prepositional cases. It’s weird to have all this freedom with it. Like, I just sit here sometimes thinking, “but I can do anything that I want with it,”and my mind just draws a blank. (I’m having that problem with verb inflections at the moment. Trying to come up with a unique concept of time is difficult, thanks to Gregorian conditioning.)

I’m mostly trying to just stay away from Euro-centric ideas. Not that they’re not good; just not what I’m looking for.

(Sidebar: People have always tried to make auxiliary languages Latin-based, or a giant mixture of Indo-European languages. However, I’m trying to do the exact opposite and take as little influence as possible (which, of course, is futile, as most of the influence will be subconscious, for that is how my brain has been taught to work; but it’s worth a shot.)

I was reading about Quechua languages, and I found an excerpt about their concept of time which said that their word for ‘in front’ is the same as their word for ‘past’, and the same with ‘behind’ and ‘future’, because they see themselves on the time line with their backs toward the future (because they can’t see what’s coming), and their fronts to the past (because they can see what went on).

Hi, everybody!  I’m another who has found her way over from Jezebel.  Over there I am Forglemmegei.  I must say, I am thrilled with the community over here just from flicking through articles and comments.  Currently I’m introducing myself, while I should be going over the contents of my suitcase.  I leave for Tanzania in two days to do research for my bachelor’s thesis and I’m a little terrified.  (Of the thesis, not Tanzania.) I look forward to beating the heat in the evenings with lovely articles from Persephone.


(And beer, too.)

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