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We are getting closer and closer to the ending of the two shows I’m following. There’s only four Last Exile episodes to go and five for Chihayafuru. I haven’t found the “spring/summer” anime list yet, so I’m not sure what is going to replace them. At least Fate/Zero should be back for another ~24 episodes.

Chihayafuru, Episode 20

When real life catches up with your fantasy, you are in for an awakening. Seems like Chihaya has been focusing a bit too much on Karuta, and her school marks are suffering for it. This mean the teacher, who is also “supervising” the Karuta club, won’t let her go to a tournament because she must study and “think” about her future.

Chihaya thinking of her future
Chihaya thinking of her future (food, teddy bar, karuta)

So Chihaya has to study while Taichi goes to the tournament to gain Class A. Seems like Arata also decided to participate at that tournament, as does everyone who is serious about the Masters qualifiers. Of course, Chihaya can’t spend a whole day studying, so she sneaks out to cheer Taichi up. She then takes the wrong train, starts internalizing, decides that Taichi shouldn’t be alone, and finally makes it.

She of course arrives too late and Taichi already lost. He then tells her that Arata is playing and she goes to see that match. Poor Taichi; at least Chihaya is totally oblivious so it’s not like she doesn’t like him. No need to be so emo about it. That section had a lot of strange water imagery, too. Anyhow, seems like Arata isn’t oblivious and he think that Taichi and Chihaya are a couple – LOL! We also see Taichi realize that he’s quite happy to see Arata, too.

Last Exile, Episode 17

The first half of the episode was mostly politics and emotions, the second half was madness! This episode was on speed with a lot of random cut and sequence jumping. Seems like Gonzo just now realized that they need to fit the remaining story into four episodes.

Silvius own all!
Beware of level Boss (aka the Silvius)

This episode starts with Alvis and Dio explaining what they have been doing the last few episodes, and they mention they don’t know where the Silvius is, but that it avoided sinking. That’s something that happened back in episode 9, if someone needs a refresher. Dio also claims that Luscinia is afraid of the Anatoray’s Exile. I would, too; she looks four times bigger than the Turan one and she is bringing troops over.

After that we have a bit of political stuff: the “anti-Luscinia” aren’t too happy with Orang joining their merry group. In fact, the Glacies soldiers just want to kill their enemies (in other words, Orang). We also get a bit of jealous reaction from Magnolia, the Glacies translator, toward Fam. Looks like she doesn’t want to share Dian with Fam.

Speaking of Fam, she should stop day-dreaming when flying, colliding with flying birds is dangerous. But they do spot the 1st Fleet. Which mean my favorite Ades General is showing up. Yeah for Sadri! He is an experienced commander; he knows that Vasant’s mismatched army isn’t going to hold together well. He’s also a sneaky guy and a well-placed signal make the 3rd Fleet and the Glacies fighters attack each others by using the mistrust between the two parties. Of course, Sadri miscalculated something; never, never believe that the Reaper is destroyed. You should have seen his face. And we now know how the Silvius destroyed an entire Ades Fleet all by itself: 360 spinning armor-piercing shell bullet spray.

The episode ends with Fam delivering a message to Sadri from Augusta Sara to stop the fighting, while Millia does the same to Vasant. The message was instigated by Dio. Of course, nothing is simple and Dian wants to kill Fam, because she doesn’t want a ceasefire. Dian has really become blinded by rage now, which doesn’t bode well for the future episodes, especially with the preview showing somebody wearing Glacies’s clothing hiding a gun. Oh, and Sadri recognized Laha while looking at Fam; if we go back to episode 10 (the flashback to the Grand Race), he had a picture of a girl. It’s pretty much a given that Fam is Laha’s daughter and probably Sadri’s grand-daughter.

On a side note, each month there is a bridging manga between the first Last Exile series and this one. It has become really interesting, but also confusing. Mostly, Luscinia acts like there is no Earth Guild (calling anything with a link as White Legacy), but Anatoray Vanguard encountered a group two years ago. I suspect we might get an “out of nowhere” ending in The Silver Wing now, because those Guild members have been absent from the show…

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