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This week, we get a pseudo-recap episode from Chihayafuru, awesome character development in Last Exile (well I think it’s awesome) and more manly fighting in Brave 10.

Chihayafuru, Episode 16
Chibi Chihaya in a Coat
For those wondering, the text reads: "Coat bought with Chihaya's stolen money." Chihaya's sister stole her pocket money and bought a new coat, but felt bad afterward and gave it to Chihaya.

It looks like we got a change, this is now “Chitose Furu.” Ok, nothing much to say besides this looks like animated 4-koma (comic strips) mixed with “previously on.” In other words, a filler episode.

Last Exile, Episode 14

Character development episode!

Millia receive a letter form Sara Augusta
Next episode, all the moe characters will be together!

Yep, we got trolled from an Exile vs. Exile battle and only see the aftermath of it. Despite this, I think this was a good episode. We get to see more from the Ades generals and the cracks are starting to show up inside the Federation, from Vasant plotting against Luscinia (I’m sure he is expecting this), to Sadri preparing to attack Anatoray (not sure what there is to attack there, though). There is also more Luscinia plotting as well.

We also get Millia and Fam clashing over Lilliana’s future. Fam has major issues with family subjects since she’s an orphan, but Millia can’t let her sister support Luscinia with the Exile like that anymore. Although Millia doesn’t want to kill her sister, either. Fam shows how much she’s trying to disconnect with reality once again. It’s like she doesn’t want to grow up. All of this happens in a totally destroyed Kartoffel, and the Sky Pirates finally realize that the Federation was just tolerating them. Must be painful to their egos. We found out where the Anshar is: the Pirates kept it. I’m really starting to think that Tatiana is planned all of this. She gave the Silvius operational manual to Millia, so she knows how to manage a battleship with vanships. Atamora told the Sky Pirates to join up with her in a letter. Yep, Atamora is not in Kartoffel; I suspect he joined up with Anatoray to plan the “final battle.”

On her side, Vasant seems to have recruited what is left of Dian’s squadron for her own purpose. She also pretty much flagged herself as Chaos Exile key, being the only survivor of the country. I knew she was a key since she asked about them in Episode 2. I suspect Luscinia doesn’t know that she is though. For a guy who complained that people forgot about their past, he sure is ignorant about a lot of things. So far, Dio and Tatiana seem to be the most knowledgeable characters about everything (from battle planing to politics and Guild stuff).

Finally, looks like we will get a battle in Anatoray, and I’m sure this is where Luscinia will find his downfall. First, he’s only sending two fleets, because his reports told him that aside from the Silvius (that he believes sunk), they are a weak country. Weak? Tatiana has been trying to give the Silvius away for a couple of episodes (before they disappeared). This should tell people that it’s not their most important military asset. You don’t give away your only line of defense, especially when you are trying to win time and avoid annihilation. Although, I really don’t know where or what the Silvius is doing since the Ades assassins “sunk” it.

The preview for the next episode only shows Millia meeting up with Empress Sara and the Anti-Luscinia faction, but I suspect the entire 22 minutes of the episode won’t be based only on that. Hopefully, more politics and less Fam antics.

Brave 10, Episode 4

So far, I’m glad I keep watching. Isanami wasn’t as annoying as in the previous episodes and we have a plot. Well, what looks like a plot. The fourth episode continues from last week and our little adventuring group made it to the destroyed temple. We get a couple of answers, meet the bad guy Boss, and the protagonists get another beat down.

Also, the crazy guy from last episode appears to save his “toy,” Saizou, from the bad guy. I think you need to enjoy a certain type of humour to appreciate this show, because the episode was full of bad taste jokes and of a lot of sexual innuendos. The fights were still good to watch. Oh, and I might get my wish: the bad guy kidnapped Isanami, which mean we should see less of her for a couple of episodes. (I can dream, right?)

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