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So I’m back from a one week vacation on the Mexican East Coast and I’ve got some anime reviews to talk about. The Internet wasn’t great over there so I couldn’t watch the shows. I finally caught up on Chihayafuru and Last Exile, but I was too busy to watch the Brave 10 episodes. It’s not as good as the others, so I might actually drop it.

Chihayafuru, Episodes 18-19
Taichi and Nishida bonding
Taichi and Nishida bonding

Episode 18 could be summarized as Chihaya gets her ass kicked by a 30+ year old woman and finally realizes why she’s not a good karuta player. The old lady was cool. Although the coolest part of the episode was that both the D and B class final was between the school club members, and Chihaya was able to decide which match to watch until she decide to focus on the class D final.

In episode 19,  we continue the final matches with a lot of analysis from Chihaya and Desktomu. Karuta is such a brain game. Desktomu uses an interesting strategy here when he’s losing by 10 cards. You can’t commit a fault on our side, so Desktomu put all his remaining cards on his side and swiped them every time a card is read, hoping one of his will be read, but he still loses to Kana-chan in the end.

After that, Chihaya moves her focus to the Class B final with Nishida and Taichi.  We end-up with a “luck of the draw” setup where each side has a single card left, but Taichi knows that the Nishida card can’t be taken on the first syllable, so he move on the attack as opposed to playing defensively. Unfortunately, he isn’t lucky enough.

There’s some male bonding between Nishida and Taichi afterwards. Chihaya overhears Nishida mentioning she is an airhead that gives weird nicknames to people who seems to have traumatized her a bit. It looks like Desktomu’s name is Komano (I need to remember it). There is also team bonding on the trip home.

Last Exile, Episode 16


Episode 15.5 was a recap of the first season, narrated by Alvis and Dio. Nothing special to say about it beside the fact that the placement for it was weird in the season narrative considering episode 16 has nothing to do with these characters. The only interesting thing is that the “present” scenes showed Starfish fighters pursuing Dio/Al. We haven’t seen Guild Startfish yet and the Ades federation doesn’t use them. Something is a bit fishy here.

Boreas attack plan
Boreas attack plan

Episode 16 brings us back to Boreas and the Anti-Luscinia vs. Pro-Luscinia fight. This time most of the episode is from Sorush and Orang’s point-of-view:

  • Seems like Sorush believe killing his enemies means there will be peace in the world and that it’s the shortest way to achieved it. I guess he’s right: if you are the only person left, there can’t be war, can there? He also doesn’t mind if Sara Augusta is “replaced” on the long-term.
  • Orang isn’t too happy to attack Sara Augusta. In fact, he really has some misgivings about killing everybody to achieve peace. Just like Vasant, it would seem.

We also get a flashback to when they were younger and something interesting showed up. There was actually green field around the Ades capital,  but now it’s a desert. Looks like the Earth is dying again or the Luscinia war really took its tool on the country. This puts credence to my belief that the Ades conquest in the name of peace has a lot more to do with getting resources and not really about making peace.

We also get warfare and Fam can’t deal with killing her enemies to protect the sky, causing some of her friends to die in the process. Also, Sara can’t deal with her generals killing each other over their concept of peace. This was a dramatic episode with interesting character building and the show finally delivers a powerful character death, but it won’t matter much soon, because Luscinia got his “gizmos” a few episode back.

I can’t wait for Anatoray to show up now though and for Millia to spot Dio at the end of the episode, so it shouldn’t be too long now.

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