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We Try It! Stropping Good Fun

No, this is not a new installment of The Frisky Feminist. While stropping may sound slightly licentious, it is actually one of the most boring, useful things ever.

Stropping is the act of re-edging a shaving razor so that it can be used for a longer period of time. Straight razors have traditionally been stropped, but there has been a relatively recent movement to strop disposable razors as well.

During an internet rabbit hole session, I ran across this video. This man, Terry, is a genius. I have since watched videos for other methods that suggest using jeans to strop, but I like the simplicity of Terry’s technique. The concept is that you safely re-edge the blades of a disposable razor by running it in the opposite direction along your forearm about ten times. Do this when you feel that the blades have started to lose their edge, usually every few weeks.

I already stretched my razors to the limit because, let’s face it, those tiny bastards are expensive. Using Terry’s method, my current razor has lasted 18 months and counting! I shave my bikini line and underarms every day. Every. Day. Full disclosure: my legs rarely get the de-fuzzing treatment because I am extremely lazy, but when I do shave them it’s with my Methuselah razor.

What about the moisture strips? Don’t they get dried out? Got that covered! If you’re like me, you have several tubes of conditioner that come with hair coloring kits cluttering up your shower. They are very thick so the conditioner doesn’t run off right away and are great for revitalizing the moisture strips. Any ultra-thick conditioner will work though. Plop a generous amount over the strips (avoiding the blades), lay the razor face up horizontally, by the next morning all the conditioner should be soaked up, and you are good to go!

Have any of you tried this already? Have you found it to be as effective as I have?

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I’ve heard about this, but want to add that about 6 months after my boyfriend started using a safety razor, I decided to give it a try. They are great, super sharp and the blades are SO much less expensive than the traditional women’s razor. There is a tiny bit of a learning curve, they’re sharp enough that you really don’t need any pressure otherwise you run the risk of nicks but after a few goes I’m completely converted.

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