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We Try It: ChefMate Cupcake Carrier

A few months ago, I cleaned out my kitchen and got rid of everything that we didn’t use and all the stuff that had worn out over the years. Unfortunately, my muffin pans fell into the worn out category, the non-stick coating was flaking away and there were rust spots on the bare metal. I did not want to eat rusty cupcakes, so into the recycling bin they went.*

I don’t bake all that often, so we did fine without muffin tins for a few months, but then MiniB’s birthday came around. While I was shopping around for new pans, I saw this:

Now, a plain-old muffin tin is four or five dollars, and this pan/carrier combo is about twenty, so I paused for a minute. It seemed like a good idea, but would it be worth the money? I weighed the options and decided that having an easy way to bring cupcakes to MiniB’s class was worth the investment.

I got home, gave my fancy new pan a try, and holy crap–this is the greatest thing ever. I am picky about my cupcakes, and it bugs me when they get plastic wrap mashed into the frosting. Foil is easier to keep off the frosting, but less air-tight, causing stale cakes in a day or two. The cupcake carrier keeps everything fresh. We had a batch at the house for most of a week and they were perfect to the last one, and there is plenty of clearance between the tiers and the top for all but the tallest of home-decorated cupcakes. The red handles on the sides lock the top to the bottom pan, so you can carry it by the top handle without fear of dropping anything.

It has two small drawbacks. Number one: there is no real guide for where the second tier is supposed to sit on the bottom pan, so I accidentally clipped a cupcake with the edge the first time, but it’s pretty easy to get the feel for it. Number two: since the bottom tier is an actual baking pan, the cups are deeper than the top tier and it can be a little tricky to get frosted cakes out neatly. Frankly, having fresh cupcakes that haven’t lost half their frosting to plastic wrap is worth licking a little icing off my fingers when I take one out of the pan.

I give this 4 out of 5 glitter stars, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves their cupcakes, whether you are taking them away or keeping them home.

*I don’t know if old baking pans are recyclable, but I figured it was worth a shot.

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Ugh, so wait – the cupcakes don’t fall over with this model? I bought a cupcake carrier ages ago, and no matter how careful I am, there’s a decent chance that at least half the cupcakes have fallen out of their little holders and onto their sides by the time I get to my destination. It. Is. Frustrating.

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