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We Try It: Venus Bikini Trimmer

A few weeks ago I lost my Venus razor so I hurried out to get a new one when I came across the Venus Goddess’ latest invention: a “bikini trimmer.” I considered my options carefully: I could either buy the razor and trimmer set with no extra blades (and for a little more money) or I could buy the traditional razor plus two replacement blades for the standard $12. Further consideration was given to the nice, warm summer weather we were having in Sydney so I decided to give the trimmer a try and forego the extra blades.


When I got home, I opened the package and inspected this new device. It has a nice little comb for parting hair as you trim. Its design has a tilting head and the blade hanging off the bottom which I assumed would make things easier when trying to reach unseen places. One negative point in its construction, however, is that it does not have a replaceable blade; these trimmers are disposable and when the blade dulls, I will have to buy a whole new razor. When you look closely and see that the construction of the handle and the head are very similar to Venus’ other products, you’ll agree with me that this is a major oversight that will hopefully be modified in the future so that we can interchange our different blades on one handle.

I let the bikini trimmer sit unused for several weeks before I got around to giving it a try, upon which my life changed.

First, let me say this is not your average razor. “Bikini trimmer” is merely a euphemism for clear cutting “Tassie” (as the Australians call it). Disposable: yes. Weak: definitely not. Without giving too much away, let’s just say I’ve been lazy when it comes to maintenance. The Venus Bikini Trimmer has cured me, though. It was so easy to use! The comb helped me keep an even trim, not cut myself, and kept my hair from getting knotted. The clever design also meant that hair didn’t go every where like a normal razor but instead balled up nicely behind the head (tip: lathering with soap first will ensure the hair bundles together).

Perfect for the Land Down Under!

The Bikini Trimmer is pretty great and definitely worth investing in, but it’s not going to give you an amazing close shave, nor is it a replacement for waxing. If you want smooth skin, you will probably need to follow up with a proper razor or visit your local waxing specialist. But if you want to just keep things orderly, then this is your best bet. I’ve tried using traditional razors and even scissors before and none of them have ever been as convenient or clean. If you’re looking for a way to keep things tidy through the winter months, then look no further.

I give the Venus Bikini Trimmer two thumbs up!

By Thelma

Thelma is a photographer and traveler currently residing in Sydney, Australia. In her free time she can be found with her nose behind a camera or obsessing over koalas.

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How would you rate the prickliness factor? When I shave and the hair grows back, it’s so prickly that my hsuband complains (and I can’t really blame him). And I have a hard time reconciling myself to the pain of epilating or waxing. Does this do anything to soften the hairs at all? Is there any product that does?

Good question! Well, I’m pretty sure you can’t get a very close shave with this just because of how it’s constructed, but you can get it trimmed to about 1cm long. That being said though, you will still be a bit itchy and prickly. I don’t think there is much that can be done about it because you are essentially cutting off the soft tips of your hair and making them sharp with a razor. Wish I could be more help! I used the razor about 5 days ago and I’m still a bit itchy but I suspect this will be non-existent in another couple days. Those hairs just need some time to soften up I think!

If I do any tassie maintenance I take a full-on Mach 3 (like, the kind they make for the menz. Blades are sooo much cheaper! At least, here they are) and I shave that sucker bare. Had a few mis-steps (read: massive amounts of ingrown hairs so I looked like a pre-pubescent with crotch acne) but once I got the technique down it’s the only way I know how to roll. Basically I periodically raze the underbrush and then let it grow back to a wild and untamed thicket and lather, rinse, repeat.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! The comb was really useful and really helped the razor make an even cut. It’s actually not so different from an electric trimmer for your hair and I would suspect that this razor could do the trick on your head as well. Know anyone who needs a buzz cut? :)

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